Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michelle Malkin: Is She A Heartless Nincompoop?

Normally, I try to avoid reading anything put out by the loathsome Michelle Malkin, but yesterday's screed was just too much. I also tried to see it through the prism of the typical Right wing looney tune and how s/he would parse it. The results weren't pretty or comforting!

The title of Malkin's latest effort was: Adult Baby Syndrome: It's the New American Waaaahh, in which she tries to link the outrageous behavior of a couple of extreme cases to the behavior of all those receiving Social Security disability - and thereby concludes we're a nation of needy infants! (At least all those who have to depend on SS disability or food stamps). Thus, they are all emblematic of the far excesses of the "Nanny state".

The screed hit home at several levels, not least of which because I have two brothers who receive Social Security disability and another who ought to be getting it, all for legitimate disabilities! However, the way Malkin portrays all the recipients (via tarring with wide brush), they are all the next thing to dependent parasites! This sort of thing makes my blood boil, not least because I behold the same despicable tactics used on atheists, liberals, Planned Parenthood and many others. Thus, atheists are depicted as pillagers of civilization simply because they base their morality on a pragmatic objective thesis. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is depicted as the repository of mass-murdering thugs (via abortions), never mind that more than 95% of all their services are basic health treatments and preventive visits for low-income women, such as for mammograms, pap smears or to receive birth control pills, or condoms. But hey! The trick works! Trot out the most extreme behavior and tie it to the target, then pillory the target like some hapless pinata!

In her assault on Social Security disability, Malkin trots out one lamentable sufferer of infantilism. The sad and sorry case of a 30-year old man confined to his home and who wears diapers and lives on baby bottles of milk supplied by a nurse (who also received S.S. disability). Malkin openly uses the example of a "baby bottle guzzling 350 pound man" and why he "qualified for federal disability benefits". She then continues to throttle his life style and adult infant ways while lacerating the S.S. Administration for treating him as an incurable dependent. But hey, maybe he is! Did Malkin ever take the time to consult the bible of psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual?

If instead of mocking this poor case, she actually consulted the text, she would find listed under its compendium of paraphilias:

"Paraphilic infantilism, a paraphilia involving the desire to wear diapers and/or fantasies of a return to infancy." It appears to be common to a certain subset of Caucasian males, and the theory of at least one contributor is that either the victim was never properly breast fed to begin with, or it was prematurely terminated. And, oh....by the way, before Malkin or any other mean-spirited Right wing twit howls in derision, please consult the latest issue of WIRED (June, 2011) and the article by Judy Dutton (Liquid Gold: Inside the Booming Market for Breast Milk(p. 144), in which these miscreants and Nanny-state attackers will find mention of how many breast feeding women are selling their (extra) milk to males who demand it, for whatever reason. From the scale of the market, and sales, it seems clear that "infantilism" (if that's what it really is) is more widespread than we have been led to believe.

I would also argue, and this is not being a "liberal", that neither Michelle Malkin, assorted right wing preachers, myself or anyone else is qualified to judge these people! Hell, there are lots worse things that "perverts" (to use Malkin's turn of phrase) do than simply deck themselves out in diapers, or buy breast milk and drink it! (Think of the behavior of John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer -who kept severed heads in his fridge- or Ted Bundy, who kept preserved heads and other body parts of his female victims in his rooms- oh, and became a "born again" Christian just before being led to Florida's 'Old Sparky' for his execution. Anyone out there really want to spend eternity in the company of this sadistic kook- or hectoring pastors that needle us about 'accepting this free gift of salvation' like Bundy? Not me! Pardon me while I head for the eternal microwave first! It may be hotter but at least I know the company will be tolerable!)

Malkin's other idiotic ploy was to try to conflate 'Junior' (the adult baby suffering from infantilism) with Hugh Hefner, the Founder of Playboy, who she describes as "perpetually stunted" with a "fetish for velvet robes and self-indulgent decadence." Well, I'm sure Hef can easily defend himself, but let me just say he's done more to advance Americans out of their hyper-anal Puritan mores via his Playboy Philosophy, than any other ten contemporaries put together -including Susan Jacoby and Camille Paglia. Also, Hef via his hard work earned the right to those "velvet robes" and at least they are appropriate for the (female) company he keeps at his Mansion, and he doesn't have to resort to raping maids like a certain recently apprehended rich pig banker! Who, I am almost sure, is one of Malkin's idols, like the rich pig bankers that nearly brought this nation to perdition three years ago!

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