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Yesterday's Release Of JFK Files A Milestone: But Here's Why They Included No 'Blockbuster' Revelations


                  JFK moments before being assassinated in Dallas, 11/22/63.

Yesterday, the National Archives and Records Administration released a trove of 13,173 documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy shortly after President Biden issued an executive order authorizing their disclosure while keeping thousands of other sensitive records under wraps. The question is why the other records are still under wraps, and I have supplied plausible answers in previous posts, e.g.

The Latest JFK Assassination File Release: Why Were These 'Bombshell' Facts Omitted In What We Saw? 


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As I noted therein (previous link):

"Jefferson Morley conjectures the CIA is behind the delay -  "slow walking" the release because some of those files are downright explosive - especially regarding one particular renegade, George Joannides:   

Joannides, we learn from the film, played a major role in helping to block the HSCA  access to critical JFK files at the time of that investigation. Later, in 1992, when the Assassinations Review Board wished to release a key Joannides' file and asked a CIA go-between if this could be done, he replied: "I know there's a reason why that file shouldn't be released, I just can't think of it!"  It never did see the light of day.  Only after Joannides' role was fully made clear to HSCA Chief Counsel Robert Blakey, did he finally say he would never trust the CIA again.  Blakey also observed:

"The purpose of the Warren Commission wasn't to find out what really happened but to assure Americans what didn't happen."

Mr. Biden wrote in his order.

"Pursuant to my direction, agencies have undertaken a comprehensive effort to review the full set of almost 16,000 records that had previously been released in redacted form and determined that more than 70 percent of those records may now be released in full. This significant disclosure reflects my Administration's commitment to transparency and will provide the American public with greater insight and understanding of the Government's investigation into this tragic event in American history."  

Which is commendable, but we still need the release of all the relevant CIA files, including:

- All of Oswald's CIA files (OS-351-164 (office of security), the 201-289248 CI/SIG, and the 74-500) and what was done with them, e.g. by the guy who framed him: CIA Mexico City Station chief David Atlee Phillips:

-The elements of the Staff D program run by William Harvey. As pointed out by researcher Peter Dale Scott in Deep Politics Quarterly, January, 1994:

In 1961, when William Harvey headed Staff D, he was assigned the task of developing the CIA Assassinations Project, ZR/Rifle.

When ZR Rifle was altered from targeting Castro to targeting JFK, it was all over except for the triangulation of gunfire that took Kennedy out in Dallas.  The closest we likely got to who the actual shooters (mechanics) were occurred during the (1975) Church Committee hearings.  Former CIA Director Richard Helms spoke at length about ZR Rifle in one session. When pressed, he identified two generic (i.e. for any purpose) hit team members by their code names: WI/ROGUE and QJ/WIN.  Helms described the former as   "a stateless soldier of fortune and a criminal(Church Committee Report, pp. 43-44) .

 Helms summarized the latter statement in these terse terms:

"If you need somebody to carry out murder I guess you had a man who might be prepared to carry it out.”

- The names of the 2 CIA hit men WI/ROGUE and QJ/WIN.  Richard Helms disclosed the code monickers in the Church Committee Hearings, but we need to know: 1) WHO were these guys?  And (2):  Were they in Dallas that day as part of an assassination K Group team?   Which existence has already been exposed, e.g.

Wherein we read:

"The idea of forming assassination teams ('K' groups) apparently originated with Castillo Arenas in 1952.  Adopting Castillo Arenas' concept the [  ] chief routinely included two assassination specialists in his training plans.  CIA training for sabotage teams in early 1954 also included creating a 'K' group trained to perform assassinations."

- How many of these "assassination teams" were active at the time of JFK's murder?  How many were under control of Staff D, William Harvey's program with NSA connections, and how many were connected to David Atlee Phillips and his operations?  I suspect the 3% of files still unreleased hold the answers, I also dispute "protecting tradecraft" has anything to do with keeping the files secret.  

We already know one specific assassin made the kill (fatal head) shot from the grassy knoll with the shot direction identified from the acoustics in the HSCA investigation of 1978-79 and captured Z-frame 314:

This was traced to the right front temple wound in JFK's skull, as revealed by Robert Groden in his superb book, The Killing of a President. (On page 178 is shown the complete path of the bullet from the right front of Kennedy’s forehead to the rear of his head.)

Let us recall here that Oswald was alleged to be shooting from the Texas School Book Depository which was behind the limo, so no shots from there could have delivered the right frontal head shot. In addition we have the Z-film frame after 314 showing Jackie clearly moving backwards over the limo trunk, she said (in secret WC testimony) to try to retrieve a piece of the skull)

Which comports with the physics of the bullet trajectory, i.e. shooter being in front and the momentum driving the head backwards, with Jackie's backward motion consistent with backward momentum of dislodged skull fragments.

With the latest release, the Archives said 97% of the roughly 5 million pages in its collection related to the assassination have been released to the public. But some experts said the government continues to redact or withhold important information that might cast the CIA or other agencies in a negative light.  From what I have noted above, that much is obvious.  The question is why - after nearly 60 years of this hide and seek B.S. - is this withholding still being done? What possible national security interests could there be after so long a time?  I believe I have supplied the answers within the questions I asked above!  Think about those and also check out the links at the end of this post.

A reported preliminary review of the files included in Thursday's release by CBS News did not appear to uncover groundbreaking revelations. But this is not surprising, as the 'powers -that- be' continue to want to preserve the myth that "Oswald did it".  This no doubt as cover to protect the lot that actually did it and which could also have involved a sitting president (LBJ). 

Most of us who are researchers in deep politics firmly believe that the Vietnam war was the “Devil’s deal” LBJ struck with his JFK assassination collaborators, in order that he be catapulted into office – while facing  felony charges(barely days before) .  This isn’t “blowing smoke” either. As Steve Kornacki reported in his ‘UP’ journal on MSNBC, the morning of Nov. 23, 2013. Using tapes and media documents, Kornacki showed that Johnson was about to be exposed as an influence peddler in conjunction with the Bobby Baker scandal by LIFE magazine in its upcoming issue.

 A paper trail of bank statements and payments was to have been included, and as Kornacki pointed out a Senate investigation would likely have ensued with LBJ being dumped from Kennedy’s 1964 ticket.  In other words, LBJ had by far the most to gain from JFK’s assassination.  He also had full say in planning the motorcade route in Dallas, along with the Mayor (Cabell) - the brother of the CIA deputy (Charles Cabell) JFK fired after the Bay of Pigs.

As part of the diversion tactics we are also informed in one news release that: "Longtime JFK-watchers had hoped the trove would shed more light on what the U.S. government knew about Oswald before Kennedy's assassination, particularly his activities in Mexico City in the weeks before he opened fire in Dallas."

But as I have repeatedly pointed out, the Mexico City babble is totally disinformation based on an inaccurately reported image of an alleged "Oswald" appearing at the CIA station there, e.g.  

Hence, this is all irrelevant to the facts already known, disclosed, i.e. from earlier file releases in the 1990s. And we know Oswald not only had no part in it but was himself assassinated within two days of Kennedy's assassination, eg.

likely to prevent him from revealing his role (as a decoy) in Bill Harvey's Staff D operation. For the most authentic depiction of how the assassination went down, check out the relevant sequence from 'Executive Action' (1973):

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