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Supreme Court Attempts Suicide By Using "Cert" Interference To Delay Trump's Day Of Reckoning


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"The Supreme Court has just given Trump the biggest possible gift anyone could give him. The biggest possible gift yet. Remember Donald Trump participated in a violent coup to overthrow democracy, the first president to squarely set himself against the constitutional order in history. He rallied supporters to storm the Capitol and steal an election he lost.  And he was indicted by our justice system on four federal felony counts and by a grand jury for his role in that insurrection.

But now the court has issued an order considering Trump's role. But the order itself is not the story here, it's the timing. It all comes back to the timing.  The trial was originally set to begin days from now in March. But all that is now on hold because the Supreme Court wants to hear oral arguments seven weeks from now on April 22nd.  Thus making it a likelihood Donald Trump will not face a trial for the crime of attempting to overthrow the American Republic. He will not face a jury of his peers until after the next election in which he is the likely Republican candidate." - Chris Hayes, last night on All In

"Yesterday the right-wing-dominated Supreme Court decided to step in and rescue Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations, agreeing to hear his claim of broad immunity and to delay his federal trial on charges of election interference stemming from his involvement in the January 6 insurrection. But it’s much worse than that. We agree with Timothy Snyder that this is no simple stalling tactic. By taking up the question of whether a single American citizen is above the law — simply by entertaining a question that shouldn’t be — the right-wing justices are undermining the legitimacy of the Court itself, and the very notion of a nation of laws.

The Supreme Court is attempting to end its own life as an institution above politics. If it has been doing moving in this direction for some time, this week it came to a head."  -  Anand Giridharadas, The Ink

"This president will have now ended up being above the law because he will have managed to have used the procedural gimmicks and gears of the legal system to avoid being held accountable before he could again assume office and make the whole trial go away. It's not the way a country concerned about preserving the rule of law and its constitutional democracy would proceed."  - Harvard law professor  Lawrence Tribe, last night on The Last Word'.

The Supreme Court's MAGA faction of right wing imps have now confirmed they are in Trump's pocket to keep him out of harm's way before the November election. Their anodyne a certiorari  ("cert") acceptance of his claim for absolute presidential immunity case yesterday confirms it.   The reason is that such interference was totally unnecessary given the D.C. Appellate Court had already given an exhaustive ruling.  Especially exposing the insanity of Trump's lawyer John Sauer claiming absolute immunity even for the use of assassination for a political opponent would be justified under certain circumstances. Given the D.C. ruling the Supremes should have butted out and allowed the trial with Jack Smith to go forward - in MARCH.

Thus, we must now consign this MAGA faction to also being traitors like Trump given they are willing to protect him.  But at what cost? By enabling a traitor and self-proclaimed fascist tyrant to possibly take power as well as signing a 'death warrant' for any remaining legitimacy of the court - and with it any respect  for the rule of law.

Ok, let's explain this a bit, given they haven't yet ruled only asserted they will hear arguments on April 22.   But they have already delayed 2 1/2 weeks to come to that decision, and have now added another 7 weeks just to hear arguments. That means the case will not likely get tried until June or July and may not be tried at all! In effect, the MAGA court faction has given Trump a win by delaying any court trial for his January 6th treason, and denying American voters the opportunity to have him held accountable. Given 40 percent of voters have agreed a conviction would likely make them rethink any vote for Trump this means justice delayed has been justice denied.   

If the MAGA Supremes were at all conscious of how corrupt they now appear, they'd have taken the only rational and just route open to them and let the lower Appellate (D.C.) Court stand, not taking this case a certiorari .  Any Supreme Court with any ethical decency would have done this, and allowed the trial to begin in March.  But not this corrupt court, subverted by cockroaches Trump himself put in place during his term to protect him. As Rachel Maddow put it last night on the lead segment to ALL In, "the fix is now in".

See e.g.

This is B.S.’: Maddow shreds ‘cravenness’ of Supreme Court delaying Trump trial (

The "fix" being the craven decision to allow Trump to delay court action again - as the rat maggot has been doing the past 4 decades. As Maddow noted last night:

"The conclusion we can arrive at now without even having to wait for the ruling is that they are ensuring Trump will not face trial. And when they eventually rule presidents are not immune when they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump - if by then he is president  - is he can never leave the office of the presidency."

Once more, showing how deformed and broken our exalted justice system is.  A justice system that up to now has been unable to stop or neutralize one of the most vile political criminals in U.S. history.  The first president ever to have set himself against the Constitution and attempted to overthrow an elected government. One who has no use for laws and even declared openly what he intends to do if voted back into power, including burning the Constitution and using martial law to quell protests as well as setting up deportation camps.

Maddow continues:

"And if he is voted out in 2028 he cannot leave office. So if that is the case he is still welcome to commit any crimes that he wants to so long as he is still president and is able to stay in power for life. Because otherwise he is going to go to prison when he gets out.  This is the way this is going to go unless the country votes Biden and against Trump in November.

Giving notice it is up to we the people again - as it was in 2020 - to do what the other external agents, forces have not.  Including our neutered justice system, unable or unwilling to withstand his manipulation, threats and cajoling  - not to mention appeals and delay tactics.  This reinforces the point made in my previous post that this is no time for weak knees, weak wills, or using the ballot box for political protest- again Biden's "role" in Gaza, inflation, immigration, oil drilling or anything else.  

All sentient voters' eyes must be kept "on the ball":  ridding the nation of the Trump pestilence once and for all.  As for the Supreme Court, even if it has not totally succeeded in self-immolation it has certainly reached the point of self-degradation to the point of no longer being a legitimate agent of justice.

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by Carl Gibson | February 29, 2024 - 7:52am | permalink

— from Alternet

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced Wednesday it would hear former President Donald Trump's argument claiming absolute broad immunity from federal prosecution, which is being viewed as a gift to Trump in his efforts to delay a trial until after the November election.

According to CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic, SCOTUS won't hear oral arguments in the immunity case until April 22. And as Politico legal correspondent Kyle Cheney tweeted, the Court "could tee up his trial for August or September" assuming it doesn't take too long to issue a ruling after the late April hearing. However, he added "the trial is unlikely to come much earlier than that, given [US District Judge] Chutkan's promise to ensure he has another few months of prep."

Following the Court's issuing of a writ of certiorari on Wednesday, numerous legal experts and journalists blasted SCOTUS on social media for what they viewed as a decision in Trump's favor.


The Supreme Court's attempted suicide - by The Ink


by Thom Hartmann | March 1, 2024 - 7:56am | permalink

— from The Hartmann Report

At least four members of the most corrupt Supreme Court in American history have decided to help Trump delay his trial for trying to overthrow the government of the United States.

Just like in 2000, when five Republicans on the Court ignored Al Gore’s probable (later found to be definite) win in Florida to put Bush in the White House, today’s Court is doing as much as they can to help Trump win this November.

In a hail-Mary attempt to push his trials beyond the election, hoping he’d win with Putin’s help and could then pardon himself and gut the DOJ, Trump’s attorneys filed a claim that his efforts to overturn the 2020 election were “official acts” and that all presidents have “absolute immunity” while in office and for the rest of their lives thereafter.


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