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Hawking's Alien Conquest Scenario - By Seeding Earth With Parasites & Viruses - Should Be On Everyone's Radar


           Stephen Hawking  warned in 2015 that hostile aliens could use genetically engineered viruses or parasites to subdue humans, take  Earth

On a 2015 Discovery Channel series, the world famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking boldly speculated about the possible encounter of the human species with a colonizing alien intelligence. Hawking didn’t mince words or soothe fears that the encounter likely wouldn’t go our way, and compared it to what transpired to the native populations -mainly the Arawaks- after Columbus alighted on their beaches and islands. Not to put too fine a point on it, but within a few years the native population was decimated.  By analogy Hawking postulated the easiest was for a hostile alien race to displace humans:  Seed the earth with parasites that prey on humans and simply wait for the die out.

The best design would be for the alien-engineered parasite to essentially deprive the human host of all key nutrients, leaving the cells to basically starve. (Or, maybe neutralize all electrolytes in the blood.) Using diffusion equations (or something similar)  to what was already shown, they could then estimate or even calculate (given say 10  billion parasites deposited) how long before all humans would starve to death. This may  be anywhere from three to eight months, depending on a number of factors -- but the patient aliens would simply bide their time and wait us out. No fuss, no ray guns, no ships  in the skies, just dead humans...eventually. Afterward, the clean up crews enter, and the  way is rendered clear for new inhabitants.

Grisly? Perhaps., but much more realistic than the shoot 'em up idiocy that now passes  for the first encounters with an aggressive, intelligent alien predator species.

Even more grisly, humans wouldn't have a clue what was happening to them, until possibly too late. All they'd recognize is something that appeared to be a massive new  plague. Eventually, some wizard might detect or locate the source - the actual parasite - but by then it might be too late.  Especially if the organism is capable of concealing itself in a secondary host,  like the schistosomiasis fluke in the snail.

In 1978 the British Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Ryle, pleaded for extreme caution in restricting any and all types of electro-magnetic signals and noise emanating from our planet. He warned that it would be foolhardy to be anything but passive listeners given we don't know anything about alien intentions - should they receive a calling card from  another world. Of course, Sir Martin likely based his cautions on a paper in the journal  Science two years earlier, which showed how an advanced alien civilization could put  together a detailed picture of life on Earth, especially of our defense capabilities.

And if they came our way would we see an armada of alien ships hovering or landing, rayguns zapping us, and our missile defense reacting? Hardly! More plausibly, if they're intelligent enough to make it this far, and as aggressive as I suspect they'll be, they would surreptitiously enter from the outer edge of the solar system (cloaking all EM signals). Next, they'd probably set up a standby base on Pluto's Moon, Charon, and dispatch robot probes laden with special, genetically engineered parasites to Earth, to remove us. They could probably send out a thousand or so hollow probes laden with billions of such organisms, and land them in fresh water lakes on Earth wherein they'd have the maximum effect.

The depiction of a more aggressive scenario in which Xenomorphic viruses are dropped onto a human victim population was perhaps best shown in the scene below from the movie, Alien Covenant:

Alien Covenant (2017) - David Bombs Scene HD (Hans Zimmer) - YouTube

It shows the advanced android 'David" opening up the huge bay of a mother ship to drop the black goo mix of virus and parasites onto the unknowing humans below.  Before they know it, they have been disabled and are gagging as the Xenomorphic goo suffocates them then invades their bodies, remakes their DNA.

To be sure, it is doubtful that advanced aliens planning a re-colonization of Earth would resort to such a brutish, direct method.  Hawking suspects, as I do, the method of deployment of engineered virus, parasites would be vastly more subdued and sub rosa - under the table as it were.  This might mean depositing the viral loads unobtrusively in thousands of reservoirs at night. Ingestion of any of the water would then ensure infection. 

All the aliens would need to do is patiently wait, maybe one month or two, so the virus can do its job.  One imagines - as Hawking did - a virus engineered to be similar to Ebola but airborne and with vastly increased lethality and transmission.

The other option - or perhaps in addition - is the use of parasitic spores similar to a lethal fungus.  The spores germinate, hyphae (filamentous processes) outgrow and release destructive juices which digest the host tissue and provide nutrition to the rapidly growing fungi. As they grow in the nasal cavity they relentlessly destroy the surrounding host tissue. The bones in the nasal cavity and sinuses are destroyed. These include the hard palate, the orbital bones, and the skull base bones. Black masses may be seen in the nasal cavity and oral cavity. If it destroys the orbit and enters the eye socket it may cause bulging of the eyes, pain, frozen eye movements, and blindness. Once it enters the cranial cavity by breaching the skull base it blocks major arteries and venous lakes resulting in major life-threatening brain strokes and bleeds. Ultimately the alien fungus literally "eats" the soon to be corpse.  On an 8-billion plus population scale the whole process of elimination might take from 4-6  months.

This is appropriate to ponder now as a number of pundits, including Neal DeGrasse Tyson, have gone on record mocking the "UFO tic tacs"  i.e. apparently targeted in Navy pilots sights, e.g. 

One writer for USAToday even sarcastically noted that all the supposed occupants wanted to do was "play games" with terrestrial pilots, hence couldn't be real.  Hawking's position is that it would be folly to retain such condescending false superiority as our only perspective on possible alien visitations. Even physicist Freeman Dyson warned, in a 1972 speech, that the civilization we actually first meet may not be benign at all - but "galactic predators".

Hawking warned repeatedly in the 'Discovery' series episode that hubris-filled humans would do well to remember the lesson of Columbus, in conquering indigenous peoples with ease back in the 15th century. An aggressive, advanced alien species would have an even easier time with current humanity- already on its heels merely from a terrestrial virus.   

Though the probabilities of a hostile extraterrestrial incursion might be somewhat remote, we would do well to bear these issues in mind - and maybe hope the aliens we do meet have our interests at heart, as opposed to eliminating us.

An Introductory Look At Fractional Calculus

 In ordinary, single variable differential calculus one is used to seeing the symbolism:

d n f/ dxn  

For the nth derivative of a function f with respect to x when n is a non-negative integer. We know integration and differentiation are inverse processes so it is natural to associate the particular symbolism

d  -1 f/ [dx]-1    

with the indefinite integration of f with respect to x. However. one must stipulate a lower limit of integration in order that the indefinite integral be completely specified. For the purpose of this blog post I will associate the following:   

 -1 f/ [dx]-1       =  ò o   f(y)   dy

The preceding can be generalized to the case of multiple integration, whereby, for example:

 -2 f/ [dx]-2       =  ò o    dx 1  ò x1 o   f(x o)   dx o

 -n f/ [dx]-n    =  ò o    dx n-1  ò xn-1 o  dx n-2  .....ò x2    dx ò x1 o   f(x o)   dx o

And use is made of the identity:

ò a   f(y)   dy   =   ò x-a 0   f(y + a)   dy

To extend the formalism to lower limits, i.e. other than zero. Thus we may define:

 -1 f/ [d(x - a) ]-1     =   ò a   f(y)   dy

 -n f/ [d(x - a) ]-n     =  

 ò a    dx n-1  ò xn-1 o  dx n-2  ò x2    dx 1   ò x1 o   f(x o)   dx o

And caution obviously needs to be exercised when applying the contracted equivalent form, e.g.

f/ [d(x - a) ]n     =  d n/ dxn 

characteristic of a local operator to negative orders, or to fractional orders of either sign, given:

-n / [d(x - a) ]- n     -n/ [dx] -n 

The key point to bear in mind here is that the appearance of fractional orders is what defines fractional calculus. This use also marks the emergence of what we call differintegrals. From the simplistic basis provided here it is then possible to venture into the realm of differintegral operators and their application.  This in turn will introduce the differintegration of assorted functions which we will examine over time.  In the case of fractional calculus it is best not to try to imbibe too much at once. But ultimately - perhaps by sometime next year- we will want to look at the most powerful application of the theory.  That would be in the diffusive transport in a semi-infinite medium.   Before that, we will also be going into the role of the gamma function, and see how it applies to differintegration.  

In the meantime,  we can at least have a sampling of what awaits. In particular, the symbol  f (n) finds frequent use in fractional calculus as an abbreviation for  f/[dx] n .   This affords the benefit of brevity and in fractional calculus we look for such economy wherever we can find it.  Similarly, (-n)   will occasionally be used to represent the n-fold integration of f, with respect to x, the lower limits being unspecified.  Thus,  

(-n)   ò an    dx n-1  ò xn-1 an -1  dx n-2  ....      ò x2 a2   dx 1   ò x1 a1   f(x o)   dx o

where a 1,  a 2 ,  a n  are completely  arbitrary.  Note, however, that when we write a difference, e.g. 

(-n) (x)  -   (-n) (a)  we intend that the same lower limits (a 1,  a 2 ,  n) attach to each integral.

Finally, note that  -1 f/ [d(x - a) ]-1   has been used instead of   

 -1 f/ [d(x - a) ]-1 (x)  

since f and  -1 f/ [d(x - a) ]-1  are understood to be functions of the independent variable x.  If it is necessary to specify the value of x at which a function is to be evaluated, we simply write:   f(a)  or:

[ -1 f/ [d(x - a) ]-1]x= xo

Suggested problem:

Write the multiple integral form for   -3 f/ [dx]-3 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Pelosi Chooses Courage and Patriotism In Nixing Two Worst GOP Picks For Select Committee


GOP Whiners: Kevin McCarthy at podium, Jim Banks and Jim Jordan

Well it had to happen! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday rejected two of five Republicans chosen by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve on the Democratic-led select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, saying that their involvement would hurt the integrity of the probe.  Which is putting it mildly.

Retaining the pair of insurrectionist Trump defenders:  Jim Banks (IN) and Jim Jordan (OH) would have rendered the House Select Committee a toothless laughing stock and undermined every effort to get to the truth.  Indeed, given I already singled out Jordan as a primary 'bomb thrower' and disrupter, e.g.
it would have been utmost folly to have retained him on the Select Committee.  As I wrote in that post:

In A CNN report it was noted that Jim Jordan offered himself as willing to be the point guy for the Reeps.  Why volunteer? Because Jordan knows - as does McCarthy- he's the best pick to disrupt committee proceedings and keep it off track.

Or to employ the parlance and analogy of former Mike Pence aide Olivia Troye last night on ALL In:

I look at Jim Jordan and I think about the 9/11 Commission. Now, would you appoint one of Osama bin Laden`s lieutenants or deputies, really, to serve on the 9/11 commission? Would you have done that to get to a fact-finding mission because that`s how I view this. Because appointing Jim Jordan and letting them serve on this committee is basically obscuring. It`s doing a cover-up.

Exactly!  It would be as deliriously dumb to keep Jordan - domestic terrorist that he is - on the committee, as a 9/11 commission retaining one of Osama bin Laden's deputies. No hyperbole at all, especially as Conrad Brumbaugh - my Revolutionary War ancestor- would have hung his traitor ass in a New York minute.  Ditto for Banks, though to a slightly lesser degree.   Thus, Nancy Pelosi was totally justified in being proactive in protecting the committee's integrity.  This is particularly as Ms. Troye also pointed out the malignancy of the Trump-GOP traitor movement is still going on;

This movement isn`t going away. It remains out there, right? People still believe that the election was stolen. It`s leading to all sorts of endeavors going on across the country right now, guys under the guise of election integrity, we`ve got that going on. We`ve got threats against election officials happening that we`re worried about in upcoming elections. This is ongoing.

And not only that, these domestic terrorism groups that were in bed with all of these situations that happened that day on January 6, this is a movement that`s metastasizing across the country. This is something that we need to get to the bottom of. This is radicalization here on the U.S. soil.

As Mrs. Pelosi herself stated in giving her reasons for the rejection to Kevin McCarthy:

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these members, I must reject the recommendations of the two lawmakers. The unprecedented nature of Jan. 6th demands this unprecedented decision.”

So it was kind of funny to see these traitor whiners and seditionists howling like stuck pigs yesterday in a hastily called news conference.  Especially the slimeball  Jordan - defiant looking as if he wanted to brawl - and who had to know he was already exposed as a January 6th plotter with Trump, i.e. in the new book I Alone Can Fix It,  by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker.  So why on Earth would Nancy Pelosi allow a de facto insurrection plotter - who actually had lunch with Trump on the date- to sit on the Select Committee?  It would be total insanity!

Mrs. Pelosi said she was willing to appoint the other GOP members tapped by Mr. McCarthy: Reps. Rodney Davis of Illinois, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and Troy Nehls of Texas. She requested that Mr. McCarthy recommend two other members to replace Messrs. Banks and Jordan.

 McCarthy, in his presser, barked that Pelosi’s denial of his picks “represents an egregious abuse of power” that will damage Congress. “Denying the voices of members who have served in the military and law enforcement, as well as leaders of standing committees, has made it undeniable that this panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility,” he said.

Doesn't matter. If they are seditionists, insurrectionist traitors all bets are off.  As Olivia Troye put it in respect of Jordan:

It was the likes of Jim Jordan`s platform and his rhetoric, and others who led to the inciting of that moment and that mob attack in the U.S. Capitol. And that`s exactly what this committee will get to the bottom of and we`ll investigate. It`s a fact-finding mission first and foremost. This is a national security investigation.

And when one heard Jordan at the Reepo presser Ms. Troye's All In comment clicked, e.g.

"I guess when you stop and think about it, it doesn’t surprise me. This is what I’ve said for the last 48 hours: This is all about attacking President Trump again.”

No, you cockroach traitor!  It's about a more civilized way of exposing the orange maggot's treason and sedition - as opposed to say, putting him on a rack and applying some burning iron rods to get him to confess - then hanging him.   Let's also remember the 'Pukes had their chance to have an equal voice.   Senate Republicans blocked an effort earlier this year to set up a bipartisan, independent commission, saying Democrats would politicize it.  In fact, they knew the exposure would incinerate their chances of any midterm election wins if the extent of their treason and role in the bloody insurrection was exposed. After all, it was Trump supporters in MAGA red caps and bearing Trump flags laying waste to the Capitol.

McCarthy knew this, and also - Trump asslicker that he is - that Trump wanted no part of any serious investigation.  In effect, McCarthy had to know in advance his pick of Jordan would certainly be rejected by Pelosi.  He did it anyway because it gave him an excuse to pick up his widdo 'ball' and go home, trying to paint a partisan tag on the committee.  Higher IQ people know it's all performance, all histrionic play acting for the benefit of the Dotard.  McCarthy's posturing included saying 'This is the people's house, not Pelosi's house!'   Missing the point that traitors have no house.  As for wrecking the institution that is all on the GOP insurrectionists. 

As for today's WSJ editorial ('Pelosi Blows Up Her Jan. 6 Committee'), no - Pelosi preserved the integrity of the committee. She did this by removing two avowed saboteurs -  only interested in derailing it-  which intention they telegraphed in advance.  Only a certified moron would believe Jordan and Banks would approach the investigation in any kind of serious manner.

Liz Cheney, the only serious GOP member now on the Committee (appointed by Pelosi), nailed the Trump punk McCarthy perfectly yesterday:

'At every opportunity, the minority leader has attempted to prevent the American people from understanding what happened — to block this investigation....The rhetoric about politicizing the investigation- by the minority leader and the two members, is despicable.'

Let the Reich wing pundits and Repuke traitors cry, piss and moan.  Let the latter even do their own clown show "investigation", who gives a flying fuck? Nancy Pelosi did the courageous and patriotic thing -knowing the partisan blowback she'd get. Now that all 5 of McCarthy's traitor saboteurs are history - thanks to him- we can finally expect a substantive investigation to expose the roles of Trump, Jordan, McCarthy and the  other Reep seditionist sewer rats.

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The GOP’s dangerous compact with extremism just became clearer


Jordan’s strategy is not to distort, bend or spin the truth. His rhetorical technique is to bellow absurd lies at the top of his lungs in the hope no one else can be heard. His selection — blocked, thank goodness, by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — was a malicious choice, by a hollow leader, of a detestable partisan, in a treacherous cause.


by Cody Fenwick | July 22, 2021 - 7:28am | permalink

— from Alternet


by Amanda Marcotte | July 23, 2021 - 6:29am | permalink


The most important thing to remember about the formation of the select committee to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot is this: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave Republicans multiple opportunities to act as good faith investigators who want to help reveal the truth, instead of as insurrection co-conspirators who are running interference for Donald Trump.

Democrats tried to create a bipartisan committee through official congressional legislation, but Republicans stopped them. Democrats then went at it by themselves, creating a select committee with the House leadership powers, yet still decided to invite Republicans onto the commission as an act of good faith. All Republicans needed to do was act like adults who believe fascist coups are bad business, instead of a bunch of clowns whose only goal is to disrupt the proceedings. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, however, could not pass this basic "adults or clowns?" test. He picked clowns, including Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who has a pair of the biggest shoes and some of the thickest greasepaint in the highly competitive field of authoritarian buffoons of the GOP. Picking the QAnon shaman would have been a more subtle effort at sabotage, but "subtle" isn't exactly a popular aesthetic in Republican circles today.

And so Pelosi did what any sensible person who wants a real investigation instead of a conspiracy theory circus would have done: She said no thank you to Jordan and Jim Banks, R-Ind., who honks his nose less loudly than Jordan but is no less a far-right saboteur.



During Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, video footage of events on Jan. 6 revealed just how close Mike Pence came to falling into the hands of the people who were chanting for his execution. Fourteen minutes after the mob of Trump supporters first breached the Capitol, Secret Service agents led Pence from the Senate chamber and down a flight of stairs. He entered that stairwell just seconds ahead of the arrival of insurgents, some of whom were carrying rope or zip ties. Had those insurgents not been delayed through the actions of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, they could easily have been there to capture Pence and take him to the gallows waiting on the lawn outside.

But in addition to Pence, they might have captured something else that would have been especially problematic. For most of us, our electronic devices—phones, tablets, and laptops—are regularly trusted with our most confidential information. That’s one of the things that helps to make these devices our constant companions and among the most vital objects that we own. However, there is still information that’s considered too valuable, too sensitive, to be trusted to any electronic device, and one prime example was in the hands of a military aide who was with Mike Pence as he fled from the Senate. 

That aide was carrying a small satchel, and inside that satchel was a book listing the locations of classified military sites, a description of how to activate and use the Emergency Broadcast System, a “black book” of pre-planned military actions, and a small card that contains the codes necessary to authorize a nuclear strike. That aide was with Pence at the top of the stairs in the video that was shown during the Senate trial.

The Jan. 6 insurgents didn’t just almost get Mike Pence. They almost got the backup copy of the president’s Emergency Satchel. Better know as the “nuclear football.”

As Reuters reports, concern over how close the satchel came to being captured by the Trump horde is calling for a review of just how the vital information is carried and secured. Some form of the football goes back to President Dwight Eisenhower, but it was concerns from President John Kennedy that created the system that’s still followed today. Both the president and vice president are closely pursued by aides who have the current information necessary to respond if the nation were to fall under sudden attack. 

Following the events of Jan. 6, in which one of the footballs almost went into the hands of insurgents calling for the overthrow of the elected government, there’s a concern that this 60-year-old program may be due for some review.