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Military Vets' Testimony At UAP -UFO Hearing Disclose "Non-human" Craft U.S. Is Unable To Counter Or Disable


Ret. U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor
                                           Jerry : Insisted Govt Is Concealing Alien Bodies

My late brother Jerry said it all along and now Retired Maj. David Grusch delivered testimony on Wednesday to a House hearing that confirmed it:  The U.S. is concealing a longstanding program that retrieves and reverse engineers unidentified flying objects.  The Pentagon has denied his claims, but as Jerry would have said “So what’s new in Denmark? WTF you expect those pinheads to say?”   Jerry  - who worked at Wright-Patterson AFB in the late 60s, early 70s - was always adamant about what he’d witnessed in the base’s Blue Room – including films and photos of EBE bodies and artifacts recovered.

Grusch’s highly anticipated testimony before a House Oversight subcommittee was Congress’ latest foray into the world of UAPs — or “unidentified aerial phenomena,” which is the official term the U.S. government uses instead of UFOs. While the study of mysterious aircraft or objects often evokes talk of aliens and “little green men,” Democrats and Republicans in recent years have pushed for more research as a national security matter due to concerns that sightings observed by pilots may be tied to U.S. adversaries. 

But let’s get clear, blaming any of these on Russian or  Chinese adversaries is pure distraction and itself seeded disinformation.  As former Navy Commander David Fravor made abundantly clear in his testimony, the 2014 incident off Sand Diego was the most credible UFO sighting in history given its parameters.  It resembled “a giant propane tank 40 feet long." And was tracked visually as well as on radar. It produced no thermal exhaust and there were no visual surface structures or clues “sitting in space at 20,000 feet altitude.”  Also: “It was aware of our presence and matched our speeds.” I submit here that no balloon or wayward drone does this.

When asked if his jet fighters could have shot it down if it had become hostile, Fravor didn’t mince words: "No we could not have. It defies current material science and is beyond anything developed on Earth,”  He went on to refute the notion the Chinese or Russians had developed anything like it, given the extraordinary dynamics captured simultaneously by multiple sensors.  He was joined in his assessment by the two other witnesses:  Ryan Graves and David Grusch .

Ret. Maj. David Grusch said he was asked in 2019 by  the head of a government task force on UAPs to identify all highly classified programs relating to the task force’s mission. At the time, Grusch was detailed to the National Reconnaissance Office, the agency that operates U.S. spy satellites.

Grusch added:

I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access,” 

Crash retrieval?  Let's recall what my brother Jerry had said transpired in the wake of the Roswell crash:

"The military powers that be scarfed up those bodies and the debris within hours and had them shipped off to Wright Patterson Army Airfield  near Dayton Ohio."

Asked specifically to elaborate on any "non-human spacecraft" or artifacts recovered, Grusch responded he could not discuss such crash debris in open session. (A SCIF or special compartmentalized intelligence facility was required for congress to access sensitive materials.)   Note that a recurring theme by Grusch as well as fellow witness Ryan Graves was that in order to elaborate on the nature of actual crashed craft, as well as those encountered in airspace, the details of the sensor functions (IR, electro-optical etc.)  had to be known.  But if these functions-  and hence underlying technologies - were exposed, then real terrestrial adversaries (like China and Russia) would know, and hence work towards concealing their own weapons systems from the sensors.

Asked whether the U.S. government had information about extraterrestrial life, Grusch said the U.S. likely has been aware of “non-human” activity since the 1930s.  Note that this predates the Roswell incident, in July 1947.

When Grusch was confronted by the claims of Sean Kirkpatrick (current director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) i.e. asserting there "is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity or off-world tech" he replied "That's not accurate."  (Kirkpatrick  went ballistic a day later.)

Why would Kirkpatrick disseminate such disinformation? Well, because (AARO) is an office within the  Office of the Secretary of Defense.   

Hence, Kirkpatrick is bound by the same Pentagon lockstep of denial, denial, denial.  Or disinformation. Hence the twaddle "there is no credible evidence" of off-world tech",  when we know there is.  So one can definitely say Kirkpatrick and his DoD overseers are strictly adhering to the playbook outlined by Winn Schwartau in his book, Information Warfare.  I.e.  "false information or misinformation is sown pertaining to a real event in order to deflect attention from it."

Perhaps the dumbest question emanated from Rep. Earl Burlison of Missouri, who asked Grusch:

“How can an alien species travel billions of light years?”

Evidently unaware they don’t have to, given the nearest sunlike star is Zeta Reticuli -  only 39.1 light years distant. Unable to grasp how the “tic tac” UFOs cold move so dramatically, in and out of visual field, Grusch did his best to explain as Burlison’s eyes blanked out

 “It’s the holographic principle: 3d objects cast shadow on 2d surface. Objects can be then be projected interdimensionally.”

When asked about presenting the location sites for any stashed alien, non-human craft, “biologics” or artifacts, Grusch responded it would have to be behind closed door, preferably in a SCIF room.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R, TN) made no bones about the fact that there’d be consequences if any government agency with oversight over UAP-UFO files denied congress use of a SCIF to see Grusch’s materials. In his words, he would “invoke the Holman rule” if need be.

The Holman rule, basically, is a congressional device whereby a given agency – in this case CIA, NSA etc. – would have its budget cut if it denied access, say to use of a SCIF room to see sensitive UFO materials.

The Pentagon has denied Grusch’s claims of a coverup. Defense Department spokeswoman Sue Gough said investigators have not discovered “any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.

Which as I noted is not at all surprising. To admit the presence of non-human, intelligently -controlled craft in our airspace- or god forbid their re-engineering into advanced weapons by the U.S. -  would likely send half the nation ( hell, half the world) into hysterics.  As noted in my July 25 post, quoting author Aja Raden, referencing the ‘War of the Worlds’ Mercury Theater broadcast in 1938:

"Looting and rioting ensued. Accidents proliferated and hospitals were jammed with people injured or killed by other people, hysterical people, people in shock, stroke and heart attack victims.  People scared stiff, as well as others who harmed themselves rather than be captured or killed by the Martians.  

In San Francisco, people overwhelmed army headquarters looking to fight. In Birmingham people overwhelmed churches, certain the world was ending."

Thus when the Roswell crash occurred some 9 years later, the military shut it down within hours, saying the locals had mistaken a weather balloon for a saucer. This then preceded decades of bogus investigations, from 'Project Grudge' to Project Blue Book to the Condon UFO report (which nonetheless did have some documented cases that were clearly UAP but escaped notice.)

Grusch affirmed he became a government whistleblower after his discovery of the re-engineering of alien craft, devices and has faced retaliation for coming forward. He declined to be more specific about the retaliatory tactics, citing an ongoing investigation, only saying: "It was very brutal and very unfortunate, some of the tactics they used to hurt me both professionally and personally."  

As I've noted before, the military and intel agencies will never crack on releasing the information Grusch and others described. It's not just the fear of panic over the final revelation of a superior non-human interloper in terrestrial skies.  But also that our national security agencies and military would have to also admit their impotence: That they no longer have sovereignty or hegemony over our own planetary domain.   As former Navy Cmdr. Fravor noted, if the UFO his team encountered off San Diego had become hostile, there is nothing his Nimitz crew or jet aircraft could have done to stop the actions.

End note:  Some have raised the issue or question of why UFOs-UAP are primarily reported in "English speaking countries."    As if such an imbalance disqualifies the phenomenon from serious consideration.  But they fail to process: a) Most of the non -English speaking world, i.e. in Africa, Asia, lacks the technological supports or capacity - including highly advanced sensor (IR, electro-optical) systems - to access UAP. Hence, they go either unrecognized or ignored - if encountered at all.  (b)  The U.S. as the only remaining superpower would naturally attract any non-human interlopers more than other, less developed nations i.e. without extensive capacity for conducting military exercises - using advanced weapons - in designated (and restricted) airspaces.  Besides which, many sightings have also occurred in Russia since their own H-bomb testing in 1950s.  Bottom line: The focus of these interlopers appears to be on those nations with the most formidable firepower, as opposed to countries in which most of the populace barely ekes out survival - and is trying desperately to flee to the U.S.

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How Long Would It Take For An Advanced Alien Civilization To Reach Earth Using 'Conventional' Propulsion?


                                 Location of our solar system in Milky Way galaxy

In their paper,  ‘Galactic Civilizations: Population Dynamics and Interstellar Diffusion’  (Icarus, Vol. 46, June 1981, page 293) authors William Newman and Carl Sagan considered a more of less conventional passage to Earth of of an advanced alien civilization.  The mode considered was conventional spacecraft travel - treated as "diffusion" through cosmic space, i.e. in terms of applying known diffusion front equations to simulate the transfer of a large alien armada to Earth over possible centuries.

 The authors began with a standard diffusion equation, treating the spread of any colonizing civilization similarly to any medium that diffuses – for example, viruses, or general infections, or even human populations (say in the early colonization of the New World).. The basic diffusion equation used was (p. 301, eqn.12):

r)/dt = DIV (D(x,t,r· grad r(x,t)

where, r(x,t) describes the population density at time t, and position x, and D is the diffusion coefficient in terms of x, t and r. The preceding equation is then tweaked and used as the basis for future refinements. Rather than weary the casual reader with the dozens and dozens of equations leading to the Results section (page 314), I will simply commence at that section and then go from there.

The authors' first major computation is of N’, the steady state number of extant advanced civilizations in the Milky Way. This is essential to obtain because it is one of the key variables used to compute the mean distance between advanced civilizations in the Milky Way:

M = (2.5 x 10 11  /N’) 1/3

Where the numerator refers to the number of  stars estimated in the galaxy, and N the estimated civilization-bearing stars. The result is in parsecs, assuming the mean separation between stars in the galaxy is 1pc = 3.26 light years. (Bear in mind while our region near the outer rim is sparse with stars, the interior third of the Milky Way is teeming with them, very densely packed)

Based on a star –planet formation factor, f * ≈  1, and a mean lifetime for an advanced civilization of 106 years, the authors obtain: N’ = f(106) = 106 , or one million advanced civilizations in the Milky Way alone.

My inclination is actually to increase f  to  ≈ 2, based on the discovery (as of this writing) of 5,425 actual extra-solar planets in 4,001 planetary systems. All of which were unknown at the time Newman and Sagan published their paper. This would yield double the number of advanced civilizations, but we will retain the more conservative estimate.

Then, the mean distance between advanced civilizations in the Galaxy is:

M = (2.5 x 10 11  /106 ) 1/3  = 63 pc = 205 Light years

Readers may well not appreciate this, but this is literally “next door neighbors” in terms of the galaxy!

The authors’ next task is to obtain the velocity of the colonization wavefront which they give as (Eqn. (79), page 316):

V = (v  
j )(D g) 1/2

Here, (v 
) is a dimensionless constant of order unity(1), and g ≈  0.1 (based on the rate of migration of human populations today (Newman and Sagan estimated 0.01 /yr, but that was nearly 30 years ago before the age of globalization). The diffusion coefficient, D, they (very) conservatively estimate at: D  (2 x 10 -8 pc /yr).

Thus, the colonization wave velocity would be:

V = (1)[ (2 x 10 -8 pc /yr) (0.1 /yr)] 1/2 = 6.3 x  10 -9 pc/ yr

But the authors adjust this value (with "bias") i.e. toward younger civilizations - using historic Earth colonization rates-   to: 3 x  10 - 4 pc/ yr.  I removed some of that bias using a statistical algorithm, leading to the slower  colonization wave rate of : 

V =   4.4 x  10 -5 pc/ yr


Which would imply 1.4 x  106   or 1.4 million years  (instead of 210,000 yrs.) before the colonization wave reached Earth, assuming a 63 pc distance to the planet of the nearest advanced colonizers.  (The lifetime of these advanced colonizer civilizations is assumed to be greater than 30 million years. In other words, they all would have had to survive their critical nuclear energy development phase.)

Now, before anyone gets too ecstatic, bear in mind:

1) Sagan and Newman based their diffusion coefficient on relatively low travel speeds (v much less than c) since anything near v ~ c would be enormously expensive in terms of shielding, propulsion (page 312). They opted then for speeds far below relativistic (e.g. 
 40,000 km/h).

2)They deliberately assumed a “random walk” diffusion with directional bias “away from population centers".

I personally suspect the first is way too conservative and ignores the sort of ingenuity and enterprise that may well apply to a truly advanced civilization which is also space faring. And again, just because we can’t imagine humans attaining relativistic speeds, doesn’t mean advanced aliens couldn’t. So, just a shift (reduction) of the base travel time to about one ten thousandth of what the authors use enhances the diffusion wave speed, V to 0.004 pc/yr.

This reduces the time to encounter to 1.57 x 10 4 yrs. or just over 15,700 years. A blink of an eye in geological time.

Thus, if the alien colonizers commenced a journey in our general direction from about 3ky before the Holocene geological era, then they’d be roughly 700 years away from finding us. (Give or take 1000 years in terms of uncertainties). This means the colonizers may well be “right around the corner”. Or may even have already entered our terrestrial environment.

The conclusion here is that any of the strange craft we've seen in the released Pentagon files could well be craft from an advanced civilization, based on fine tuning the Sagan- Newman diffusion wave equations.  This doesn't prove the unusual craft seen in the released Pentagon video, e.g.

is an actual alien craft, only that this hypothesis can't be excluded. Especially in light of the Sagan-Newman paper, especially with factors tweaked after the emergence of the exoplanet discovery era. 


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Bipartisan House Hearing Today May Finally Expose Decades Of Govt Obstruction On UAP-UFO Reports


                              Jerry - observed photos with EBE bodies at Wright-Patterson AFB

"Either the greatest story in  human history has been kept hidden or we will learn crazy people have occupied high places in our intelligence agencies." - Sen. Marco Rubio last week (NBC News) on the forthcoming House hearings on UAP -UFOs and the efforts to hide their pilots for over 60 years.

The US House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), formerly known as UFOs, today, July 26th. The Republican-led initiative will be chaired by Representatives Anna Paulina Luna and Tim Burchett.

In a press conference last Thursday, Burchett said that the committee was facing pressure from several quarters about the hearing. He said, “We've had a heck of a lot of pushback about this hearing. We've had members of Congress who fought us we've had members of the intelligence community and also the Pentagon. Even NASA backed out on us. There are a lot of people who don't want this to come to light".  

Anyone wonder why?  Let's delve into immediate and then more abstract reasons for the pushback.  The immediate reason is that the paternalistic elements in government are terrified of mass panic, possibly global hysteria - and mayhap one borderline nation incited into hitting their nuclear buttons.  Think that's histrionic?  Then you never registered what transpired the night before Halloween, 1938 on Orson Welles mock Mercury Theater broadcast of the 'War of the Worlds'.  (Which has now earned a place in old media infamy.) While Welles did give a preliminary 'heads up' before beginning that it was a fictional radio broadcast, millions never got the message, as they tuned in late. 

 In the words of author Aja Raden (in her book, 'The Truth About Lies', p.  202):  

"They believed that what they were hearing was real news. And they lost their fucking minds. Looting and rioting ensued. Accidents proliferated and hospitals were jammed with people injured or killed by other people, hysterical people, people in shock, stroke and heart attack victims.  People scared stiff, as well as others who harmed themselves rather than be captured or killed by the Martians.  

In San Francisco, people overwhelmed army headquarters looking to fight. In Birmingham people overwhelmed churches, certain the world was ending.   A woman in Indiana burst into one crowded church and screamed 'New York is destroyed! It's the end of the world! You might as well go home and die! I just heard it on the radio!"  

Barely nine years later, in July 1947, an actual craft (saucer) crashed near Roswell, New Mexico - as my now deceased AF brother Jerry has noted - e.g. 

and the response was for the military under Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey  to shut it down, gaslight the locals into believing it was a weather balloon.  That shutdown of the (arguably) cornerstone event has been followed by over 75 years of stonewalling, bogus investigations, gaslighting ruses and disinformation.  So why would anyone believe the paternal powers- that -be, petrified of a repeat reaction to what happened in 1938,  will be quiet or passive now?   

As to the more abstract reason for their behavior, as I have written in other posts, this can be traced to a paper in the journal Political Theory by Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall, e.g.

Sovereignty and the UFO - Alexander Wendt, Raymond Duvall, 2008

In which they argue the phenomenon of the UFO (or UAP) tends to be rejected as real because it collides with the human concept of state sovereignty. As one columnist (Daniel W. Dresner) one articulated it in a 2019 Denver Post Perspective piece:

'UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state, because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial. Yet in fact this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility.  The puzzle is explained by the functional imperatives of anthropocentric sovereignty, which cannot decide a UFO  exception to anthropocentrism  while preserving the ability to make such a decision. The UFO can be known only by not asking what it is."

So that the real reason UFOs-UAP are dismissed or treated as unworthy subjects  of scientific investigation is that any serious attention poses an existential challenge to human hegemony over the known universe.  After all, there can't be two superior civilizations or species of beings.  Especially for a home-grown lot that already fancies itself the top of the cosmic food chain.  In effect, to in any way admit the physical reality of alien craft in our airspace would directly challenge this comforting codswallop - also begs the question of why no serious measures have been taken to protect terrestrial airspace from these intruders. (Given they cannot be Russians or Chinese based on reasons I've laid out numerous times before.) 

 So we have a two-pronged basis for rejection of any admission the invading craft are real (say by the military and intel agencies) as well as unfit for serious acknowledgment (i.e. by academia and the media).  So the two work hand- in- hand.  But I argue the immediate reasons the former don't want these House hearings to go very far is that neither the paternalistic military (namely the Air Force) or the intelligence agencies (mainly CIA, NSA) want threats to national security erupting out of sheer panic, hysteria - given a population now faced with the reality of possibly hostile extraterrestrials - and piloting their craft all over with impunity.  

The chatter has intensified recently with a revelation by former US intelligence officer David Grusch, that the US government is in possession of an "intact and partially intact" alien vehicle and that this information is being illegally withheld from Congress.  Grusch is no flake, but was part of the Department of Defense (DoD) and led the analysis of UAPs until he resigned in April after a 14-year career.

According to a report in The DebriefGrusch has suggested that the government has come into contact with “malevolent” alien pilots.  As bad as Orson Welles'  invading Martians from 1938?  Maybe not, but certainly enough to raise intelligence agency hackles of the fallout - say if taken too seriously by too many. Hence, there will be a certain push to discredit or diminish any testimony - say using disinformation or questioning the mental balance of those giving witness. That would include- for now - Grusch, as well as former Navy commander David Fravor and Navy pilot Ryan Graves.   I look for one of more of these guys to bow out before delivering the goods. If not, I hope they are ready for the blowback. (They will likely need to go see the 'Barbie' flick afterwards!)  

Meanwhile, according to Politico, the Pentagon was tracking around 650 incidents of unidentified aircraft as of April.    For his part, Burchett said the US had evidence of technology that “defies all of our laws of physics.” He added: “We’re gonna get to the bottom of it, dadgummit. Whatever the truth may be. We’re done with the cover-up.”

You may well be done, sir, but the ever-patronizing paternal powers-that-be are not. Mark me well. If they don't try to embarrass you, by turning the hearings into a clown show, they will seek to intimidate any serious witnesses. They cannot afford the smallest chance that any chaos - such as followed the 1938 Welles' broadcast- ever manifests again.

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The House Oversight Committee's national security subcommittee is convening at 10 a.m. to hear from three witnesses with firsthand knowledge of how the government has handled UAP reports. CBS News will stream the hearing live in the player above.

"They either do exist or they don't exist. They keep telling us they do exist but they block every opportunity for us to get ahold of the information to prove that they do exist," GOP Rep. Tim Burchett, the subcommittee's chairman, said at a press conference last week.


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An Introduction To Numerical Analysis (5): Least Squares Approximation

We are tasked in least squares approximation with fitting a straight line: 

y = mx   + b

To a series of experimentally observed points,   corresponding to each of the observed values of x, e.g.

(x 1 ,  y 1),  (x2 ,  y2), (x3 ,  y3)……. (xn ,  y n),   

And corresponding to each of the observed values of x there are actually two values of y, the observed value yobs   and the value predicted by the straight line:  mxobs   + b.  And we call the difference:  yobs   -   mxobs   + b,  a deviation. Each such deviation measures the amount by which the predicted value falls short of the observed value.  Then the set of all such deviations, e.g.

 D 1    =  1   -   (m x 1   + b),     D 2 =  y2  -  (m x 2   + b)              

  D 3  = y3   -   (m x3   + b),  D n =  yn   -   (m x n   + b)              

Gives an indication of the closeness of fit of the line y = mx   + b to the data.  For example, in the case of the graph shown below:

We have a graph in the form of F = mA + b, where F is the given frequency for a solar flare in a sunspot region and A is the area associated with the region. The defined line then represents the best fit to the assorted data: (A 1 ,  F 1),  (A2 ,  F2), (A3 ,  F3)……. (An ,  F n).  

We say the line shown is a perfect fit if and only if all of the deviations are zero, i.e.  D 1    = 0, D 2    = 0,  D 3  = 0,  D n  = 0.

The problem then is to find the line which best fits a given set of data.

In general, for a straight line which comes close to fitting all of the observed points some of the Ds  will be positive and some negative. However, the squares  (D 2 )will all be positive so we have:

f(m,b) =  (1 -  m x 1   + b)2  + (y2 -  m x2   + b)2 +.... (yn -  m 2n   + b)2 

This sum of square of the deviations depends on the choice of m and b but is never negative and can only be zero if m and b have values which produce a straight line that is a perfect fit.   The method of least squares then says in effect:  Take as the line y = mx + b of best fit, that for which the sum of squares of the deviations:

f(m,b) =  D2  +  D2   +  D2   +   ......  +  D2                                                                                                                                                        is a minimum.  Which means solving the equations:

f/m = 0,   f/b = 0

Example problem:  Find the straight line that best fits the points:

(0, 1), (1, 3), (2, 2), (3, 4), (4, 5)

Using the method of least squares.


We proceed by first compiling the table below with relevant inputs:

Then: f (m,b) = 

å (D 2 )= 55- 30b + 5b 2 - 78m + 20mb +30m 2

f/m = -78 + 20b + 60m

f/b = -30 +10b + 20m

The value of m and b for which f(m,b) has a minimum must satisfy the simultaneous equations:

f/m = 0,   20b + 60m  = 78

f/b =  0,   10b + 20m  =  30

Then solving by subtracting bottom line from top:

20b + 60m  = 78

10b + 20m  =  30


10b + 40m = 48

From which we then obtain:  20m = 18 or m = 18/20 = 9/10 = 0.9

Then: 10b + 20 (9/10) = 30  

Or: 10 b = 30 - 18 = 12  or b = 12/10 = 1.2

This leads to the best fit line: y = 0.9 x  +  1.2

The graph of which is shown below fits amongst the points:

Suggested Problems:  

1)  Obtain the line: y = mx + b which best fits the following data points:

(0.10, 0.10),  (0.20, 0.20), (0.30, 0.30), (0.40, 0.40), (0.50, 0.50)  

2) Apply the method of least squares to obtain the line y = mx + b which best fits the points:  (0,1), (1,2), (2,3)

3) In examining the frequency F of subflares within regions of sunspot area (A)* the following table of data is obtained:

Apply the method of least squares to obtain the line F = mA + b which best fits the points

* In millionths of a solar hemisphere.