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Yes, January 6th Committee "Delivered A Whopping Final Report" - Which Ought To Be Read By Every Sentient Citizen

 At least as much as the 9/11 Report, this  Final Report of the Jan. 6 Select Committee  needs to be read by every citizen. At 845 pages this work is indeed voluminous, but at the same time, its volume bears the weight of history, judicial temperance and above all, gravity after an 18-month meticulous process.  It is a critical historical marker in this respect, as much as the Final report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), which found a 96% probability that JFK was assassinated as part of a conspiracy. 

So yes, as blogger Heather Digby Parton writes, it is a "whopping final report", e.g.

by Heather Digby Parton | December 24, 2022 - 7:53am | permalink


Noting the coup was planned in advance.

It also inoculates that documented history of Trump’s  2021 electoral and seditious carnage from interference, diminution and debasement  by political character assassins such as inhabit the GOP House.  These vitriolic reprobates - led by another insurrectionist cooperator Jim Jordan - are determined to investigate the investigators next year.  In fact, from this observer's perspective, the Report makes any attempted attack on the documented crimes of Trump and his associates essentially a futile undertaking, and likely a fool's errand.  With now the emphasis on fools, plural, in the GOP House.

The report need not be read all at once (from the embedded link in the top paragraph), but certainly in parts and the primary inputs, main conclusions. 

To break it down for readers, here are the key takeaways: 

(1)  The Report recommends Congress seriously consider banning Trump from ever holding public office again.  This is totally justified given the man has shown complete contempt for the office he himself had occupied and even has gone so far as to demand the Constitution be terminated so that he may occupy it now, instead of Biden.  

(2) The Report concludes the central cause of the insurrection was one man -Trump, adding that "none of it would have happened without him."  There is surely no debate on that, as I've made clear in several posts, e.g.

"Facts are Facts": 8th Select Committee Hearing Proves Trump Needs To Be Indicted, Prosecuted 

(3)  Trump's advisers first discussed the planned insurrection on December 29, 2020, proving it was premeditated.  

(4) Committee recommends strengthening the 14th amendment so that no insurrectionist (including a former president) can ever hold public office again.

 (5) On Monday, the January 6th Committee voted to  refer four criminal charges against Trump to the Justice Department.  The panel also voted to refer four Republican lawmakers including House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy to the House Ethics Committee for for failing to comply  with the investigation's subpoenas.  This is the same character likely to lead the GOP House  next year, who thinks now he will get respect for issuing his own subpoenas to investigate the Committee.  I have news for him: If he does he's a bigger idiot than I ever thought.  

For a chapter-by-chapter presentation of the final report go to:

Final Report From the Jan. 6 Committee - The New York Times (

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by David Badash | December 16, 2022 - 8:50am | permalink


In Historic Move Jan. 6th Committee Issues Criminal Referrals For Trump - Now DOJ Needs To Indict The Roach - And His Closest Collaborators

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