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Noonan Again Goes Off The Rails In Rant Against "The Woke Mob"

 The clamoring against the "woke mob" and "wokeness" again reached a crescendo in Peggy Noonan's recent (10/16) WSJ column where she squawks: 

We have written in this space of how much people in the arts and entertainment hate the regime and its rigid and capriciously imposed censorship. They know a new McCarthyism when they see it; they know a new Hays Office when they see that too. But they have to be careful, and they tell their writers and artists to be careful. They’re all walking on eggshells because they can’t always anticipate what will be Bad Thought next month. 

Peggy again, like so many on the Right, or" light Right", conflates and confuses  harsh criticism  (such as recently directed at comic Dave Chapelle) with harsh sanction meted out by reactionary lawmakers to the point of severe punishment - such as occurred under Sen. Joe McCarthy and the  House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) .  This vicious political hit machine pretty well destroyed the reputations and careers of hundreds of actors, writers, including Dalton Trumbo, who even had to serve prison time.  From Wikipedia:

The writers refused to give information about their own or any other person's involvement (in the communist party) and were convicted for contempt of Congress. They appealed the conviction to the Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds and lost. Trumbo served eleven months in the federal penitentiary in Ashland, Kentucky in 1950. 

Trumbo was subsequently blacklisted and could only work under an assumed name.  Again from Wikipedia:

The MPAA issued a statement that Trumbo and his compatriots would not be permitted to work in the industry unless they disavowed Communism under oath. After completing his sentence, Trumbo sold his ranch and moved his family to Mexico City with Hugo Butler and his wife Jean Rouverol, who had also been blacklisted. In Mexico, Trumbo wrote 30 scripts (under pseudonyms) for B-movie studios such as King Brothers Productions. In the case of Gun Crazy (1950), adapted from a short story by MacKinlay Kantor, Kantor agreed to be the front for Trumbo's screenplay. Trumbo's role in the screenplay was not revealed until 1992.

So it's hardly a case of "knowing a new McCarthyism" when "they"   see it.   Because if the analogy was accurate we'd not only see "mean tweets" from the so-called "woke" and calling for cancellation of offenders' gigs, but real jail time and wreckage of careers which has not transpired.    

But see, it's convenient for the Righties to conflate things to stir outrage about free speech rights among the densans and lower IQ groups.  None of them are able to think, after all, so it's easy to be misled and get rattled over "cancel culture" which isn't remotely the same as Joe McCarthy's Inquisition.  

 The Right's squawkers also succeed because they know that too few of those they are writing for are familiar with the details of American history in certain eras - especially the McCarthy era and even the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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 to prison.

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Oxygen Therapy To Survive And Thrive Day To Day? If You Need It, You Do It

 The origin of most respiratory illness is still not precisely known, especially since the number and extent of atmospheric pollutants - including fracking chemicals - has risen dramatically in recent years.  But we do know an average of 7 million around the Earth now die from air pollution alone each year according to a recent WHO study.  One of the respiratory conditions probably underdiagnosed is bronchiectasis - which I have, e.g.

This was difficult to accept at first,  but after a  subsequent controlled sleep study:

And reaching oxygen thresholds peculiar to COPD  (87- 88%), it was recommended going on oxygen therapy.   This happened with some degree of resistance as I could not imagine myself -  a guy who used to jog 1.5 miles every other day - now having to use oxygen.  But when a pulse oximeter at a pulmonologist's showed O2 levels dipping into Covid territory (76-77%) it was no longer debatable.  Indeed, I'd already found myself barely able to walk to the nearby Safeway, having to stop multiple times on the way,  breathless.  Even my wife, on our walks Sunday, found she had to wait for me now to catch my breath.  It was ridiculous.    

The pulmonologist herself didn't make sport, asserting I needed to go on oxygen therapy - preferably at night - to get the full benefit. She recited again the need for it in relation to how numerous organs - from lungs, to heart to brain  to kidneys - depend on it for adequate function.  So definitely not wishing to end up like a Covid patient on a ventilator I agreed and she ordered O2 support.  This arrived from a local company in the form of a machine called an oxygen concentrator, 

The machine basically extracts oxygen from the air in the room and it's then pumped through tubing into a cannula which is inserted in the nose.  It was exactly the same system used in the sleep study.  

What I've found is that nightly use has made a world of difference to my quality of life.  Whereas before I was struggling to just get up an inclined stretch on our street, I am now able to speedwalk again as I did yesterday morning - and look forward to doing when Janice and I go for our walk this weekend.  Oxygen levels - while still not as great as hers (because I do have bronchiectasis) - are generally in the range of 91- 93%.  

In fact, in our recent trip to Telluride at the end of September, I was not only able to handle its much higher altitude than Colorado Springs (of 8,700 ft. vs. 6, 400 ft.)  but even go to higher altitude via gondola to Mountain Village at  9,500' e.g.

With Janice at Mountain Village, higher than Telluride
                                      Telluride as seen from gondola going up to 10,500' 

This was also possible because I had the use of an O2 concentrator sent in from the nearby town of Montrose, thanks to Medicare.  The use of the machine every night made it possible to not only survive at the much higher altitude for 10 days but to thrive.  The message for those with any kind of lung issue is simple: If you have need of oxygen therapy  - for whatever reason - you use it.

If conditions worsen, and they might with the lung condition I have, I may be able to get a portable oxygen tank to use when walking. I am not there yet, not by a long shot, but if and when the day comes I should be able to get one.  (Right now they are in short supply because of heavy demand from long term Covid patients).

Will I ever get back to jogging even a mile every other day? Not likely, but at least I am happy to be able to do much more aerobic exercise than I had earlier this year.

Needless to say I plan to get the Moderna booster as soon as possible. With an ongoing respiratory condition affecting the bronchial tubes I simply cannot afford to play the fool at my age - not with Covid infections still high in Colorado.  This is also another reason I resumed taking low dose aspirin every day .  This, after the urologist reported an office blood test showing a hematocrit value of 63%.  Something he'd "only seen before in stroke patients."  That hematrocrit value meant that 63 percent of the blood cells were red, far too many - so my blood was literally "clogged" up with them-  producing a high stroke risk.  (The pulmonologist conjectured the red cells - so many - were trying to compensate for the lack of O2 in the lungs, i.e. to get it to other organs.).

It just goes to show whatever the new guidance "recommendations" on anything they do not necessarily apply to everyone.  Check with your own health provider before adopting them.  And if tests  - like pulmonary function - or even a simple pulse oximeter,  show you need an oxygen assist, get it!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Shatner's Edge of Space Venture Could Have Been An Even Bigger Show Stopper On Elon Musk's Space X Ship


The Blue Origin crew before liftoff
Shatner & crew greet Bezos after landing.

Jeff Bezos’ and his Blue Origin group pulled a PR coup when it flew the actor William Shatner (with 3 others)  to the edge of space Wednesday morning.  Make no mistake that Star Trek's "Captain Kirk" was the highlight of the launch with an estimated 1 million Trekkers worldwide watching on assorted streaming media.  After all, following 55 years since Trek began its fans wanted to see the show's  "captain" get his first real space venture.  But alas, it was barely to the edge of space, 66 miles up.

Blue Origin conducted the flight  on its "New Shepherd" vehicle at roughly 10:50 a.m. ET, and brought them back around 10 minutes later in a passenger capsule that deployed parachutes for the landing. The company had targeted a 10 a.m. ET launch, but held it during final preflight checks, according to a live stream.  

Shatner strapped in alongside Audrey Powers, a Blue Origin vice president and former space station flight controller for NASA, and two paying customers: Chris Boshuizen, a former NASA engineer who co-founded a satellite company, and Glen de Vries of a 3D software company. Blue Origin would not divulge the cost of their tickets. (But educated guesses put it at $100 m apiece.)

Shatner, 90 years old, was emotional and effusive in his space observations and what it all meant to him afterward.  He is now the oldest person to reach space. After he exited the capsule Wednesday morning, he said he was struck by the contrast of the blue atmosphere with the black expanse of space.  But let's be clear his exploit would have been a lot more impressive if it had been launched on one of Elon Musk's Space X rockets, see e.g.


That's because it would really have traversed near space to an altitude of 360 odd miles - as opposed to 66 miles. Would "Captain Kirk" also have been a lot more impressed with what he saw and experienced? You bet.  How could he not be in a mission lasting at least two days?  But say one thing say the next, we don't know if Elon Musk is a Trek fan, but we know Bezos is. Turns out the Amazon founder had a cameo as an alien in one of the later “Star Trek” movies — so little wonder Shatner rode free as his invited guest.  

Still, die hard Trekkers would have loved to see Shatner  a.k.a. "Kirk" venture much deeper into space.  Such an exploit would at least have matched the (fictional) docking altitude of the show's  Starship Enterprise. Of course, all this would have presupposed a Musk invitation but that didn't happen, Bezos beat him to it.  Then too, for a 90 year old guy the much shorter (10 minute) venture was probably much more physically tolerable.  

When he alighted from the capsule after Bezos opened the door, Shatner was effusive, saying:

"Everybody in the world needs to do this,”  

Well, uh yeah, Bill, if we can each get hold of a couple hundred million bucks!  But as I said in my July posts-  after the Branson and Bezos launches  -  this is why "space tourism" can never be the commercial enterprise the media has hyped it to be.  There simply aren't that many billionaires to be able to afford regular launches.  So right now you either have to win a lotto, get a massive inheritance from super wealthy parents....or be specially selected by Bezos, Branson or Musk.

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Skewering More Lamo Content From The WSJ's Low IQ Letter Writers

 We start with a peevish and ignorant load of verbal rubble from one Jack Hamilton of Silverdale, WA:

Regarding Peggy Noonan’s “What Milley Got Right—and Wrong” (Declarations, Sept. 25): Gen. Mark Milley is chairman of the Joint Chiefs, not the director or dictator of our military services. An adviser to the president and secretary of defense, he is supposed to work with the chiefs and commanders of the military services.

As chairman, he is not charged with determining the mental state of the president. As chairman, he reports his concerns to the secretary of defense, not to a foreign government. His “counterpart” in the Chinese Communist government is not in his chain of command. The charter for the chairman does not include saving the nation from a rogue president. His duties do not include eliminating “white rage” from the ranks.

If Ms. Noonan and the nation are concerned about the potential damage of another Trump presidency, they should be scared out of their wits by the continued service of Gen. Milley in a senior military position. Commanders at lower levels are routinely dismissed for performance significantly less damaging than that demonstrated by the good general.  

Eliminating "white rage"?  How about eliminating the influence of a white asshole WH resident?  Scared out of our wits?  On the contrary we (the sane element of the country) were grateful to Gen. Milley as a patriot and true hero - for monitoring  a madman traitor with his fat fingers inches from the nuclear codes.   E.g.

 And sorry, on the basis of having first allegiance to the Constitution - not any president - his charter does include saving the nation from a rogue, nutcase president.   As noted by former Secretary of Defense William Perry in a WSJ op-ed:

The critics are missing the point. The overriding issue is not whether Gen. Milley was correct in his assessment, or whether he was authorized to take the reported actions, but what the consequences could have been if his concern had been warranted. It is not hyperbole to say that the consequences could have been a profound tragedy and, in the worst case, the end of civilization.

Can Hamilton's feeble mind process that? Somehow I doubt it.  Dedicated Trumpers have their heads so far up where the Sun doesn't shine it's impossible for them to see rational daylight.  That leaves it to the rest of us to try to break through.

Then there is this halfwit babble from an Ari Weitzman of NYC:  

I am disappointed Ms. Noonan considers it reasonable to believe that President Trump would actually start a war with a nuclear power for the hell of it. Ever since Mr. Trump was elected, I have heard from otherwise sober people that he is a protofascist who would very likely defy the courts and the Constitution. The republic was at risk.

Yes, indeed, and the orange maggot came within a hair of murdering our democracy, which you don't seem to have a problem with.  Not only that but blowing up the world in order to try to keep power. Noonan was  absolutely correct to believe Trump would start a war with a nuclear power "for the hell of it"  because everything Trump did was for the hell of it.  He didn't care about defending the Constitution but preserving and expanding power for himself and his maggot family and allies.  Only a Trump sycophant wouldn't see this.

I always asked these people: Did you buy a gun and join a militia, or get a plane ticket out of here, as a precaution, like some did in 1930s Europe? Of course no one did. It was all silly hysteria to score political points.

What kind of low grade imbecile writes such nonsense? Why should I "get a plane ticket out of here as a precaution" when a true psychopath like Trump - without checks such as Gen. Milley provided - could have launched a full scale nuclear war to strike anywhere?  Of course no one left the country because we who are rational trusted the establishment military - dedicated to defending the Constitution, not one nutty president.  Thus Gen. Milley was committed to prevent Trump from acting out which assuaged any potential fears.

 All "silly hysteria" to score political points."?  Hardly!  And only a low IQ deadbeat would believe so.  The fact is that Trump's increasing instability - after he lost the 2020 election - was visible to every sentient citizen.  Including citizens in other nations concerned that a madman had two extra months of lame duck time to wield power and inflict all kinds of chaos. We had no fewer than twelve phone calls from relatives in Barbados and Trinidad - not to mention from friends in the Netherlands and Germany - expressing concern over Trump's mental state and his doing something precipitous.  Were they all engaged in "silly hysteria " to score political points?  Of course not! 

Millions of concerned citizens around the world were forced to look on as the leader of the world's most powerful nation - replete with over 15,000 nuclear warheads - went totally psycho.  Psycho to the point he even had the Chinese scared out of their wits that this sore loser lunatic - out of his vengeful wrath and instability - would launch a first strike.  Even prompting Nancy Pelosi to ask if Milley and the Joint Chiefs could prevent Trump from launching a nuclear war.

Thank god then for Gen. Milley without whom we might not be here having this debate.

But hold strain, the scribbled insanity of unhinged, unchecked babble didn't stop with these two letters. We are then treated to a paranoid rant from another sore loser, Dan Pisenti,  concerning the Hunter Biden email kerfuffle.  Which I already pointed out had been a Russkie disinfo operation-  as our intel agencies concluded-  but which WSJ propagandist Holman Jenkins objected to, e.g.

Pisenti writes:  

The Hunter story was neutralized from preventing Mr. Trump from winning the re-election. Fair reporting of the graft and low behavior on full display in Hunter's laptop could have kept Mr. Trump in office.

Prompting me to ask what mix of MJ edibles and booze this fool imbibed to write such schlock. Is he even aware that by the time the Hunter Biden story broke a full third of the states had already completed (mail) voting, mainly in blue - but also many red states?  And that it was clear those votes (in retrospect assays) had already been running 2 to 1 Biden?   The reason?  As later WSJ post-election reports disclosed, because of Trump;s god awful handling and downplaying of the Covid 19  pandemic.   So there isn't a chance in hell even wall -to -wall negative reporting about Hunter's laptop would have led to a Trump win.  That is all delusional thinking.  It is all in Pisenti's paranoid brain.   

He then has the temerity to scrawl: 

The media speaks often of the Big Lie about the election result but Mr. Trump faced a buffet of lies spanning is entire presidency.

Bull pockey!  What this twit calls a "buffet of lies" was in fact a tide of factual disclosures about Trump's nefarious dealings, not only with the Russians, but the Saudis and others. Not to mention his odious family involved in multiple dubious enterprises and squirreling away money into various hidden accounts overseas.   As for the impeachment trials he insists were outrageously "tied to Trump" they were fully merited. And if the GOP had one spine between them the orange maggot would have been booted from office after the first impeachment.

But it was finally left for we the voters to carry out the eviction of this scumbag traitor via the election.  Something Pisenti and his fellow Trumpie dopes still can't accept - which is why they are left to write such drivel, as they whine on about "fraud".    

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Why Investigate Magnetized Collisionless Shocks?


In space plasma physics, shock waves are of special interest, particularly what we call collisionless shocks, because they're observed throughout the universe. 
 For example, they are detected in the heliosphere e.g.  in the digitized image above.

 The heliosphere is the bubble -like region of space in our solar system governed by plasma (including the solar wind) blown outwards from the Sun.  The presence of collisionless shocks also appears in the expanding debris clouds of supernova remnants such as those for the Cygnus Loop depicted in the graphic below:

What makes these shocks unique is the low density plasma in which they occur.
To fix ideas, in a normal shock wave as the gas compresses, particles collide, i.e. they get so close to each other that their respective electric fields cause them to change direction.

In the space physics setting we often consider shocks as being incited by what we call micro-instabilities. Often cited is the case of an ion-acoustic instability triggering a soliton and shock, for which one has the electron temperature T e  ¹ 0 and ion temperature,   T i = 0 ("cold plasma" conditions), so electrons, with ions are streaming at same speed.

The electron thermal speed is then:  ve (o)2 = 2 T e / me

 And the ion sound speed: c(s) =  T e / mi

So that: n(i) =  n(e)/  [1 – (2 e j)/ mi u(o)1/2

Where the last is derived from continuity relation: n(i) vi (o) = n(e) ve (o) = const.

(With the numbers of ions and electrons identified respectively).

Given the non-dimensional constant:

F = e j/ Te

Then one can obtain:   {2 e j)/ Te }/[ mi u(o))/ Te] =  2F/ { u(o)/ c(s)2} =  2F/ (M )2

 Where (M ) is the sonic Mach number.

By contrast to normal shocks, collisionless shocks have a gas (plasma) density too low for the particles to interact. They are instead pushed about by turbulent waves that act on much smaller scales.

By creating collisionless shocks, say in a laboratory setting, we can conceivably make measurements at a micro-scale that would otherwise be impossible to do in space. And while space plasma physicists have numerically modelled shock formation in the past they have hitherto not been able to confirm the model-based predictions in situ - or through experiments.  Previous lab experiments used pistons to generate shocks in plasmas but these were limited to perpendicular motion and alas, did not propagate away from the pistons. (Later experiments created shocks in lasers or photo-ionized plasmas but encountered problems with magnetizing or ionizing the background).

Now,  as recently as 2014,  Niemann et al (Geophysical Research Letters) have succeeded in making measurements of collisionless shock waves in the lab. The authors effectively created an experiment for the Large Plasma Device at the University of California in Los Angeles that used a high power laser to blow up  piece of plastic, creating a cloud of debris exploding into a stationary magnetized plasma.

The collisionless interactions created transferred momentum from the debris cloud to the ambient ions, thereby incepting a shock wave that propagated away from the piston.  The UCLA team was then able to plot the shock waves and compare them to their numerical simulations.

The data also indicated that microinstabilities (e.g. ion acoustic) play a minor role in shock dissipation. Of course this work will be useful in future studies of the microphysics of magnetized shocks, and we also are confident that now similar in situ experiments can be performed - perhaps using different materials.  

 As better data become available, including from simulations of real events, we should be better able to model plasma phenomena such as the aurora and solar flares.

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As Wisconsin Now Prepares To Do A Fake Audit It's Time For Garland And DOJ To Finally Step In and Stop It

        Trump set to burn the "house" down unless he's stopped by 2024

"The GOP is a garbage scow of the corrupt, the seditious and their enablers." -  Michael Gerson, Washington Post yesterday

"It doesn't matter that Trump tried to murder democracy.  Establishment Republicans - like Charles Grassley - are flocking to him for endorsements....Even as Trump celebrates the insurrection he is getting more radical and extreme as the Chuck Grassleys of the GOP take his endorsements and defend him on TV.  

The larger point is that as long as Donald Trump remains the figurehead, kingmaker and likely nominee of the Republican party, there is no way to separate the Republican party as an entity from the authoritarian aspirations of Trump himself.  They are a conduit for those aspirations, the vehicle he is driving and engaged in his attempts to subvert American democracy.  You cannot separate them." - Chris Hayes, last night on ALL In.

"It used to be that presidents conceded when they lost, members of Congress would not dream of overturning results, and state and local officials would never countenance interference with their duties — or recommend phony election audits to create uncertainty about the outcome. That universe no longer exists. That’s because one party has abandoned democratic norms and decided nothing should prevent it from obtaining power. In such a universe, laws are needed for all sorts of things that politicians never used to contemplate."  - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post Today, 'A Step By Step Guide To Heading Off The Next Coup Attempt'

Now that 4 former aides to Traitor Trump have refused to comply with subpoenas it's time to bring the hammer and haul all into the Capitol jail.  This would be under the legal basis of "inherent contempt" which has not been used since the 1930s but is still real and applicable despite lying dormant.  This heavy step needs to be done and now or the House Select Committee pursuing the basis of the January 6th insurrection will be regarded as a mere toothless tiger.  All growl and no bite, a pussy cat.

Can the nation halt its sleepwalking toward the end of democracy? Maybe, but it will require all hands on deck including the DOJ and Merrick Garland who up to now have been no shows vs. the Trump Big Lie, fake audits and slow motion coup.

Right now a new fake audit is set to start in Wisconsin even as former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, strategist Steve Bannon and Pentagon aide Kash Patel are defying subpoenas for documents and testimony, under instruction from the traitor Trump.  Yes, the word traitor is used by me because I refuse to use euphemisms to describe this criminal cockroach like too many are.  As noted by Alternet blogger John Stoehr:  

"Senator Dick Durbin and the Senate Democrats still insist on swaddling Trump's crimes in gauzy rhetoric. It not only veils who did what to whom. It's veiled what must be done to whom. After the report's release, Durbin said this is “a full-blown constitutional crisis.....I like Durbin, but he's wrong. If Trump were still president, it'd be plausible to assert that we're facing a constitutional crisis. Many said the same during Trump's one term. (I did, too.) But the former president is now a private citizen who committed the highest of crimes."


Therefore, we are not facing "a constitutional crisis" unless we're talking about a crisis of internal fortitude of a political party, the Democrats, and an administration, run by Democrats, that fear doing what's right. Fear is the predicate to Durbin's "strong words." Howling about a "constitutional crisis" is starting to sound like a dodge."

In other words, TREASON!  Call a spade a spade. Why?  Because now there is even more evidence, in a newly released Senate Judiciary Report, Trump tried to pull out all stops to overturn the 2020 election and make himself permanent  dictator.

Meanwhile, in addition to ordering his traitor allies not to appear before the House Select Committee, Trump has attempted to use the phony claim of "executive privilege to block release of key files, documents showing what he and they were up to on January 6th.  

For now it will not work as President Biden has refused to grant the traitor this dodge, ordering the National Archives to turn over the material.  Adam Schiff also greeted this  decision by the Biden administration not to invoke executive privilege over documents pertaining to the Capitol attack. However, the scribe class - as is often the case -  is second guessing the move as outside the presidential norm playbook.  i.e. current presidents are supposed to protect the secrets of previous ones.  Thus from a recent AP piece in The Denver Post:

The move by Biden isn’t the final word; Trump says he will challenge the requests, and a lengthy legal battle is likely to ensue over the information. Courts have ruled that former presidents are afforded executive privilege in some cases.

However, there can be no executive privilege for traitors, or their allies with whom they conspired to foment an insurrection.  All relevant materials, documents must be turned over to the House Select Committee.

But there is still the chance that Merrick Garland - out of some misplaced notion of "neutrality" - might resist if the Select Committee issues a contempt citation for one or more Trump allies. Say to haul the given imp before a grand jury.  Such a move would basically  allow the Trump traitors to continue their slow moving coup toward autocracy by 2024.  This cannot happen!  If it does it would amount to complicity on Garland's part, e.g.

by John Stoehr | October 10, 2021 - 7:52am | permalink

He needs to find the courage to resist political blowback and assist the Committee in making the Trump insurrectionists and traitors accountable.

On Friday, in a letter announcing their client’s decision not to comply with his subpoena, attorneys for Bannon attempted to assert executive privilege themselves. Observers pointed out that executive privilege applies to communications involving the president the White House wishes to keep confidential – but though Trump was in power on 6 January, Bannon was not working for him.

Trump repeated the lies about electoral fraud which fuelled the attack at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday. Two senior Republicans, Senator Chuck Grassley and Governor Kim Reynolds, stood with him.

Referring to a Senate judiciary committee majority report this week about how Trump pressured his acting attorney general before the Capitol attack, Schiff said: “We saw Grassley [the senior Republican on the judiciary committee] in Iowa yesterday, unable to condemn the president’s effort to to get the justice department to overturn the election.”

The unthinkable is also still possible since Garland and the DOJ have refused to put the criminal Trump behind bars for his crimes. Trump’s Iowa rally indeed is part of a shadow campaign to mount a full scale coup in 2024 and succeed where the last attempt failed.  

Bill Maher on Friday night compared the next effort to the full 9/11 attack on the twin towers while the earlier one was more like the half-assed truck effort made in 1993 on the same towers.  As Maher pointed out, the next one will succeed since too many are too complacent and not taking Trump's moves seriously enough.  Maher has repeatedly warned of a “slow-moving coup”, shorthand for processes by which Republicans at state levels have since 2020 moved to change voting and electoral laws and to install sympathetic officials in positions which monitor and certify elections.

Trump, let's remember, remains eligible to run for the White House because enough Republican senators stayed loyal in his second impeachment trial, for inciting the Capitol attack, to stave off conviction. While Trump has not formally declared a run, he;s doing all he can to get all the pieces into place for it including getting allies to work for him in Repuke states..

Former Trump lackey (White House press secretary)  Stephanie Grisham, author of a tell-all book about her former boss, appeared on NBC on Sunday.  She warned that if Trump “does run again in 2024, he’ll have no guardrails because he will never have to worry about re-election, so he will do whatever he wants."


"He will hire whomever he wants. And I think that includes people of the 6 January mind … imagine who he could put into the DoJ in 2024, knowing he’s got no consequences there.

Asked if Trump would “destroy the democracy”, Grisham replied: “

"I think it will be a very terrifying time.  I think it will be nothing but revenge, retribution and how he can benefit himself. There will be pardons happening. I think there will be very draconian policies that go way too far. So I believe if he is re-elected it will be a really, really scary time.

If that doesn't scare the bejeeezus out of somnolent, complacent people - especially Merrick Garland and sleepwalking Dems - I don't know what will.   Can you say FASCISM?  E.g.

by Thom Hartmann | October 13, 2021 - 8:10am | permalink

The mere thought of this apex predator cockroach attempting to grab power again ought to put the fear of god into everyone with a working brain. It ought to motivate Garland to nail Trump for the crimes he's already committed and get him behind bars.  Maybe at SuperMax with the other global terrorists.

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Wrongdoers who escape punishment naturally up the ante, taking escape as permission to do worse. Thus emboldened, they confirm their entitled status, for themselves and followers: would the Creator (or whatever) allow such a mess without special dispensation? Thus, not getting punished for law-breaking (even, shockingly, Trump still being favored for re-nomination) is the worse scenario: the failure to exact justice is as bad as the crimes themselves. No foreign force will impose fascism but, echoing this apocryphal line, today’s Christian, white supremacist, gun-toting version comes “wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”