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Supreme Court Attempts Suicide By Using "Cert" Interference To Delay Trump's Day Of Reckoning


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"The Supreme Court has just given Trump the biggest possible gift anyone could give him. The biggest possible gift yet. Remember Donald Trump participated in a violent coup to overthrow democracy, the first president to squarely set himself against the constitutional order in history. He rallied supporters to storm the Capitol and steal an election he lost.  And he was indicted by our justice system on four federal felony counts and by a grand jury for his role in that insurrection.

But now the court has issued an order considering Trump's role. But the order itself is not the story here, it's the timing. It all comes back to the timing.  The trial was originally set to begin days from now in March. But all that is now on hold because the Supreme Court wants to hear oral arguments seven weeks from now on April 22nd.  Thus making it a likelihood Donald Trump will not face a trial for the crime of attempting to overthrow the American Republic. He will not face a jury of his peers until after the next election in which he is the likely Republican candidate." - Chris Hayes, last night on All In

"Yesterday the right-wing-dominated Supreme Court decided to step in and rescue Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations, agreeing to hear his claim of broad immunity and to delay his federal trial on charges of election interference stemming from his involvement in the January 6 insurrection. But it’s much worse than that. We agree with Timothy Snyder that this is no simple stalling tactic. By taking up the question of whether a single American citizen is above the law — simply by entertaining a question that shouldn’t be — the right-wing justices are undermining the legitimacy of the Court itself, and the very notion of a nation of laws.

The Supreme Court is attempting to end its own life as an institution above politics. If it has been doing moving in this direction for some time, this week it came to a head."  -  Anand Giridharadas, The Ink

"This president will have now ended up being above the law because he will have managed to have used the procedural gimmicks and gears of the legal system to avoid being held accountable before he could again assume office and make the whole trial go away. It's not the way a country concerned about preserving the rule of law and its constitutional democracy would proceed."  - Harvard law professor  Lawrence Tribe, last night on The Last Word'.

The Supreme Court's MAGA faction of right wing imps have now confirmed they are in Trump's pocket to keep him out of harm's way before the November election. Their anodyne a certiorari  ("cert") acceptance of his claim for absolute presidential immunity case yesterday confirms it.   The reason is that such interference was totally unnecessary given the D.C. Appellate Court had already given an exhaustive ruling.  Especially exposing the insanity of Trump's lawyer John Sauer claiming absolute immunity even for the use of assassination for a political opponent would be justified under certain circumstances. Given the D.C. ruling the Supremes should have butted out and allowed the trial with Jack Smith to go forward - in MARCH.

Thus, we must now consign this MAGA faction to also being traitors like Trump given they are willing to protect him.  But at what cost? By enabling a traitor and self-proclaimed fascist tyrant to possibly take power as well as signing a 'death warrant' for any remaining legitimacy of the court - and with it any respect  for the rule of law.

Ok, let's explain this a bit, given they haven't yet ruled only asserted they will hear arguments on April 22.   But they have already delayed 2 1/2 weeks to come to that decision, and have now added another 7 weeks just to hear arguments. That means the case will not likely get tried until June or July and may not be tried at all! In effect, the MAGA court faction has given Trump a win by delaying any court trial for his January 6th treason, and denying American voters the opportunity to have him held accountable. Given 40 percent of voters have agreed a conviction would likely make them rethink any vote for Trump this means justice delayed has been justice denied.   

If the MAGA Supremes were at all conscious of how corrupt they now appear, they'd have taken the only rational and just route open to them and let the lower Appellate (D.C.) Court stand, not taking this case a certiorari .  Any Supreme Court with any ethical decency would have done this, and allowed the trial to begin in March.  But not this corrupt court, subverted by cockroaches Trump himself put in place during his term to protect him. As Rachel Maddow put it last night on the lead segment to ALL In, "the fix is now in".

See e.g.

This is B.S.’: Maddow shreds ‘cravenness’ of Supreme Court delaying Trump trial (

The "fix" being the craven decision to allow Trump to delay court action again - as the rat maggot has been doing the past 4 decades. As Maddow noted last night:

"The conclusion we can arrive at now without even having to wait for the ruling is that they are ensuring Trump will not face trial. And when they eventually rule presidents are not immune when they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump - if by then he is president  - is he can never leave the office of the presidency."

Once more, showing how deformed and broken our exalted justice system is.  A justice system that up to now has been unable to stop or neutralize one of the most vile political criminals in U.S. history.  The first president ever to have set himself against the Constitution and attempted to overthrow an elected government. One who has no use for laws and even declared openly what he intends to do if voted back into power, including burning the Constitution and using martial law to quell protests as well as setting up deportation camps.

Maddow continues:

"And if he is voted out in 2028 he cannot leave office. So if that is the case he is still welcome to commit any crimes that he wants to so long as he is still president and is able to stay in power for life. Because otherwise he is going to go to prison when he gets out.  This is the way this is going to go unless the country votes Biden and against Trump in November.

Giving notice it is up to we the people again - as it was in 2020 - to do what the other external agents, forces have not.  Including our neutered justice system, unable or unwilling to withstand his manipulation, threats and cajoling  - not to mention appeals and delay tactics.  This reinforces the point made in my previous post that this is no time for weak knees, weak wills, or using the ballot box for political protest- again Biden's "role" in Gaza, inflation, immigration, oil drilling or anything else.  

All sentient voters' eyes must be kept "on the ball":  ridding the nation of the Trump pestilence once and for all.  As for the Supreme Court, even if it has not totally succeeded in self-immolation it has certainly reached the point of self-degradation to the point of no longer being a legitimate agent of justice.

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by Carl Gibson | February 29, 2024 - 7:52am | permalink

— from Alternet

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced Wednesday it would hear former President Donald Trump's argument claiming absolute broad immunity from federal prosecution, which is being viewed as a gift to Trump in his efforts to delay a trial until after the November election.

According to CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic, SCOTUS won't hear oral arguments in the immunity case until April 22. And as Politico legal correspondent Kyle Cheney tweeted, the Court "could tee up his trial for August or September" assuming it doesn't take too long to issue a ruling after the late April hearing. However, he added "the trial is unlikely to come much earlier than that, given [US District Judge] Chutkan's promise to ensure he has another few months of prep."

Following the Court's issuing of a writ of certiorari on Wednesday, numerous legal experts and journalists blasted SCOTUS on social media for what they viewed as a decision in Trump's favor.


The Supreme Court's attempted suicide - by The Ink


by Thom Hartmann | March 1, 2024 - 7:56am | permalink

— from The Hartmann Report

At least four members of the most corrupt Supreme Court in American history have decided to help Trump delay his trial for trying to overthrow the government of the United States.

Just like in 2000, when five Republicans on the Court ignored Al Gore’s probable (later found to be definite) win in Florida to put Bush in the White House, today’s Court is doing as much as they can to help Trump win this November.

In a hail-Mary attempt to push his trials beyond the election, hoping he’d win with Putin’s help and could then pardon himself and gut the DOJ, Trump’s attorneys filed a claim that his efforts to overturn the 2020 election were “official acts” and that all presidents have “absolute immunity” while in office and for the rest of their lives thereafter.


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In Michigan Young Voters Displeased With Choices Opt Out: Give 'Em Their Sippy Cups


                 "Waaahhh! I wanna have better choices than them two! Wah!"

According to the NYT interviews  Tuesday night “with more than two dozen Michigan college students across the state indicated a deeper well of dissatisfaction”, i.e. than the Gaza destruction  - which btw is largely on the autocratic imp Netanyahu.

What pray tell is this deeper well of dissatisfaction? We are informed:

“Not just with the incumbent president, but with the prospect of once again having to choose between two candidates — Mr. Biden and former President Donald J. Trump — decades older than them.

Awwww…..too bad. Want a nappy?  How about a sippy cup? Maybe send you back to your infant days?  Back to mommy to rock you to sleep with a lullaby?   Look, kiddies, this is the way it is. You want to be treated like grown ups, like adults, then act the part. That means dealing with the existing political- electoral situation within its context and not trying to escape using fantasy aspirations or delusional thinking to excuse opting out: voting 'uncommitted' or not at all.  This is a binary election, between one decent candidate (whom the media has piled onto) and a traitor loser wannabe dictator you do not want in power. No you don’t.

Not if you want to have any chance of having a viable future, finally getting your student loans paid off, having autonomy over your own reproductive rights, and being able to afford (finally) a decent home. You think Trump will give you that? No he will not! He is planning to impose a 10 percent “universal tariff” on all nations’ goods if he gets in which means you will not be able to afford bupkis.

According to Adam Lacasse, a co-chairman of the College Democrats at the University of Michigan, quoted by the Times:

It’s been a tense atmosphere on campus. A lot of people, if they’re not upset with what’s going on, with the administration’s handling of that conflict, they’re turned off from politics because they don’t want to get engaged in it.

One big reason?  From the Times:

"For some young people in Michigan and elsewhere, Mr. Biden’s alignment with Israel has presented a new concern. Voters under 30 overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to the conflict in a December New York Times/Siena College poll, saying that Israel hadn’t done enough to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza and that the military campaign should stop."

Ever played three-dimensional chess? That is the rough equivalent of what President Biden is playing right now to try to get the autocratic fool Benji Netanyahu under control. It's not easy because the conflict for which Gaza is now the pivot has been going on since 1948.  It will not be solved overnight or even in one election year.  That means maturity of mind is needed to parse all its dimensions. Want to know what I suggest for these young  twitchy Turks (who some recent polls also show that 20% believe the Holocaust was a myth):  Get a hold of the book 'O Jerusalem' and read it!  Then you will at least have some grasp of the issues.


Another reason the collegiate set are turned off? Because they don’t have the perfect choice of candidate arranged for them.  Unlike getting all guaranteed As on their assorted courses due to grade inflation. (Which itself traces to student evaluations of profs – who then become terrified of giving the little imps anything but As, Bs.)  Then we go on to learn this chestnut:

National polls have for months reflected a similar sentiment: Voters under 30, who backed Mr. Biden by more than 20 points in 2020, are unenthusiastic about a rematch between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump.”

Want my reply? Tough shit! That’s life, that’s our political, electoral reality, fucking deal with it. Those are your – and our - real world choices. Are you going to be a fucking baby and cry about those choices, or will you act the only realistic and adult way possible?  That means to put on your big boy pants and ensure a craven traitor degenerate, criminal rapist and wannabe dictator does not assume power again.

The kid who offered this quote to the Times is among the whining brat brigade who proudly shows he's not got any 'big boy' pants to put on:

I acknowledge the American right to vote, but we also have the right to not do so, especially if you don’t agree with any of the candidates,”

Yes, you do you spineless, gutless little worm. You do have the right not to vote, a right that hundreds of thousands of our troops fought (and died) for you to exercise, like my dad fighting in World War Two.  But just know that not voting is also a choice. In this case the choice to enable a possible return to power of Traitor Trump by giving your vote away to others who may not have the nation's interests at heart.

 Meanwhile Alyssa Bradley, Michigan communications director for the Biden campaign, said Mr. Biden “has taken historic action to support young Americans,” pointing to his passage of climate policy, millions in student loan forgiveness, and his backing of abortion access.

The collegiate and under 30s need to remember that and to also bear in mind:

“Our rights, our future and our democracy are on the line this election."

To me that ought to be ample to get any young sprat motivated and energized enough to go out there to help canvass votes for Joe Biden.  

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Note To Age-Biased Voters: It WILL Be Biden Vs. Trump Next Year - And Don't Even Think Of Sitting This One Out - Or Voting 3rd Party!


by Thom Hartmann | February 27, 2024 - 7:38am | permalink

— from The Hartmann Report

Back on March 13, 2020 — almost exactly four years ago — I wrote an article that was published at laying out how Republicans were then, ten months before January 6th, planning to partially repeat the debacle of the election of 1876 by having Vice President Pence refuse to certify swing state votes and thus throw the election to the House to keep Trump in office, no matter how the election went.

When I published the article ten months before January 6th, I received concerned and even alarmed communications from several Democratic strategists and a few elected officials who basically said they didn’t think there was any way Trump would try such an audacious move and, if he did, he wouldn’t get away with it.

But I was right and that was exactly what Trump had up his sleeve. We saw it play out on January 6th. The only thing that stopped him was Pence’s unwillingness to go along with stealing an election.

Now I’m hearing a new story from those same GOP insiders (as well as other commentators) about Trump’s schemes for 2024. Here’s what I’m hearing Republicans are planning in the event Joe Biden wins re-election and Democrats hold the Senate and take the House this November:

Monday, February 26, 2024

One-Of-A-Kind Puzzle For The Math Whiz



The figure shown above contains four squares which are arranged such that:

i) No two squares overlap, only touch at corners

ii) Squares A and C touch B and D, but not each other.

iii)Squares B and D touch every other square.

iv) Squares A, C and D each have a corner on a common line.

Show that the length of a side of square B is twice the length of a side of square D.

Solution will be posted by the end of the week.

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Commercial Lunar Landing Of 'Odysseus' Should Not Be Hailed As Any "Major" U.S. Space Accomplishment


                           Last successful U.S. Moon landing - Apollo 17 in December, 1972

Yesterday, a robotic lander named "Odysseus" succeeded in making the first U.S. landing on the Moon’s surface in more than 50 years.  A tense several minutes elapsed in which ground controllers were unsure about the health of the spacecraft, designed and operated by Houston-based Intuitive Machines, a private company. Shortly, however, company officials declared it had landed successfully and was communicating with Earth. About two hours after the landing, the company confirmed that “after troubleshooting communications” the spacecraft was indeed standing upright, a momentous feat for the growing commercial space industry.  

Odysseus touched down at 6:23 p.m. Eastern, near the lunar south pole, after a week-long journey that appeared to go very well from the moment it launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center.  But as it prepared to descend to the surface ground controllers realized that lasers intended to determine its altitude and horizontal velocity, key data points for it autonomously to land softly on the surface of the moon, weren’t working. 

They then ordered the craft to take an additional orbit around the moon before the landing attempt while uploading a software patch that would allow the spacecraft to begin using a NASA Doppler Lidar system that was to have been a technology demonstration during the flight.  In other words, NASA saved the butts of the private company to enable its landing over 50 years post -Apollo.

While the event does mark a major accomplishment, it needs to be viewed in a broader perspective. True enough, the company’s 14-foot-tall Nova-C lander (unmanned) marks the first time a commercial spacecraft has reached the lunar surface.  Other private missions have all ended in disaster, e.g. landers from  a Japanese company  and  an Israeli nonprofit  each crashed onto the Moon's surface. Another American company's craft malfunctioned en route to the Moon and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Yes, it also validates a big bet that NASA placed several years ago when it started a $2.9 billion program to hire a fleet of robotic, private-sector spacecraft to carry science experiments, technology instruments and eventually cargo to the moon.  But from a decades' long perspective, it isn't truly that heart -stopping.  Think of it! Over fifty years ago, December 7, 1972, Apollo 17 actually touched down on the lunar surface with humans aboard.  In addition, the mission featured the Apollo Lunar Module Challenger and  a Lunar Roving Vehicle.  

 That was over 50 years ago, a half century- and before the invention of cell phones and the internet - and you're telling me the best we can do now is land a 14-foot-tall tin can, no humans. And not even mobile machines to scout around as seen in the top image?  Give me a break.   In my thinking, we have barely gone back to 'mark zero', even before the manned lunar missions began in 1969.  That isn't any kind of progress, but given the hiatus, yes I admit, it appears to be an advancement.   

But what I am really waiting for is for the U.S. to get back to 'match point' and human lunar landings which will at least equal what was accomplished via Apollo back in December, 1972.  That, alas, must await the start of the Artemis manned lunar missions, e.g.

 Artemis Finally Blasts Off - And One Hopes The Trio Of Anatomical Dummies Aboard Survive 

Trouble is there are doubts even accomplishing that. Appearing in a CBS Morning interview on Aug. 24,  2022 NASA Inspector General Paul Martin is not convinced the Artemis mission will land on the Moon with a human crew before late 2026.  Thereby contradicting NASA Director Bill Nelson who argued (in the same segment) that 2025 "is doable." 

 Martin cited two prime reasons for the delay: 1) the Technological complexity of the missions, and 2) Poor project planning.  Already at the time of the CBS interview there was a cost overrun of $40 billion and Martin estimated the total cost would mount to $93 billon through 2025.  Now, while this sounds like a lot let’s bear in mind each year the Pentagon gets $800 billion.  And it still can’t account (in spending) for $2.2 trillion amassed during the 1990s.

Artemis, all Intuitive Machines exploits aside, will be the real test for a lunar landing: i.e. getting humans back matching the last Apollo mission in 1972. While it is cool to see a private American company roughly match what the Russians'  1973 Luna 21 mission achieved, it leaves lots to be desired. Recall the Luna 21 carried Lunokhod vehicles-  the first robotic wheeled vehicles to explore the Moon's terrain.

The main takeaway here is that while the Odysseus landing reminds us - those of us who lived in the 50s - 60s - of how great American space achievements can be, it is still small potatoes by comparison. We have basically 50 plus years of actual advancement in space to make up for, and I am still waiting for that to happen.  

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Odysseus Spacecraft Makes First U.S. Moon Landing In Over 50 Years (

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Alabama SC Ruling Overshadows Trump Allies Draconian Plan To Ban Abortions Nationwide Using 1873 Law


With the new Alabama Supreme Court Ruling that embryos are "children",  i.e.

Women in the middle of In-Vitro Fertilization procedures have been knocked for a loop. That this ruling is a cockeyed abomination is self-evident. Leave aside for the moment the fact that no sane person in his or her right mind can possibly regard a "zygote" as a person (i.e. child), or a fetus as an (already born) "baby".  It follows that neither can an embryo be regarded as a child either.

There is simply no standard by which that passes even elemental laws or tests of logic, or science.  A child cannot be an "unborn" embryo because by definition it has already been born!  Thus, we send the 'child' to school, get him to do his homework, to take his medicine, cross streets safely, respect his elders and so on. If unborn, it's a fetus, or an embryo but not a "child" - so all those activities are preposterous. They also show the entity is not a person. Don't these ignorant twits know any better?  Did they even take basic high school biology?

Look for other red state supreme courts to now run muck following the first cracker state's lead to implement more stringent anti-abortion legislation.  

This has also come on the heels of the recent report by Lisa Lerer and Elizabeth Dias (NY Times) that allies of Trump are now getting ready to implement some of the most draconian anti-abortion laws on the planet, one wonders how many Americans are on to it.  According to the pair's Feb. 16 reporting:

"Allies of former president Donald Trump and officials who served in his administration are now planning ways to restrict abortion in ways hitherto unseen.  This assumes a return to power in November in which case an impetus for a national ban on abortion will take hold which goes far beyond laws already enacted in conservative states across the country."

Adding:  "Behind the scenes the specific anti-abortion bans being proposed by Trump's allies are sweeping and legally sophisticated.  Some of their proposals would rely on enforcing the long dormant Comstock Act of 1873 to criminalize the shipping of any materials used in abortion to anywhere in the U.S."  

For those who need reminders of the Comstock Act and its background please see:


 Much of this will also mark the take off point for the campaign being planned by Trump allies to toll back all abortion access is people are stupid enough to vote him back in.  Or get distracted, i.e. by Biden's age, Gaza, inflation or what not to not vote at all or leave the presidential choice blank.  We know in the midst of chaos and distracting events and issues voter IQs can crater.  But this election is not the time to let it happen. 

 Jonathan F. Mitchell, the deranged brain behind the 2021 Texas law that enabled vigilantes to track women seeking abortions in that state, has been forthright in his aims if Trump gets back in. As reported by Lerer and Dias, quoting the zealot:

"We don't need a federal ban when we have Comstock on the books. We have a smorgasbord of options."


"I hope he (Trump) doesn't know about Comstock, because I just don't want him shooting his mouth off prematurely. We need to get elected first.  I also think the pro-life groups should keep their mouths shut as much as possible until the election."  

In other words, these verminous rats are ready to spring it on a mostly unwary populace in the wake of the Nov. 5 election, when most might just have pulled the lever to get rid of a too-old guy like Biden. Who is seen as barely able to walk with an ounce of vigor, and whom the Right media has painted as the next thing to an animated vegetable.  But beware, because this is just the sort of distraction the Right's fevered loons want.

To be sure, polling clearly shows that plans banning or severely limiting abortion would be severely unpopular.  But let's be frank: unpopular laws - like those giving inordinate protection to gun owners- have a way of getting passed just the same. In the case of the Comstock anti-abortion legislation envisaged by Mitchell and his Trumper apes, it would be a simple matter of applying the Comstock law to whatever impediment they can conceive.

Let us further note the irony here in all these planned anti-abortion laws. That is, even if passed widely or if a national ban is enacted, the Rights legal maestros have no intention of helping those millions of newly hatched embryos - who now have become actual children. Children who need school meals, or just basic nutrition in homes stretched too thin.

Thus, we have seen the recent spectacle of Nebraska governor Jim Pillen who rejected free government nutritional aid to his state, declaring: "I don't believe in welfare".  Later reversing course after a state legislator introduced a bill to require participation.  But other red states have not been so compliant. Gov. Tate Reeves in Mississippi, for example, declared the nutrition assistance an "unnecessary big government program".   This prompted a pregnant Mississippian to remark: "Why do you care so much about how many babies I'm having or aborting when I still have to feed this child? Why do you care, when you are not helping me to do that?"

Well, because none of these crackers, whether in Mississippi, Alabama or Texas really care if an embryo is a human or not.  Once it actually gets born, exits the womb and becomes an actual child - they want no part in facilitating any sustained nutrition program.  Too much money! Too much welfare!  Just use the anti-abortion and "personhood" themes as cudgels to try to keep American women barefoot and pregnant  - under the thumbs of their respective red states. 

And just in case you think this plot by Trump's allies to savage abortion rights is the only thing they've got up their sleeve, think again!   They also have a plan for military mass deportations and detention camps e.g.

Trump and allies plotting militarized mass deportations, detention camps

Should this slimy traitor refuse manage to grab power again, or entice enough dummies to vote for him.

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Texas Version Of Taliban Imposes Draconian Abortion Law - Time To Boycott & Strike


by Jim Hightower | February 22, 2024 - 6:42am | permalink

— from OtherWords


Here’s our big word of the day: extraterritoriality. It expresses a sketchy legal theory asserting that rulers in one state have a right to enforce their laws in another state.

Its most prominent was in the infamous Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required officials in Northern anti-slave states to capture and return escaped slaves to their plantation “owners” in the South, thus applying Southern slave laws in Northern jurisdictions. This abomination was finally repealed in 1864.

But 160 years later, here comes another faction of right-wing zealots trying to revive the slave-law concept of extraterritoriality — this time applying it to any and all American women who dare to make their own reproductive health decisions.

I’m ashamed to say that this repressive use of the doctrine is being led by my state’s misogynistic governor, Greg Abbott, and our corrupt attorney general, Ken Paxton. These two tyrannical men have already saddled Texas women with the most draconian abortion ban in the country, including piously forbidding abortion in cases of rape and incest.