Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Gets Funnier by the Minute

All I have to say is that a certain pastor now seems to be having delusions in the way of confusing me with someone else (Caleb Shay). Evidently, infuriated that the answers blog member Caleb gave to his inane questions were unrebuttable, he blusters in his latest blog:

"Now , I guess "Phil" thinks I was born yesterday . You see , first of all , when "Caleb" answered my FIRST set of questions , he ( "Caleb" ) , sent his answers to ME ! Now , if "Caleb" wanted me to see his answers again , it's only God-given common sense that he would do the same with the ones I posed yesterday - why in the world would he e-mail "Phil" the answers? Guess I'm supposed to believe an excuse like "the dog ate my homework," huh? heh...heh...heh..."

Mikey, Mikey! C'mon, man! Your IQ can't possibly be THAT low! Obviously, Caleb has been tracking your blog responses and can see clear as a bell that YOU read this blog regularly! Hence, he's making a damned airtight sound assumption you'll read whatever's posted here. Indeed, your comment above is testament to it, admitting you read Caleb's answers. Hence, WHY on earth should he post his answers on YOUR blog when he KNOWS you'll read this one! (And also knows you will interfere with his answers, diluting them with specious ones of his own).

Going back over topics on Brane space the past month, any moron can compare the dates and times with topics on your blog and behold YOU consistently responding to each and every one. It doesn't take a genius IQ to see that or to extrapolate that having done it in the past you will do it in the future. Doh!In other words, despite me having told you over and over not to read this blog if it upsets you, you continue to do so. I guess you can't help yourself. But being in denial that anyone can make the valid assumption you'll read every and anything here doesn't garner brownie points.

You still don't get it, not one bit, that the evidence is all over the place that YOU are reading this blog continuously and therefore one can deduce anything posted here, comment or other, will be read by YOU. There's no telepathy, no magic, black or white. Thus, Caleb would email me the answers:

1) Because he is assured you will see them, since you have an obsessive compulsive disorder about reading this blog and responding to its content

2) He knows he will get a fair hearing, without you meddling in the answers and cluttering the issue.

Case closed.

I invite Caleb as a blog member to state his own case via comment, whenever he so wishes. At the same time, I advise him (and any other blog members, e.g. janidebar, harleyman, etc.) not to address or answer any more of his questions until such time as he addresses ours. It isn't necessary and we know he can't process the answers anyway.

Mikey, meanwhile, is like the cat burglar that's astounded he's busted in the aftermath of his crime, not knowing or realizing he's left his fingerprints and DNA all over the scene. In this case, Mikey's fingerprints" or rather "brain prints" from entering this blog, are all over his! His last blog attacking me as Caleb (or Caleb as me) confirms it, since in his deluded mind one could only post on his blog to enable him to see it. Yet, HIS blog today shows he read Caleb's answers in order to draw this erroneous conclusion!
As to the daft claim that Caleb writes in some way with "similar arguments" to me, that is so lame it's hardly worth dignifying, but let me put it this way: Because scientific reasoning and logic, facts are LIMITED, it means they can only be given in a certain limited set of ways. That means, given the same sort of stimulus-question for a given topic, the answers are likely to be the same among the constellation of all reasonable respondents. Caleb, having done biology at Caltech, is therefore more likely to echo similar responses to me than not. But again, I will let Caleb speak for himself. I have an IQ test for you to take any time, Mikey. It will be much easier than the physics test, and the basic test on evolution, believe me!

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Caleb Shay said...

"Obviously, Caleb has been tracking your blog responses and can see clear as a bell that YOU read this blog regularly! Hence, he's making a damned airtight sound assumption you'll read whatever's posted here"

Hey, copernicus, how come you could figure this out but not the pastor? Is he really that dumb? Jeebus H. Jerkwad. Why in hell would I subject myself to more of his stupid remarks, twisting up what I write, when I can post them pure and free here and know the guy will read them?

Sounds to me like he thinks he's a legend in his own mind, if he thinks his blog is the only way to get his attention. As you said, we know he comes here every day or so because he responds to it on his blog, like he responded to my answers!

I also resent not getting credit for MY answers and having them appropriate by you (in his mind)! Ah well, I guess it's a case it matters not as long as the answers are good. Who cares who gets credit, and besides any credit Pastor Mikey gives isn't worth 2 cents anyway.

You're also right about the similarity of scientific answers. But since this guy doesn't know any science, how would he know anyway?

I agree it's a waste of time answering his crap and promise to do it no longer, at least until he answers our questions.

Sheesh, just when you thought evolution had finally produced a more advanced specimen in humans along comes this dude.