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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wouldn't Last 15 Minutes In A Real Holocaust

        The screwball bimbo - at it again with more outrageous bilge.

The loudmouthed, nutso Reep imp Marjorie Taylor Greene has again come to the fore with outrageous rhetoric analogizing mask wearing with the holocaust and gas chambers.   In her latest outburst she blabbered:  "We can look back at a time in history when people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second class citizens so much so they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany."

 In truth, this deplorable crazed bimbo wouldn't last fifteen minutes in a real gas chamber scenario - once the Zyklon B began entering the vents. Perhaps the best descriptions of the plight and agony of Jewish victims appears in the book 'Auschwitz- A Doctor's Eyewitness Account, by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli. For the sake of argument, suppose this ditzy dingbat Greene was suddenly catapulted 80 years into the past - wearing a gold star - to the Auschwitz intake room. (Similar to an 'Outer Limits' episode  in which a Nazi is slapped with a gold star in 1996 and sent back to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1943 -  where he's terminated).

 For historical purposes, let's go through the gassing process as described by Dr. Nyiszli - to fully disabuse any who might be tempted to bite into Greene's BS that it compares to mask wearing. We begin on page 47:

 "The S.S. enters the room filled with 3,000 people and announces that everyone must be completely undressed within ten minutes. The aged, grandfathers and grandmothers, husbands and wives, the children- all were struck dumb with surprise. Modest women and girls looked at each other questioningly. Perhaps they had not exactly understood the German words. They did not have long to think about it as the order was sounded again, in a louder, more menacing tone. They were uneasy, their dignity rebelled, but with the resignation peculiar to their race, having learned that anything went as far as they were concerned, they slowly began to undress. 

The aged, the paralyzed, the mad, were helped by a Sondercommando squad sent for the purpose. In ten minutes all were completely naked their clothes hung on the pegs, their shoes attached together by the laces. An S.S. then opened the swinging doors of the large, oaken gate at the end of the room. The crowd flowed through it into another, equally well-lighted room. This second room was the same size as the first, but neither benches nor pegs could be seen. In the center of the room, at thirty yard intervals, columns rose from the concrete floor to the ceiling.  They were not supporting columns, but square, sheet -iron pipes, the sides of which contained numerous perforations like a wire lattice.

Once everyone was inside, a hoarse voice rang out for S.S. and Sonderkommando to leave the room.  The oaken doors then swung shut from without and the lights were switched off.  At that very instant the sound of a car was heard, furnished by the International Red Cross. An S.S. officer and a deputy health officer stepped out of the car - and he held four green, sheet iron canisters. After donning his gas mask he lifted the lid of the pipe also made of concrete.  He opens one of the cans and pours the contents - a mauve, granulated material - into the opening. The granulated substance falls in a heap to the bottom and the gas it produces escapes through the perforations."

Here it is important to include some details Nyiszli omits.  One is that every effort was made not to spook the soon- to- be -gassed victims.  Thus the whole routine of telling them they are about to have showers. Indeed, the gas chamber was camouflaged with fake showerheads. When  the  Zyklon B pellets were poured  down the shaft the vents were shut to seal the gas chamber. The Zyklon B pellets turned immediately into a deadly gas at room temperature. The Zyklon B is in fact, hydrogen cyanide (HCN), also known as prussic acid.  It is a chemical compound  with the odor of bitter almonds.   The odor is actually added chemically so those using it are alerted to its presence and take precautions. 

As for the soon -to- be- gassed Jews, the Nazis hoped they would not be alerted too soon to what was unleashed- but they were not dumb, or insensate.  They knew something was badly amiss as soon as their skin and mucous membranes encountered the gas -  which is a terrible irritant  - as all cyanides are.  Especially to the lungs, respiratory system.   As one website put it:  "Even after deceiving their victims into entering the “shower,” the SS preferred they remain incapable of identifying the mysterious “delousing” gas. This deception, however, fooled nobody—the victims could immediately feel that the gas was nocuous.

Here we pick up with Dr. Nyiszli's account on page 48:  "Within five minutes everybody is dead.   Twenty minutes later the electric ventilators are set going to evacuate the gas.  The ventilators, patented 'Exhator' system, quickly evacuate the gas from the room, but in crannies between the dead small pockets of it remain.  Even two hours later it causes a suffocating cough.  For that reason, the Sondercommando group that first enters must wear gas masks.   Once the room is lit, a horrible spectacle is visible. 

The bodies are not lying here and there throughout the room but piled in a mass to the ceiling. The reason for this is that the gas first inundates the lower layers of air and rises slowly toward the ceiling. This forces the victims to trample one another in a frantic effort to escape the gas. Yet a few feet higher up the gas reaches them.  It was merely a matter of two or three minutes respite.   If they had been able to think about what they were doing they would have realized they were trampling their own children, their wives, their relatives.  But they couldn't think."

This explanation of the scene accounts for why the strongest males were always the ones at the top of the pile - who survived the gas the longest. If also explains why Marjorie Taylor Greene would have been among those trampled early if in the same predicament - which she has compared to having to wear a mask. As Dr.  Nyiszli notes (p. 49.): 

 "I noticed that the bodies of the women and children were always at the bottom of the pile, at the top, the strongest. Their bodies were covered in scratches and bruises from the struggle which had set them against each other. blood oozed from their noses and mouths, their faces so deformed as to be almost unrecognizable.

The Sonderkommmando squad then lined up around the hill of bodies and flooded it with powerful jets of water. This was necessary because the final act of those who die by gas is an involuntary defecation.  Each body was befouled and had to be washed.  Once the bathing of the dead was finished, the separation of the bodies could begin.'"

The account by Miklos Nyiszli's is one of the most important documents because it is based on his first hand account at Auschwitz.   Such an account ought to make the baboons who wore "Camp Auschwitz" T -shirts during the insurrection get on their hands and knees and beg for forgiveness - to all those Jews slaughtered in the way described by Miklos Nyiszli.  But that is unlikely given one can't expect empathy or even shame from white nationalist human cockroaches.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene, I want her to read and re-read the account of the experience of millions in a real holocaust, before she next opens her piehole to make any comparisons with masks.  In the meantime Nancy Pelosi needs to kick her sorry ass out of congress if wimpy Kevin McCarthy is too terrified to act.

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