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The UFO Intel Hearings - More Stonewalling From The Military Brass: "We Wish We Knew What They Were!"

                     Scott Bray explains image of  UAP at House Intel Hearing Tuesday

"I think in all likelihood this report will come and go, and with it the mainstream chatter around U.F.O.s, until definitive proof is exposed. A planet that can’t come together on climate change or a global pandemic might not pay much attention even if wreckage or an alien corpse is discovered." - Chris Carter, NY Times, June 26, 2021   


The first UFO hearings in nearly 50 years were held  before a House Intelligence subcommittee on Tuesday but don't hold your breath waiting for any final answers. The Pentagon isn't prepared to give them. Pentagon officials did admit that there are now close to 400 reports (from military personnel) of encounters with totally unknown, metallic like objects -- a significant increase from the 144 tracked in a major report released last year by the U.S. intelligence community.

The UAP task force has five potential explanations for UAPs: airborne clutter; natural atmospheric phenomena; U.S. government or U.S. industry developmental programs; foreign adversary systems; or "other".   This  "other"  category includes all the footage from inexplicable cases that don’t fall in the other categories. That footage, which the military confirmed last year was authentic, had helped spur interest in the purported UFOs, also referred to as "unidentified aerial phenomena" or UAPs.

In other words, the obvious incidents of alien intrusion, but which will never be formally acknowledged.  Why not?  I already covered the answers in previous posts over the past three years, e.g.]

What The Pentagon Prelim UFO Report Isn't Saying: 'The Aliens Are Here, We Just Don't Want To Admit It."

Forget the other distraction categories, they were always 'fluff' to offer the classic debunkers excuses so they could sleep at night.  Those like Marco Rubio (R-FL) who suspected "secret Russian craft" that we don't know about.  Yeah, right.  This from a country that lacks the military know -how or intelligence to protect its advancing supply convoys in an opening attack on Kyiv over 2 months ago.  

Anyway, let's go back to the original report from last year, a core finding of which was:   

"Most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects given that a majority of UAP were registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visual observation. In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics."

And for which some subsequent qualification had been added to the mix, i.e. these objects could have also been the results of spoofing, sensor errors, or observer misperception.  For which I noted (see link above):

 "The acknowledgement of the use of  multiple sensors rules out sensor errors or spoofing. It is simply damned near impossible to simultaneously rig multiple sensors to deliver abnormal findings - all of which show the same intelligent control of the craft. Thus, the appeal to "sensor errors" and 'observer misperceptions'  is merely intended as a distraction from the main point.  Much like Neal deGrasse Tyson's glitch nonsense." 

Flash forward to the present and the Tuesday House panel hearing. What most caught my attention were the admissions by Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence.  As when he stated clearly:

We've seen an increasing number of unauthorized and or unidentified aircraft or objects over military control training areas and training ranges and other designated airspace.  Reports of sightings are frequent and continuous."

Well, if that doesn't get the attention of the brass and get them to stop playing "dodge the aliens" I really don't know what would.  Now true, Bray also said:

"The UAP task force doesn't have any wreckage that ... isn't consistent with being a terrestrial origin."

But even if actual alien -verified craft were found it is doubtful it would alter the denial of earthlings that these are actually devices, craft of extraterrestrial origin.  Which theme I will get to in a bit.  Bray also believes many of these are "narrative based" meaning they represent reports of prior incidents from people only now coming forward. But that doesn't minimize the import, it just means the military needs to further de-stigmatize such reporting, as it is not in our national interest.  

At this point, the input of Ronald Moultrie - the Pentagon's top intelligence official was pertinent, as he said:

"We also understand that there has been a cultural stigma surrounding UAP.  Our goal is to eliminate the stigma by fully incorporating our operators and mission personnel into a standardized data gathering process."

Adding that the Pentagon wants to establish an office "to speed up the identification of previously unknown or unidentified objects".  Well, it's about damned time.  But in the next breath, Moultrie asserted, to a slew of eyes wide open:   

"We want to know what's out there as much as you want to know what's out there,"

Yeah, but see, I am certain he and the other Pentagon brass already know, they just aren't committed to telling the hoi polloi.  Well, maybe with good reason. I mean if you think the QAnon conspiracy ideations about Dems cannibalizing infants for Satan are batshit nuts, try googling about their beliefs the Dems, and liberals, are "lizard people" from an alien planet.  Talk about "replacement theory" on steroids, this is it.  

But seriously, I reckon that denial will be part of the landscape of these UAP or UFOs for some time.  The reasons for the obsessive and irrational denial are centered in the human belief that we are the 'lords' of creation. Competing civilizations - so long as they remain mythical or relegated to sci-fi stories - are tolerable.  Indeed, after the hearing Tuesday Moultrie conceded he wasn't "immune to the UFO zeal himself" as a science fiction fan.  

But these aren't science fiction, Ronald, these things are real and they are intruding on the air space over your military and training facilities. Again, the shtick is old, play around the core concept but don't let it get too close to being real.  All of this was recounted in the research paper,

Sovereignty and the UFO - Alexander Wendt, Raymond Duvall, 2008

Published in the journal Political Theory some 14 years ago, and detailing the aversion of the human political and military hierarchy to accepting the truth of UAP/ UFOs as extraterrestrial realities.  The core basis of Wendt's and Duvali's thesis is simple: the phenomenon of the UFO as real tends to be rejected ab initio because it's opposed to the human concept of state sovereignty and superiority.   This was explained further by Prof. Daniel W. Dresner in an article appearing in the Denver Post, from June 2, 2019, i.e.

'UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state, because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial. Yet in fact this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility.  The puzzle is explained by the functional imperatives of anthropocentric sovereignty, which cannot decide a UFO  exception to anthropocentrism  while preserving the ability to make such a decision. The UFO can be known only by not asking what it is.

"UFO exception to anthropocentrism"  - in other words, presumes an entity regarded as a serious exception to human superiority. Hence, the real reason UFOs have been dismissed or treated as unworthy of serious human attention is because of their existential challenge to a species that either fancies itself: a) the sole advanced species in the cosmos and occupying one singular habitable planet, or b) If any aliens might exist they are profoundly inferior to humans and would never be able to create craft to get here. Ergo, no worries.  

In effect, to admit the reality of the UFO - or in the case of the House panel Hearing - Ronald Moultrie admitting aliens are already here with these UAP intrusions - would directly challenge this neat little simpleton fantasy. A No-no.  But this is exactly why stigmas are associated with UFO research, or claims concerning their reality.  It inevitably implies a "chuckle factor" but that chuckle is really on human simpletons and egomaniacs who continue to believe they are the sole intelligent occupants of the cosmos.  The very notion we'd be seen as hairless baboons, or worse, two -legged roaches, is an affront to our illusion of cosmic superiority.

"Experts" supposedly continue to check multiple sensors for "flaws" to explain the extraordinary dynamical behavior of UAP,  but are actually trying to explain them away as alien craft. Indeed, one clown, Mike West  - actually admitted that alien craft did form  the simplest hypothesis.  But he still has sought to invoke "infrared glare" to account for certain rapid spin motions of UAP showing up on many of the military videos.  Why? Because too many prefer to overthink and concoct outlandish mundane explanations than simply admit humans are not at the top of the cosmic food chain.   Applying Occam's Razor in tandem with the evidence shown at the hearing would resolve the mystery but don't wait for military officialdom to act on it.  

 Jeremy Corbell, a documentary film maker who released one notable ('pyramid') video last year, told an ABC interviewer after the hearing:

"I am encouraged by the public desire to know and find out the truth of what UFOs represent to humankind.  It's the biggest story of our time. And finally we're beginning to have the conversation without ridicule and stigma that has so injured the search for scientific truth on this topic."

Maybe, but until the brass and segments of the political class get rid of their human egocentric hangups, we will not move to the point of formal acceptance.  In the meantime, I suspect my recently published letter in the April/ May Mensa Bulletin, p. 12, at least has more members considering the reality given they've seen I come down on the side of the extraterrestrial hypothesis. (The letter was actually a response to another member Joe Hrbek; Brainwaves, February Bulletin)  who invited any other members to provide a UFO perspective different from his.  I did, giving my own UFO observation from March, 1962, also recounted in this 2008 blog post:

I also provided a link in the letter to my own investigation of a UFO report published in a peer-reviewed astronomical journal,  i.e.

As well as a link to a Berkeley -SETI site where none other than Carl Sagan is captured having finally admitted the reality of the UFO phenomenon, e.g.

See Also:


How would contact with U.F.O.s and other civilizations change ours?



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In Wake Of Buffalo Mass Shooting We Definitely Need A Disinformation & Propaganda Screening Agency


"A woman asked Benjamin Franklin, 'Sir,  do we have a monarchy or a Republic?' Franklin replied, 'A  Republic, if you can keep it."

"The demagogue is one who preaches 'facts' he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots." - H.L. Mencken

One thing I look for in the wake of any horrific right wing-inspired tragedy or massacre, whether the New Zealand slaughter of Muslims killing 51, or the slaughters of brown or black shoppers in El Paso and Buffalo, is appeals to free speech afterward.  Or twisting the concept to try to protect more hate speech, as in Lauren Boebert's recently introduced 'The Protecting ('Free') Hate Speech Act', which even Denver Post contributor Krista Kafer concedes ('Government Shouldn't Be Policing Any Speech', D. Post, p. 1D, May 15): 

"Yes, there is a certain level of irony in a congresswoman known for embarrassing outbursts carrying the bill."

 Not mentioning most (85%) of those 'outbursts' were based on pure hate and threats, including packing her Glock around D.C. 

Claiming she needed it for "protection".  The problem with those like Boebert and the ones that defend her - like Krista Kafer - is their implicit assumption that responsibility need not accompany whatever reckless or dangerous claptrap is spouted by the hate-filled, white nationalist, pro-Trump Right.  Including the loudmouth bigots with vast audiences - whether Tucker Carlson or Trump himself, e.g.

‘His Rhetoric Brought This Violence’: Here’s Why El Paso Residents Blame Trump for the Terrorist Attack

 Thus it was with a yawn and a shrug that I read Krista Kafer's insufferable bleating in last Sunday's Denver  Post (ibid.),  claiming "government shouldn't be policing free speech", ignorant of the fact it has in the past.  I refer here to the Fairness Doctrine, which since its demise under Reagan has spawned more and more off- the -wall, unchecked hateful smears, attacks, threats and propaganda with the result more and more American brains have become fodder for toxic rot.  But even worse, acting out with powerful weapons (AR-15s, Glocks) on that imbibed toxic rot. Which is why the cartoon below captures the dynamic exactly and only a rabid hate speech absolutist would defend the right to spout such mental cyanide:

What's also obnoxious is how apologists for vicious, unchecked hate speech,  like Kafer (as well as Bill Maher in his frequent anti-Dem riffs), always invoke false equivalence to try to drag in the "left" as equally dangerous speech transgressors to the wacko Right. I.e.  the side that believes in the Dems condoning ritual sacrifice of infants and child sex slaves, as well as the 'great replacement' garbage - which I will soon get to.  

In Kafer's delirious case, she tried to assert Obama statements like "if you like your health plan you can keep it" (referencing the ACA when he was trying to get it passed in 2010) are on a par with the malignant Trump lie that the 2020 election was "stolen" - leading to the total destruction of our election system  - certainly trust in it - and the January 6th, 2021 insurrection and near overthrow of our constitutional republic.  The differences here should not require any kind of extensive explanation or elaboration on false analogy.  If it isn't obvious don't bother to take the Mensa admission test!   

What was also interesting in Kafer's column was the consciousness of guilt in raising these kinds of arguments and her other specious rationales for non- interference.  Can't have any incursion of the "right" to say whatever despicable venom emerges in their febrile brains, especially if any remote threat of control issues from the newly conceived Disinformation Governance Board of the Dept. Of Homeland Security.  

While Kafer acknowledges its purpose is directed at "false information spread by Russian and Chinese" actors (bots) she then worries it will migrate to: "inflating American partisan divisions by taking sides in online debates between Americans."  

But WHO has really been "inflating" partisan divisions the past 5 years? It has been none other than Donald Trump! From his ceaseless, inflammatory tweets during his official reign, to his praising of white nationalist bigots chanting "Jews will not replace us!" during the Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' march in August, 2017,  which bore a disturbing similarity to Nazi marches in Nuremberg, Germany ca. 1938 (lower panel) e.g.

The Charlottesville march also included beating the crap out of any black people in their way or any Antifa members who tried to protect them e.g.

No one can tell me that impressionable brains - like the one owned by Buffalo mass killer Payton Gendron -  aren't being seeded by the toxic memes and propaganda now being circulated by the Right.  This is especially over the cable airwaves of FOX, so one needn't even venture into the Right's rat warrens like 4chan. The former compliments of the derelict, irresponsible asshole Carlson - and which are not "opinions" or "debate" no matter how the talking roach tries to spin it. They constitute the deliberate spreading of hate intended to motivate weak or susceptible minds into retaliatory action against those like immigrants, or Jews, or blacks - deemed to be threats to white hegemony.   (See earlier cartoon)

This point was elegantly and cogently discussed yesterday morning by American University Professor Cynthia Miller- Idriss, who directs polarization and extremism research at the school's  Innovation Lab. She is also the author of the book, Hate in the Homeland: The New Global Far Right.

In the wake of the Tops supermarket massacre in Buffalo, she called out the "Great Replacement" bollocks (now believed by 32 percent of Americans, according to an AP/NORC poll out of the Univ. of Chicago) for the toxic mind rot it is.  I.e. in triggering the impressionable brain of 18 year old Payton Gendron, energizing him to drive 200 miles to a supermarket in a black neighborhood to randomly take out 10 black lives.  The worst aspect, and what signals action needs to ne taken now, is that this crap is "starting to stick", which is fucking beyond belief.

In Prof.  Miller- Idriss' words: 

 "This is just one of the greatest tragedies,  to see a false conspiracy theory that should be fringe,  mobilizing mass terror and accepted by so many. To see the same false theory echoed in massacres in Christchurch New Zealand, in a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, in El Paso and now Buffalo- and also echoed in cable TV.  To hear and see Tucker Carlson repeating it as well as politicians is just dangerous and incomprehensible." 

She was careful, however, when asked by CBS anchor Gayle King, not to appeal to the new Homeland Dept. branch to extend its control - say in implementing a new Fairness Doctrine.  But she did offer that it is imperative that Americans themselves begin to take responsibility by teaching "online speech literacy" from as young as kindergarten. But I am not convinced that can work given so many red states  - like DeSantis' Florida - are now poised to censor teaching of any negative history or current bigotry against minorities,  whether black, Hispanic or LGBTQ.  It seems to me more stringent speech guidelines are needed like in Germany  - given our boundaries and norms have been pushed far beyond the acceptable standards for free speech  into reckless and dangerous  hate speech.  Take this  insane offal from Newt Gingrich, for example:

"This is their ideal model to get rid of the rest of us because we believe in George Washington or the Constitution." 

Gingrich coyly tried to negate or walk it back, insisting the great replacement was just plain "nuts", but too late for that now, Newtie.  Your siding with the deranged replacement meme is there for all to see.  Again, to  fix ideas, this crap claims there is a plot to replace white people with people of color.  The reason being for the "left" to secure more voters - i.e. from brown and black demographics - to overcome the whities-  who are the so-called "legacy Americans".  The classic embodiment of this tripe compliments of Ron Johnson,  

"You have to ask yourselves why this administration wants open borders. Is it really to remake the demographics of America, to ensure they stay in power forever. Is that  what's happening here."

Followed by Carlson himself in his inimitable noxious parlance:

"This policy is called the great replacement, the replacement of immediate legacy Americans with people from faraway countries.  They brag about it all the time but if you dare to say anything they scream at you with maximum hysteria"

The toxic brain cyanide format of the preceding is evident to anyone possessing a modicum of linguistic literacy.  Thus the reference to "policy" imputing the actual misbegotten idea is all from Dems and the left. Nothing invented by the deranged Righties, it's a policy of the left.  This enables two disingenuous consequences: 1) Putting all the onus on the Democrats to defend their "policy", and 2) Relieving the Right of any responsibility for their detestable conspiracy ideation since it is the Dems' "policy" after all.   Then there is the added dollop of "legacy Americans", i.e. "true" (not brown, black or from other places) Americans. Seeded by the imp as a qualification to belong, partake of culture, vote, etc.  

Another reason why the American U.'s professor's remedy of parental guidance in the online domain may not be enough is the fact Gendron admitted how he played them.  Pretending to attend a community college while he was spewing hate all over in a dreg site called 'Discord' and using the handle,  'Jimboboiii' as he  shared his preparations for his upcoming massacre.  No one of any sentience or intellect can tell me there should not have been an intervention at this point, to immediately haul a domestic terrorist into custody, just like the FBI would to an Islamic radical or ISIS maniac.  Protecting a turd like Gendron just because he's an entitled white brat was unforgiveable. Also unforgiveable is degenerate speech apologias such as offered by the WSJ editors yesterday  (Massacre Blame Game, p. A20) , when they babbled:

Democrats and the mainstream media want to use “replacement theory” as a stigma to smear as racist anyone who doesn’t like open borders, or critical race theory, or the Democratic Party’s hyper-race consciousness. And now they want to claim that Republicans and mainstream conservatives are accomplices in racially motivated domestic terrorism.

Sorry, WSJ dickheads and dissemblers, the 'shoe' fits so you need to 'wear it'.  Amanda Marcotte in a blog post two days ago probably nailed this latest racist-incepted tragedy most accurately when she wrote:

"As I predicted they would on Sunday, the whining from right-wing media has since reached ear-piercing levels of shrill in response to mainstream media correctly pointing out that Republicans and their media have been hyping the "great replacement" conspiracy theory that shooter Payton Gendron used to justify the killing of 10 people.

But this isn't just an attempt to evade accountability.

Fox News pundits are now exploiting the Buffalo shooting to draw their viewers further into white nationalism. Network personalities are romanticizing the hateful ideology that allegedly inspired a massacre as a dangerous truth that the "elite" are trying to suppress. This shooting really illustrates how Fox News has created a victim narrative for its viewers that is so potent that no event is so horrible or violent — including a deadly insurrection in the Capitol or the mass murder of innocent people."

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by Juan Cole | May 19, 2022 - 6:27am | permalink

— from OtherWords


Before a hate-filled 18-year-old murdered 10 and wounded 3 African Americans in Buffalo on May 14, he penned a rambling screed about replacement theory.

The most common version of this whiny idea, imported from the more hysterical fringes of the French far right, holds that Jewish capitalists are importing cheap immigrant labor to replace more highly-paid white workers.

Notoriously, the Nazis who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 against the removal of Confederate statues chanted “Jews will not replace us.” The shooter who killed 11 Jewish Americans at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 also espoused the idea of the “great replacement.”

This hateful ideology is shamelessly promoted by Fox News. The worst offender is the Lord Haw-Haw of the 21st century, Tucker Carlson, who exposed his audience to great replacement excrement 400 times in the past year.


by Brandon Gage | May 19, 2022 - 7:53am | permalink


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— from The Hartmann Report

When the Buffalo Terrorist murdered 10 people with a semi-automatic rifle, he didn’t act alone.

The weapons industry in the United States stood right beside him, making sure he had easy and legal access to highly profitable weapons of war that are banned or heavily regulated in every other developed country in the world.

The Republican Party stood right beside him, taking money from that industry in exchange for blocking legislation the majority of Americans support that would regulate guns in America.


by Meaghan Ellis | May 18, 2022 - 6:57am | permalink

— from Alternet


The latest mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 10 Black victims in Buffalo, N.Y., has reignited concerns about dangerous rhetoric perpetuated by far-right media and conspiracy theorists. The Guardian's Cas Mudde recently explored how right-wing media and Republican lawmakers have contributed to this ongoing problem.

"The problem is, we can talk endlessly about better regulating social media or calling for even more funding and powers for public and private 'counter-terrorism' organizations, but none of that will make us safer as long as the broader conservative movement embraces and propagates far-right propaganda," wrote Mudde,

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Solutions To Differential Geometry Problems - Part 4

 1)A curve is given in spherical coordinates i  by:

x 1 = t,    x 2 = arcsin 1/t,    x 3  =  (t 2 – 1) 1/2

 Compute the length of the arc between t = 1 and t = 2  


(ds/ dt) 2 =    (dx1/ dt) 2  +  (x1 ) 2  (dx2/ dt) 2    +   (x1  sin x  22 (dx3/ dt) 2 


(dx1/ dt) 2  =   1

(dx1/ dt) 2    =   [ -1/  t2   Ö {1 – (  1/  t2  )} = 1/ t2  (t2  -   1)

  (dx3/ dt) 2    = 2t/ Ö2(t2  -   1) =  t/ (t2  -   1)


(ds/ dt)2 =     

1 +  t2   · 1/ t2  (t2  -   1) + (t ·  1/  t ) 2   ·  t/ (t2  -   1)

=   2 t2 / (t2  -   1)

Then the length of the curve is:

L = ò 2   Ö2 t/ (t2  -   1)1/2  dt = Ö2(t2  -   1) ] 12      =  Ö6

 2) Obtain the arc length s of the curve:

f(x) =  x3 / 2   -   x  

Between x = 0 and x = 2


f(x) =  x3 / 2   -   x2 / 3  

d(f(x) / dx =   3 x2 / 2 -  2x/ 3  

(d(f(x) / dx) 2 =  (3 x2 / 2 -  2x/ 3 ) (3 x2 / 2 -  2x/ 3 ) 

=    9 x4 / 4  -   2 x3    +   4 x2 / 9


L  =  ò 0   Ö(1 +  9 x4 / 4  -   2 x3    +   4 x2 / 9)

=  3.775 units

Check vs. Mathcad calculation:

3) Determine the arc length of a catenary with parametric representation:  x(t) =  (t,  a cosh (t/a), 0)  


Using the arc length computation equation we have:

x'(t) =  1, sinh (t/a), 0


x' · x' = 1  +  sinh 2 (t/a) =  cosh 2 (t/a)

But:  Öcosh 2 (t/a)  =   cosh  (t/a)

So:  s (t)  =   ò 0  cosh  (u/a) du =  a sinh(t/a)

where s = 0 corresponds to t = 0

4) Find the full arc length of the Archimedian spiral shown by changing the integral to the correct limits.


By inspection of the graph for r  =  q - sin  qwe need to have  the limits of integration from:    0  to  5.2 p/2:

Then: L  = 2.545  units, e.g. from Mathcad computation: