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GOP- MAGA Fraudster Santos Should Be Forced To Resign After Snatching House Seat Via Lies & Misrepresentation

            George Santos admits deceit. His election should be rescinded

"As the story played out I realized Mr. Santos is Sam Bankman-Fried. He is Elizabeth Holmes. He is a 21st-century state-of-the-art fraudster—a stone cold liar who effectively committed election fraud...Santos will be the focus of investigations from day one and will be used to pummel the GOP each day for looking past his fraud. They can’t afford to keep him. He is a bridge too far.,"- Peggy Noonan, 'Why George Santos Lies Matter',  WSJ, p. A13, 12/30

"As a lifelong Republican, I am appalled that George Santos lied to voters about material facts regarding his background yet intends to assume the office he defrauded voters into hiring him for. The Republican Party should be the first in line to demand that Santos not take office. Failure to do so impugns the character and integrity of the entire party and, in my view, makes the party and its elected officials complicit in the fraud."-  Denver Post letter writer

Given the critical nature of U.S. politics now, and the extremely narrow margin of the denier- laden, caustic, pro-insurrectionist GOP House, it is unconscionable a Democratic House seat could have been stolen by fraud. But evidently, as revelations rolled out Monday, this is what happened. 

George Santos, a Long Island Republican has now confirmed he won a pivotal U.S. House race in November under false pretenses.  The thousands of district votes that went to this lying maggot - away from Democrat Robert Zimmerman- enabled the MAGAs to steal a seat for Kevin McCarthy. Santos acknowledged Monday night that he lied about his biography, seeking to explain his actions by saying in a radio interview that “a lot of people overstate in their résumés.”  

Oh no!  There is a world of difference between outright laying a la Trump and "overstating one's résumé.".  Let's get that clear. How egregious are this guy's lies? Well:

He never graduated from Baruch College or any college as he claimed.

He never worked for Goldman Sachs or for Citigroup as he claimed. (Spokesmen for both companies confirmed to The Washington Post that they had no record of his employment.)

He claimed he was an "unobservant Jew" but then admitted being raised Catholic.

He clearly did this in order to snatch the Jewish vote via fake sympathy - invoking the Holocaust and his ancestors. This was before The Forward, a Jewish publication, pointed out that he misled voters about his account of his Jewish ancestry, including that his maternal grandparents were born in Europe and emigrated to Brazil during the Holocaust.

 Santos has played down the harm done with his bogus claims, first raised in a New York Times story last week, but every major news course has now caught up with him.  Alas, a tad too late to prevent his theft of a House seat. Monday he also did briefly address how his wealth has skyrocketed in the past several years to enable him to lend hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. 

He told City and State NY that after different jobs, he opened his own firm and “it just worked because I had the relationships and I started making a lot of money. And I fundamentally starting building wealth.” 


“I decided I’d invest in my race for Congress. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But there's plenty wrong if the dough came in from the Trump cabal, or from Trump himself.  Why surmise a Trump connection? Well, as noted in a recent Vanity Fair piece (Dec. 21, by Abigail Tracy):

"Santos clung to his MAGA bona fides during the campaign: He touted that he attended Trump’s January 6 speech at the Ellipse; he says he footed some of the legal bills for a number of insurrectionists; he regularly echoed claims that  Joe Biden stole the 2020 election."

In other words, this slimy rat is a pro-Trump MAGA insurrectionist at heart who stole a Democratic seat under false pretenses.  Yet, Santos is set to be sworn into the House of Representative for New York’s Third Congressional District in less than a month. Which all begs the question: How is all this getting attention now, after the election?  Well, because the media dropped the ball and didn't do the hard core investigation into his past in sufficient rigor.   

 But that's not the worst of it, because it's now come out (ibid.) just how vile this slime ball really is, i.e.

"Among his greatest controversial hits was his comparison of abortion—a “barbaric” practice, in his words—to slavery. Another: his assertion that Ukraine is “a totalitarian regime” and that the country “welcomed the Russians into their provinces,

Ukraine welcomed the Russians??  I surmise if voters had known about these remarks and his pro-insurrectionist background beforehand, he'd have been dumped and dissed as surely as Pennsylvanians dumped Doug Mastriano.

In an interview with New York’s WABC radio, Santos said,

 “If I disappointed anyone by résumé embellishment, I’m sorry. I will be sworn in. I will take office.”

Well, you should not be sworn in but have your election rescinded under relevant fraud laws, and using false pretenses. This nation's future is too damned important to be handed over to a party of pro-insurrectionists now made stronger by the fraudulent election of another election denier and pro-insurrectionist.

Santos also gave an interview on Monday to the New York Post, which ran a headline calling him a “liar” and quoted him as saying “I am not a criminal.” Remember the NY Post is also - with the WSJ- a Murdoch-owned paper. Speaking of which the WSJ found this rat did forge checks to the tune of $1,300 in Brazil in 2008.  The case was dropped after Santos fled the country to try new scams in the U.S. 

He confessed in that NY Post interview that, contrary to his touted campaign biography, “I didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning.”

So you are a despicable mega-maggot, Sparky, who deceived the voters of your Long Island House district to vote for you. And if you had a grain of honor and decency you'd acknowledge that, admit your crimes and cede your House seat to your Democratic opponent, Zimmerman - along with at least a dozen mea culpas.

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by Amanda Marcotte | December 29, 2022 - 7:46am | permalink

— from Salon


One thing was dead certain within moments of the New York Times publishing its exposé on the many lies of George Santos: There was zero chance that this brand new Republican congressman-elect from New York would be shamed into giving up his seat. Perhaps that didn't seem obvious to everyone at first, especially those with lingering memories of the pre-Trump era, when we all pretended to believe that Republican voters cared about hypocrisy, lying, overt racism, sexual abuse or any of the other personal or professional scandals that used to take politicians down routinely. But I never doubted for a moment that Santos would move onward toward being seated and that the incoming Republican House majority would allow it.


by Joan McCarter | December 30, 2022 - 7:16am | permalink


by Jaime O’Neill | December 28, 2022 - 7:46am | permalink


Ok, in case you didn't recognize the name George Santos, he's another Republican who made his way to the heights by faking his credentials, lying about his past, exaggerating his accomplishments, and constructing a narrative that presented him as a far more accomplished guy that he really was, or is. That's him atop or alongside this blog. Study that face. Does he look like a guy you'd trust? With your wife? Your young son? With your loose change? With your loose talk in a bar? Or with his protestations of innocence?

He won election to represent a district in New York almost entirely on falsity. Forget that Honest Abe horse shit. If you want to be a Republican these days, post-Trump, you'd better be prepared to lie your ass off. And young George surely did just that.


New York Democrats probably should have looked into George Santos more - The Washington Post

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