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As Forlorn and Clueless as ever....

Seems Mikey, having exhausted all his "bully pulpit" on atheists (equating them with Satanic agents) now takes on the concept of alien life, namely the events at Roswell, NM. We can explore his criticisms, and at the same time, see how his prosaic binary brain works - and why it exemplifies the black-white fundagelical zeitgeist.

The wannabe pastor initiates his diatribe by writing:

"Many people ( mostly the unbelieving ) , cite the incident in Roswell , New Mexico to validate their claims . But , as I will show here ( using secular sources ) , it's in a word "NONSENSE ! "But hey , I'm simply going to present the evidence to y'all here - and you can then make up your own minds . Most, if not all, of the "evidence" concerning the recovery of saucer wreckage and alien bodies comes from one person - the late Frank J. Kaufmann. His testimony provided the stories that spawned several books about the Roswell incident. Kaufmann passed away in 2001. In 2002, three UFO researchers visited Kaufmann's widow, who allowed them access to his office and papers. In there the three found, finally, some real evidence. Unfortunately, that evidence, in the form of documents, drove them to the conclusion that Kaufmann had forged documents and made up stories for over a decade"

Most who have looked into Roswell, however, have no inkling of any "Kaufmann" or any role he played, since the true people on the spot and making the observations, etc. were Jesse Marcel and Mac Brazelle. Marcel, in one of his final interviews (on CNN's Larry King) before passing away, denied any 'Frank Kaufmann' had anything to do with initiating or circulating any "Roswell myth" and offered that it was more than likely a black operations, psy-ops tactic.

In his book, Information Warfare, author Winn Schwartau describes psy-ops as the tactic whereby false information or misinformation is sown pertaining to a real event in order to deflect attention from it and at the same time destroy or compromise the reputations of any who reported the facts.

This was seen, for example, in the wake of the JFK assassination, when numerous witnesses (e.g. Mary Moorman, Orville Nix, Beverly Oliver et al) had their respective critical films confiscated and then returned to them in a defective (manipulated) state. In the case of Orville Nix's film, taken from the opposite side of Elm Street, three or more frames were removed after the head shot to remove a clear blip of white light most have taken to be a skull fragment. Since the fragment was hurtling over the limo trunk, the direction of momentum had to have come from the front- not the rear. So any kill shot from the Texas School Book Depository would have been impossible.

The aim of this and other psy-ops moves (removing a curbstone with a 4th bullet imprint, seizing the bullet-marked limousine and sending it to Ohio for disassembly, removing JFK's brain at Bethesda etc.) were all meant to discredit witnesses who actually observed the head shot and putative Grassy Knoll evidence for a shooter. (In one case, soldier Gordon Arnold - on leave- while filming on the Grassy Knoll experienced the percussion as the bullet whizzed by his ear. When he asked his commander for permission to report this to the Warren Commission, he was dispatched to Alaska for the remainder of his service).

The point is, the objective of all psy ops operations is to eliminate the key evidence, and infect the information stream with cluttered narratives, following which a smear campaign is used to tarnish any witnesses. This is exactly what transpired at Roswell.

It's also interesting Mikey lashes out like this when his own brother, Jerome, reported having actually observed photographs of the Roswell aliens. This was in his unpublished memoir: The Aliens Are Here!: What Project Blue Book Should Have Told Us.

Was Jerry a kook or nut? Let Jerry describe his bona fides from his book:

"What you are about to read is a true account of my experiences while serving my country in the USAFSS, (United States Air Force Security Service). This division within the Air Force operated under this name from 1948 to about 1977, when it became known as Electronic Security Command (ESC), and later, the current Air Intelligence Agency (AIA). Over the years, the USAFSS and its successors supported and transferred information to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), as well as to the other Armed Services and their equivalent or similar divisions.

Even though my colleagues and I were officially in the Air Force, we were never really considered ‘regular’ Air Force. We always seemed to exist and operate outside or beyond the mainstream personnel and activities of this branch of our nation’s Armed Services. Once we emerged from the underground, windowless compounds where we often worked, we were allowed to go our own way.

Initially I was trained as a Morse Systems Intercept Radio Operator, reaching my five level of AFSC 29251—the level achieved after successfully completing an equivalent to an apprenticeship level of AFSC 29231. At this point, I was considered a highly-skilled Morse Systems Intercept Operator who needed no continual supervision as would an apprentice.
Eventually I became skilled at using 2 R-390 receivers and operated an FLR-9 antenna system, which was used to find track and DF (direction find) specific radio targets throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.

In the early days before computers and digital electronics became the norm, the information that was intercepted and copied on an AG-22 teletypewriter instantaneously went onto our chatter roll and was then automatically transferred onto perforated paper tape. All those in my office had Top Secret Cryptographic Clearance, which included a thorough background check by the FBI and the Air Force OSI (Office of Special Intelligence). We were referred to as the “spooks” amongst our regular Air Force comrades. "

Hmmmmm.....hardly sounds like a looney tune to me! More like a serious recorder of facts, trained in intelligence, and not one to dream up BS - say like Pastor Mikey's talking snakes and guys living three days in whales' bellies!

Mikey rambles on:

"Take out Kaufmann's phoney tales about the recovery of alien spaceships and bodies and the part he had in these operations and there is essentially nothing left of the alien story. "

BUT, if this is true, how come Jerry - our brother- could have reported encountering actual images of the aliens in Chapter Two of his ms.? Indeed, he also makes an indirect reference to what is likely the hand of psy ops tacticians:

"On numerous occasions I encountered civilians dressed in either suits or regular shirts and pants; clothing identical to what you might see on anyone on the streets of any town or city in the United States. These individuals, I was told, were NSA and CIA operatives who were getting firsthand information on one or more particular target subjects, phenomena or events that our unit intercepted and interpreted. "

Author Winn Schwartau (ibid.) points out that either of the two agencies noted is not above using PR groups in information warfare. According to him (p. 306):

"Public Relations Group' - is used loosely since they "do not have the best interests of the public at heart". For example they may require a 'mole' inside a group, and use the threat of disclosure of some embarrassing information to enlist the person as a 'mole' in their service. "A cash incentive can be used if blackmail fails" .

In all likelihood here, it is quite conceivable that F.J. Kaufmann was such a mole. (Assuming Mikey's sources are valid). As Schwartau also notes:

"The PR crew will feed information to the press on a selective basis."

Indeed, Philip Klass - whom Mikey cites and quotes at length- may well be one of these PR sources, intended to deflect Mikey and his ilk from further scrutiny of the case. SO, instead of going to his actual Air Force based brother, he invests all credulity in Philip Klass. Indeed, Mike cites a NM physicist Dave Thomas , a physicist and mathematician, and president of "New Mexicans for Science and Reason"... Hmmmm a PR front group? One wonders, but then we read this on Klass:

"Klass describes, and demolishes, the accounts of the long string of witnesses who waited decades before coming forward to claim their 15 minutes of fame: Grady Barnett, Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut, Gerald Anderson, Jim Ragsdale, Frank Kaufmann, Frankie Rowe, Col. Thomas Dubose, and more. "

But this is exactly what we'd expect a PR info warrior to do! (Indeed, some evidence exists that Klass is a contract agent for the CIA's clandestine Office of Scientific Intelligence, one of whose charges is to debunk controversial claims that could embarrass high functionaries).

But beyond this, why should this pastor (if he really is, or genuinely wants to be) go to a source for dismissal like Philip Klass? Is he aware that Klass appeared on a CNN Larry King show opposite the head of a fundagelical group (Rev. R.L. Heimers of the Fundamentalist Baptist Tabernacle Church), and proclaimed there isn't one single evidentiary basis for believing in any "end of the world"? (This was actually to do with Nostradamus' purported prophecies).

During the altercation with the fundie minister, Klass bluntly challenged him, saying:

"If the end of the world is coming, and Jesus is to return, then give me the exact time and the date! You can't because it's all poppycock! Anyone can say anything if there are no time limits!"

The question almost begs asking, WHY would a fundagelical quote even indirectly a guy that doesn't believe the fundie's most cherished myths? The reason is, he doesn't care in this case! All of a sudden, Klass ceases to be "an agent of Satan" and becomes instead Mikey's deliverer - by way of helping him to obscure the Roswell incident.

Now, for reference, note that at no time did I myself ever say I accepted verbatim the Roswell accounts as given. What I said is that there appears to be more than a hint of evidence there, given our brother has apparently seen it first hand! Since I did not work in any capacity as Jerry did (while in the USAF) and neither did Mikey, then I defer to Jerry's expertise on this issue as well as his claims.

Or is Mikey calling our brother a liar, or asserting he's suffering from delusions?

And of course, we have the snide bully-boy attacks which imbecile Mikey can't help but make (as he's demonstrated with the atheists attempting to post answers on his site):

"My friends , again , I remind you that the above referenced sources are from SECULAR scientists / experts , and not from biased atheists ,

This one is a howler of the first order, since surveys taken repeatedly (e.g. by the New Scientist, the American Association for Advancement of Science etc.) show MOST physical scientists (62%) ARE atheists! So what exactly is the moron saying here? Does he even know?

He yaps on:

( like my atheist bro' , "Phil,") who , despite his "best efforts" was unable to obtain his Ph.D , and barely obtained an alleged "Masters" degree in astronomy from a foreign country ( diploma mill?? ) . "

Which paragraph segment is so replete with baloney and falsehoods (even after correcting him earlier) it's quite reasonable to suspect he is suffering from early onset Alzheimer's. In fact, my Ph.D. was indeed approved (by my advisor) for Physics, based on a thesis submitted in 1984 (Can Sunspot Morphology Be Used to Predict the Occurrence of Solar Flares?), and five papers published out of it. The Finnish examiner, however, deemed it would be better completed in toto at a site with access to observational facilities of the type referenced in the last chapter (e.g. the Solar Optical Telescope- not to be confused with the Hinode SOT launched from Japan in 2006). Alas, two years later the SOT project was cancelled by budget cuts, and the two years already put toward the completion of the degree rendered still born while the degree itself was postponed indefinitely- pending "adequate resources to carry out the work to the needed resolution". Alas, these never materialized, so the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in PHYSICS (not astronomy) was awarded in its stead, with a grade quality so high that I was awarded The Studentship Award of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society(AAS). But what are a few trifling details for a brain that can't even pass a basic evolution test like Mikey's.

Two of the papers published out of my thesis can be found here, for interested readers:

Hell, he still refers to the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill as a "foreign diploma mill" despite more than once offering him the links to verify for himself that isn't (unlike his diploma mill online bible college), e.g.

Interested readers who want to see the quality - say of undergrad physics - can access a number of lectures, seminars, and tutorials here:

Clearly this pastor needs some therapy which ordinary mortals can't give him. And we see exactly where his tirade on aliens and Roswell ends up- with more psychotic blabber:

"Lastly , the Bible gives us no reason to believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe. In fact, the Bible gives us several key reasons why there cannot be. Yes, there are many strange and unexplainable things that take place. There is no reason, though, to attribute these phenomena to "aliens" or "UFOs." If there is a discernable cause to these supposed events, it is likely to be spiritual, and more specifically, demonic, in origin !"

Hmmm....I wonder what Philip Klass would say concerning this regurgitated baby barf! I rest my case that he either needs a brain transplant, or a daily administration of lithium mixed with electro-convulsive therapy.

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