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With DOJ Order To Release Trump's Taxes His Stonewalling Is Nearly At An End

                               "Ya finally got me!  But  maybe Putin can get me out!"

 The news yesterday that the Justice Department notified the Treasury Department to turn over Traitor Trump’s tax returns to the House panel ,  is a welcome sign to end the Dotard stonewalling. According to a memo released on Friday, the House panel that has sought them since 2019 had invoked sufficient reasons for the request.

With the memo by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, the end is now in sight to perhaps get Trump behind bars once and for all. We will see.  

As we know, Trump broke with four decades of tradition from previous presidents and major-party presidential candidates by not voluntarily releasing any tax returns.  Instead he has speciously argued that Democrats seeking them were engaged in a "political fishing expedition" to make him look bad.   Of course this is rabid nonsense, on a par with his calling Robert Mueller's investigation of his Russian conspiracy ties a "witch hunt" and "hoax".

According to  the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel  39-page memo made public Friday:  

Although it is possible that some members of Congress might hope that former President Trump’s tax returns are published solely in order to embarrass him or to ‘expose for the sake of exposure,’ such individuals’ motives would not serve to invalidate the Committee’s request,” 

Friday’s opinion says the earlier legal memo didn’t give enough deference to the House committee, and that the tax panel in particular has special access to tax information given its role in overseeing the national tax system.

The judge overseeing the House panel’s efforts to obtain the documents from the Treasury Department had previously ordered the government to provide Trump’s lawyers 72 hours’ notice before releasing any returns. Dotard’s lawyers had requested that delay to give them the possibility of challenging the government’s position.  But really, what can a grifter tax cheat criminal possibly challenge?  It's laughable.

What is spot on accurate is what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said regarding  the Justice Department’s notice which “delivered a victory for the rule of law.”  Adding:

"The American people deserve to know the facts of [Mr. Trump’s] troubling conflicts of interest and undermining of our security and democracy as president"

Predictably, assorted Repukes objected to the DOJ ruling with the usual lame rejoinders.  For example, Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) whined:

"One of the pretty foundational understandings is that your tax returns are going to be private and not going to be, you know, shared widely.  So I hate for them to now be turned over to Congress and invariably will leak to the public."

Sorry, pallie, but a presidential candidate (and president)  who is also a criminal and traitor has no such privacy protections. For all we know he manipulated his taxes to gain assistance from the Russkies (paying them off)  in 2016 to seize control of the nation, setting it on an autocratic, Putin-like course.

Don't believe it? Well,  we're talking here of major quid pro quo in spades.

As per The New Republic (Aug./Sept. 2017, . p. 29):

"A review of the public record reveals a clear and disturbing pattern: Trump owes much of his business success, and by extension his presidency, to a flow of highly suspicious money from Russia. Over the past three decades, at least 13 people with known or alleged links to Russian mobsters or oligarchs have owned, lived in, or even run criminal activities out of Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Many used his apartments and casinos to launder untold millions in dirty money .....Taken together, the flow of money from Russia provided Trump with a crucial infusion of financing that helped rescue his empire from ruin, burnish his image, and launch his career in television and politics....It's entirely possible that Trump was never more than a convenient patsy for Russian oligarchs and mobsters."

This tax record info should now also be grist for the mill of the House Select Committee to see what conniving Republican traitors Trump may also have paid off to help him in the insurrection and sedition.  The over long reign of this sore loser, insurrectionist traitor and his grip on half the nation may finally be nearing its end.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Solution To Suggested Advanced Lagrangian Problem

 For each of the frequency solutions applied to the linear tri-atomic molecule, show the relation between the normalized amplitudes: A1, A2 and A3


For:  w1  =  0,  A1  =  A2  =  A3   (Pure translation)

For:   w2  = Ö(k/ m),   A1  =  - A3,   A2  = 0 

For:   w3  =  Ö{ k/ m (1 + 2m/ M)},   A1  = A3   = -M A2/ 2m

Solution To Suggested Fractional Calculus Problem

 Write the multiple integral form for   -3 f/ [dx]-3 

We have:

 -n f/ [dx]-n    =  ò o    dx n-1  ò xn-1 o  dx n-2  .....ò x2    dx ò x1 o   f(x o)   dx o


 -3 f/ [dx]-3 

  ò o    dx 1  ò x1 o   f(x o)   dx o  ò x2 o   f(x 1)   dx 1

The Logical - Causal Problems Inherent In The Claim Of "Intelligent Design"

 There are sundry and serious logical –causal problems associated with the “intelligent design” claim. One frequent generic claim is that “intelligent causes exist”, but in proposing this the ID advocate confuses the principles of sufficient reason and causation. According to the former: Nothing happens without a sufficient reason. Philosopher of science Mario Bunge has noted (Causality and Modern Science, p. 231):

Giving reasons is no longer regarded as assigning causes. In Science, it means to combine particular propositions about facts with hypotheses, laws, axioms and  definitions. In general, there is no correspondence between sufficient reason and causation.

Thus, while intelligent causes may exist, they are not absolute prerequisites for a scientific hypothesis or explanation. Indeed, in fields such as quantum and statistical mechanics we have acausal determinism, such as in the behavior of the wave function for an atom, which confounds any conventional notion of cause leading to explicit effect. Thus, the problem entails using an unjustified generalization to describe all physical systems ID also punts by not identifying the nature of its “designer”. 

A priori one must know what one is looking for. For example, consider the “intelligent cause” of a complex cosmic radio signal, which may contain what appear to be mathematical relations. As such a signal is being parsed (say for the signature of an extraterrestrial intelligence), certain assumptions are attendant – including whether the presumed originating “aliens” can actually exist at the source location.

Intelligent design by contrast offers no insight at all into their designer. Is it some kind of deity? If so, it is definitely in the realm of religious dogma, and probably beyond any measurement or scientific test. In which case, its pursuit is a waste of time.

Is it a space alien from Tau Ceti, or Zeta Reticuli? If so, we may demand the cosmic radio signals that unambiguously make the nature of the designer clear. If ID’ers can’t specify their designer, why should we take it any more seriously than ‘Bigfoot'?

In the end, irreducible complexity (which is the specious basis of ID) inevitably amounts to an argument from ignorance. Because a structure (e.g. eardrum) or a process (origin of life from inanimate matter) appears difficult from the inferior vantage point of the percipient, it’s automatically assumed that no scientific appeal can be made. No model, however remotely probable, can be offered. Thus “intelligent design” is latched on to as a “god of the gaps”. But history shows how absurd such an approach is.

For example, ball lightning used to be assumed to be a supernatural manifestation until its static electrical nature was exposed. Same thing with St. Elmo’s fire appearing near the yard arms of ships. Diseases like plague were believed caused by “malefic influences” or even demons, until the microbial basis of pathogens was revealed by the use of microscopes.

A hundred years ago no one could explain how the Sun could give off so much heat and light for so long. Not until nuclear fusion was discovered, and evidence obtained – e.g. by specialized detectors – that they were occurring on the Sun.

Take the ear drum, ear canal, tympanic membrane and all. As Robert Ornstein showed ('The Evolution of Consciousness', p. 134) these can be explained on the basis of development of repeated adaptations of form and function. No designer is needed. 

All these and more disclose that a long record of scientific history exists to demonstrate the wisdom of the materialist- physicalist view. And why special, ad hoc causes are to be dismissed as unfounded. 

A number of other questions they have never been able to properly answered, or even addressed.  For example: 

1) Why doesn't the designer insinuate itself into the domains of other worlds in the solar system to create or organize life? 

Why isn't Mercury inhabited by designed creatures, or Venus? Or Jupiter? IF the designer is also omnipotent it ought to be able to design outside of purely natural (or terrestrial) norms and limits. (Thus an organism on Venus, for example, that can live off sulphuric acid, CO2 in the atmosphere and an atmospheric pressure of 90 atm.) 

If the designer is not omnipotent, and indeed doesn't exist in the first place - it makes more sense that life will only occur on certain planets within habitable temperature zones and containing the elements (oxygen, nitrogen, water etc.) needed for life. In such cases, it isn't "design" at work but a long, gradual process of chemical evolution that eventually leads to life forms. The only reason to invoke a designer in the first place is that it possesses ubiquitous power to design ANYWHERE! 

If it can't do that, or is limited by conditions already in place - we simply don't need it. It's redundant. 

2) If the above limitations apply, then what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a designer to exist? 

Do these conditions apply to a singular, unique entity or to multiple ones? If the entity is claimed to be supernatural, then what abiding properties must we look out for to substantiate it? If the designer exists and is not a figment of the imagination, then it should be possible to predict what it can design in a totally novel situation. Say, operating under different planetary conditions: e.g. mass, gravity, atmospheric composition etc. This will demonstrate there is a real empirical basis to the entity compatible with the claim, and not merely a posteriori statistical hocus pocus. 

The inability to deal with either of the preceding questions discloses proponents of ID still haven't produced the "goods" to warrant our taking it any more seriously than a bizarre creationist tract, such as the claim that early hominids co-inhabited the planet with dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. That means first establishing a base of facts and evidence unique to itself. Then, formulating testable predictions which can be made and that turn out to be more accurate than those of naturalistic evolution. Until ID's proponents accomplish that, preferably in the context of publishing in established scientific journals - it will remain rank speculation.

One could even go so far as to suggest rank religious speculation.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

More Advanced Lagrangian Applications: Modeling A Linear Tri-atomic Molecule

We have already seen how Lagrangian dynamics applies to simple mechanical systems, e.g.

  • Lagrangian Dynamics Revisited (1)
  • We now examine a more advanced application, namely in terms of modeling a linear triatomic molecule.  We sketch the basic model system below:
We see the linear molecule is composed of three components: m1, m2, and M,  with the smaller masses m1 = m2 = m.  We also apply the condition they can only move along the linear dimension with atoms specified at positions: x1, x2 and x3.  We designate the equilibrium position as b.

We recall here the Lagrangian L = T - V.

And obtain the kinetic energy. T and potential energy V:

Kinetic energy: 

T   =   ½  ( m x1’ 2   -   M x2 2    + m x3’ 2 )

Potential energy:

V =   ½  k[ (x2 – x1) – b] 2   +  ½  k[ (x3 – x2) – b] 2      

T   =

½  [(m….0…..0)


       [(0….0… ..m)

And make use here of the refined position parameter in terms of displacements h i:

h i        =  x i  – x o i  

So:   h 1           =  x 1  – x o 1

x 02  – x o 1   =  x 03  – x o2 =   b

 Then the potential energy is:

V =   ½  k[ (h 2 – h 1) 2   +  ½  k[ (h 3 – h 2)  2 ] 

 And the kinetic energy:

T   =   ½  ( m h 1’ 2   -   M h 2 2    + m h 3’ 2 )

Rewriting V:

V   =   ½  k[ (2 h 2 2    + h 1 2   +  h 3 2  -  2  h 1 h 2  - 2  h 3 h 2 )]  

In tensor form:

 V   =

½  [(k… .-k…..0)

       [(-k….2k…. -k)

       [(0….-k… .. k)


T  =  h  ×  T ×   h


By Lagrange’s eqns.(Tensor form)

T ×   h   +     V ×   h   =  0  

Assume a solution of form:  exp (iw t)

w 2    T ×   h   +     V ×   h   =  0  

And the determinant of coefficients must = 0 for non-trivial soln.

è   | w 2 T  +   V  |  =  0


Secular determinant:


(k - w 2  …-k…   . .0)

(-k …..2 k - w 2 m  ..  -k)

(0…. ….-k….. k - w 2 m)

 From here and working through some messy algebra (solving the secular equations from the determinant), we can arrive at three solutions for the angular frequency:

w1  =  0,     w2  = Ö(k/ m),   w3  = Ö{ k/ m (1 + 2m/ M)}

For amplitudes, three solutions are obtained:

h 1  =   A1 exp (iw t)

 h 2  =   A2 exp (iw t)

h 3  =   A3 exp (iw t)

Suggested Problem:

For each of the frequency solutions applied to the linear tri-atomic molecule, show the relation between the normalized amplitudes: A1, A2 and A3

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

First Select Committee Hearing Shows The Depth Of Ignominy In GOP Efforts to Revise January 6th Events

"Perhaps the most grating fact is that not one person in the party, not even the loudest mouthed jackasses or most shamelessly fascistic Republicans, will just come right out and say it: They don't like the January 6 commission because they disagree with the committee's basic premise that fascist insurrections are bad. Instead, Americans are being treated to a whirlwind of deflection, gaslighting, victim-blaming, and even victim-mockery"  Amanda Marcotte, smirkingchimp,com  

"Some far-right pundits who are critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's select committee on the January 6 insurrection have argued that Democrats simply need "get over it" and move on rather than continue to dwell on what happened seven months ago. But one of the problems with that argument is that insurrectionists themselves haven't gotten over the 2020 presidential election, buying into the Big Lie and the debunked conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. And a troubling University of Chicago study finds that almost one in ten Americans favor violence in order to put Trump back in the White House."-  Alex Henderson, 'The Adamant Insurrectionists',

"Make no mistake about it. Without racism running deep in their DNA, Trump's supporters would not have listened to a raving maniac president encouraging violence in order to remain in power." -  C.J. Polychronion,

 Wifey and I sat spellbound yesterday morning as four D.C. police officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 delivered stinging testimony of how they were viciously attacked by terrorist traitors. Each officer described a harrowing confrontation with the traitors, at the first  House select committee’s public hearing.

The hearing represented the beginning of the committee’s efforts to investigate the events on Jan. 6, when Traitor  Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, temporarily interrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the November election over Trump.

Naturally , tensions on Capitol Hill have only worsened since the insurrection, since the Repuke liars and traitors would prefer to send the day's events into a permanent memory hole. The last thing the scum want is public airing of their treachery. Thus, the vile spectacle of so many Republican rats playing down or outright denying, the violence that occurred and denouncing the Democratic-led investigation as politically motivated. But the actual testimony of the four officers showed it is Repuke attacks and revisionist efforts that are politically motivated.

Capitol Police officer Aquilino Gonell related how he and fellow officers were beaten repeatedly and that he thought he would die. “We fought hand to hand, inch by inch,” he testified.  Gonell said that he was troubled by any effort to play down the severity of the attack.  He said:

There is a continuous and shocking attempt to ignore or try to destroy the truth of what truly happened that day, and to whitewash the facts,” 

But why be surprised because this is what fascist traitors caught red -handed in multiple videos do. They try to abrogate reality and events by ceaseless minimizing, whitewashing, deflecting.  Which is exactly why this select committee is so critical. As journalist Adam Serwer pointed out on ALL In last night, "Even if this committee uncovers nothing new, if it can actually set down an official, historical record of what  occurred and why it occurred-  it will have been worth it."

 Mr. Gonell's testimony was followed by that from Michael Fanone.  His anger was palpable as he said:  

"I feel like I went to hell and back to protect them and the people in this room.”  

Then pounding his fist on the table in front of him, he screamed:  

"Too many are now telling me that hell doesn’t exist or that hell actually wasn’t that bad. The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful.”  

   Daniel Hodges from Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, testified next.  He was the officer seen in a video being crushed in a door frame as he tried to prevent the renegades from breaking into the chamber.  Notably, in his account he referred to "the terrorists" no less than 15 times.  When asked why he used that term by Rep. Jamie Raskin, Hodges pulled out a book with the criminal codes for domestic terror and terrorist, to show the definition was fulfilled by the Trump mob.  Including the terrorist Ashli Babbit that the Right's traitor scum now want to try to remake into a martyr and patriot. 

Officer Hodges was followed by Harry Dunn of the Capitol Police. Dunn's testimony was memorable in relating how he had been called "nigger" to his face by the Trump traitor slime,  for the first time in his life and while in uniform. In his words,  after he heard the mob shout: "Joe Biden is not the president, nobody voted for Joe Biden" and he replied "I voted for Biden. Does my vote not count? Am I nobody?"

He then related how that "prompted a torrent of racial epithets"  and a woman in a pink MAGA shirt yelled (from his actual testimony - not my words, his): "Hey guys, this nigger voted for Joe Biden.  Then the crowd, perhaps of about twenty people, joined in, screaming 'Boo! Fucking nigger!'  No one had ever called me a nigger while wearing the uniform of a Capitol police officer."

Confirming once and for all the degenerate nature of the mob in their full white nationalist, racist dimensions.  This mob of dirtbags who sought to block the peaceful transfer of power.  Fellow citizens?  Hell no.  To me they will always be animated human sewage, like Trump their master.  That goes for the commenters whose crap I saw on the Denver Post's account of the proceedings. Including from one ape named 'Redir':

Not everyone blindly accepts the results of a rigged election. Obviously the left is not interested in facts, otherwise they would not stonewall the audits at every turn, and the media declaring the end results of investigations even before they begin. How "scientific" and Constitutional

Clearly a Trump troll whose IQ is in the low 50s given he's swallowed the swill of the big lie, and believes the "audits" carried out by the Cyber Ninja kooks are real and legit.  Which I already pointed out should have been shut down by the DOJ by now, e.g.

Then there was this twaddle posted by 'Skullbones', or was it Numbskull bones?

It has one goal and one goal only - score cheap political points. 

1/6 riot/trespass was serious and the perps are being punished by courts. But Democrats/Media had politicized/weaponized it beyond all recognition by 1/7. At that point, the ONLY reason Democrats/Media cared about 1/6 was that they calculated that it could be used to elect Democrats. No fair minded person should care one bit about their bloviation and grandstanding about “saving the republic” blah blah blah

At least this degenerate  got called out for his nutso bilge by other posters, and that included at least 22 'thumbs downs'.  This low grade imbecile can't even comprehend that the testimony of the officers was not "grandstanding" but the brutally honest disclosure of the crap they had to contend with from the Trump terror apes.   This asshole wouldn't even be so pompous with his piffle if the facts of 1/6 weren't so brutal and showed exactly what the red cap MAGA traitors did. As for being "used to elect Democrats", yes it should.  Because it shows the other party isn't even legitimate any more but a personality cult full of seditionists, traitors and fascist goons. Oh and liar revisionists.

It seems like another world now, but shortly after the insurrection, almost every Republican denounced the violent mob — and some criticized Trump himself. Given the traitor had told his supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat. But too many have softened their tone in recent months as the revisionist meme of "patriots" protesting has taken hold.  Some 'pukes have gone further, with Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde saying a video of the rioters "looked like a normal tourist visit” and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar repeatedly saying that a woman (Ashli Babbit) who was shot and killed by a Capitol officer-  doing his job as she was trying to break into the House chamber-  was “executed.” Others have falsely claimed that Democrats or liberal groups were responsible for the attack.   This is the level of desperation to dodge responsibility one beholds when cowards and liars cannot own up to the insurrectionist crimes of their tribe.  Hence, also explains the yen to whitewash events or misrepresent them.

Even as the testimony was going on, an assorted  gaggle of Repuke revisionists assembled for a "news conference" in front of the Justice Dept.  They included such illustrious imps as Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.  Before they could blab three minutes of lies, i.e. the insurrectionists were "political prisoners", protesters appeared with large signs i.e. "Traitors and Rapists"  and the rats tucked their tails between their legs and scattered, even as reporters shouted out to Gaetz: "Are you a pedophile?"   

As Gaetz, maggot that he is, rushed off to a waiting vehicle, it was worth every second to savor his abject cowardice.

One of the best short summations of the hearing was from S.E. Cupp writing for the NY Daily News, noting:

The first Jan. 6 Commission hearing exposes the ignominy of what the  GOP has  whitewashed. Heroes  choking back tears, shared graphic and emotional details: Screaming for help, preparing to die. Republicans chose to lie and defend this."

Republicans chose this because of their all-consuming consciousness of guilt, knowing they abetted and participated in one of the darkest days in American history in over 200 years.  We can never, ever let them forget it!

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Democracy is under attack. Washington journalists must stop covering it like politics as usual.


The select committee is already exceeding all expectations


The use of clear language — Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) spoke of “fascist traitors” while D.C. Police officer Daniel Hodges referred to “terrorists” — was a refreshing departure from mealy-mouth descriptions that obscure the violence and the ideology of the insurrectionists. It was critical to hear the granular description of that day, especially as it helps to expose the galling dishonesty and appalling bad faith of Republicans.


Jan. 6 police officers give a master class on the dangers of right-wing extremism



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