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Lauren Boebert's Covid Lies Have Probably Cost Hundreds Of Colorado Lives From Delta Variant


                                    Boebert on Zoom with her fifty guns in the background

In Sunday's Denver Post, columnist Megan Schrader wrote:

"I’ve tried to give U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert a little bit of grace.  She’s a mother, like me. Underqualified for her job, like me. And well, who from the Western Slope hasn’t made questionable decisions at Country Jam. Perhaps, I thought, she would rise to the occasion of representing the 3rd Congressional District in Congress.

She has not.

If Boebert cared half as much about her community and the people who live there as I do, she’d be using her megaphone to encourage people to get a vaccine for COVID-19 instead of spreading false rumors and ramping up fear of the federal government."  


"Heck, I’d even settle for quiet about the vaccine. Instead, we get a callous indifference to the health of her constituents."

Callous indifference is putting it mildly!  Boebert has probably caused hundreds of unnecessary Covid-Delta deaths in Mesa County alone by her cavalier dismissal of the virus and vaccines.  Indeed, she likely comes second in spreading disinfo, misinformation, lies and propaganda to the original Amerikkan Hitler Youth: Tucker Carlson. Only last week the dropout bimbo tweeted:

Biden has deployed his Needle Nazis to Mesa County! The people of my district are more than smart enough to make their own decisions about the experimental vaccine and don’t need coercion by federal agents. Did I wake up in Communist China?

Here her abysmal educational deficit shows forth in mixing up "Nazis" and communists. Does she not know they are two distinct ideologies?  No, probably not given she's a high school dropout. Fortunately for her most of her constituents won't see the mixed up ideological references either. Indeed, I take issue with Schrader's next claim re: the intelligence of Mesa County voters:

"Boebert got one thing right in that Tweet. The people on the Western Slope of Colorado are some of the smartest, most caring, folks I know"

 Sorry, but if they were really THAT smart they'd never have put this dimwit psycho - a total embarrassment to the state-   into congressional office!  Especially as she's shown she doesn't respect her oath of office, given she was four square for the sedition and insurrection that marked January 6th.   As if to confirm my take, Schrader herself in the next sentence admits she was herself blown away by the "shocking amount of vaccine misinformation" these paragons of intellect had swallowed hook, line and sinker.  Misinformation at such a dumbo level it boggles the mind and at least partially explains why so many would have avoided the vaccines and allowed the Delta variant to gain a foothold in Colorado. It's so bad now that nearly all the ICUs in Mesa County alone are at or near capacity- a trend now emerging in many of the red states. 

Some of the Boebert misinformation memes that Schrader encountered include:

One woman equating getting the vaccine to attempting suicide.

This idiocy is partly based on a lack of knowledge, as well as an inability to reckon comparative risks, i.e. between getting the vaccine and getting the Delta variant of Covid. As Schrader notes, so far some 5, 343 deaths have been reported after the vaccine and "even if all the reported deaths were caused by the vaccine  the death rate would be only 0.0017%."   In actual fact, only a handful of those 5 thousand odd deaths could be directly traced to the vaccine.  Meanwhile, over 600,000 deaths have been from Covid.  Another Boebert-hatched misinformation mind virus:

"People need to be more worried about immigrants bringing smallpox to her community than the Delta variant."

This brilliant Mesa county resident appears not to know or be aware that smallpox was eradicated in 1949, and globally in 1980.  Where has she been?  Who knows? But five will get you ten she believes this crap merely because Boebert does.  (And, of course, Boebert was a hit at the most recent CPAC clown show in Dallas.)

Schrader's advice to Boebert?

 "Boebert would do well to tell these people what she actually knows about the safety of the vaccine instead of leaving her supporters to assume Boebert fears the vaccine is a deadly communist or fascist plot."

But see, Lauren Boebert will never do that because she lacks the class and intelligence that makes it possible She would rather wallow in her vile delusion and spread the claims far and wide - like her master Dotard, or her sidekick, Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Among the more percipient observations of Schrader is the following;

"Boebert doesn’t like giving people information to make their own decisions. She likes obfuscating the truth for her own political gain at the expense of those who believe her. Listen to her speech on the floor of the U.S. House moments before a riotous mob stormed the Capitol to stop the counting of Electoral College votes."

And of course this captures Boebert's whole manipulative shtick.  She believes firmly that giving people only partial or distorted information will ensure none rise to a higher level than she is at in working intelligence.  Hence, also enhances her chances of re-election - though several Dem candidates are planning to try to oust her.   As for the dire effect of her lies and Covid misinformation:

 "People who trust Boebert will forego the vaccine and some will suffer fatal or debilitating COVID-19 illnesses."

Actually, according to the Denver Post in recent articles, hundreds are now suffering debilitating illness from the Delta variant.  Most of these are intubated, on ventilators. If they expire from the disease it would seem only logical to blame Boebert for their demise since they swallowed her viral memes, lies, horse manure that made them fertile candidates for Delta infection.

Tragically, it is possible this deranged and disreputable nitwit could actually get another term.  Among the factors in her favor:

the fact that she stands up and tells people exactly the way it is.”

"She stands up for the Second Amendment and even owns a grille (Shooter's Grille) where patrons can pack heat in the open"

"Part of Boebert’s appeal is that she is anti-establishment. "

"Residents endow her with trust  and that comes from Boebert’s remarkable charisma on the campaign trail."

All of which mostly amounts to malarkey and bollocks. The "charisma" referred to is about equivalent to that of a drunken monkey on crack. Why do people then "trust" the imp?  Because she talks in their basic lingo, no high falutin stuff which is to say multi-syllable words

"Anti-establishment" merely translates to being a norm breaker and colossal liar like Trump. And the pinnacle of being anti-establishment is being anti-democracy itself - demonstrated when Boebert voted not to certify Biden's election.  In other words, she is so anti-establishment she is a seditionist and traitor. My Revolutionary war ancestor Conrad Brumbaugh would have her hung in a minute, along with Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and the other Reep traitors.

"Tells people the way it is",  actually more tells people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.  Especially concerning the vaccines and preventing another massive surge by the fall.

One thing is abundantly clear:  If this bimbo manages to get re-elected it will show that the first time was no fluke.  The voters who put her there really will be marked as dumb as rocks and Colorado will be the laughing stock of the nation, and likely the world.

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