Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Latest A1C Test Confirms No Diabetes - But Shows How Hemoglobin Factors Into Result

To say that I was elated after receiving the most recent blood test from my Labcorp Patient Portal this a.m. is putting it mildly.   The first test result I looked for was the a1c, which recall I had reported (in a January 3rd post) hitting diabetes level in December, e.g.

The Start Of A New Health Battle For 2022 - Against Diabetes 

Recall the a1c measures   the percentage of hemoglobin in your blood that carries glucose.  In other words, the a1c test result is also related to the hemoglobin  and mine has been high (as registered by the hematocrit) over the top reference level of 51 since at least August last year.

The higher the amount of glucose in the blood the higher the a1c percentage.  A normal a1c measurement is less than 5.7% - while an a1c of 5.7% - 6.4 is regarded as prediabetes,    An a1c of 6.5% or higher usually means diabetes, but requires  a 2nd test to confirm it.  I am happy to report the 2nd test rendered yesterday - at 6.1% - did not confirm it,  so I do not have diabetes, though I still am in the pre-diabetes realm. 

 This meshed with the working hypothesis of my new primary care doctor, Elizabeth Duval, who in my first visit on April 21st didn't buy the diabetic diagnosis because the hemoglobin was too high.  She reckoned that the a1c hit the diabetic range because the hematocrit at the time was still high at 54%.  In the latest test from yesterday it had fallen to just within the reference range, at 50.8%.  It went down and the a1c went down. Her hypothesis - at least in this first pass - is correct.

The main takeaway and primary positive from the a1c is that generally TWO tests are needed to confirm it and this is something for others who get "diabetic" blood test results need to bear in mind.  Also that one needs to know the hemoglobin or hematocrit measure as well. 

  I was also gratified I was able to get below the 6.5% diabetic mark by just following a rigid exercise regimen - 150 minutes fast walking a week- but without having to enter the realm of draconian food deprivation and 30 lbs. of sudden weight loss, as advocated in the book  'Life Without Diabetes' by Dr.  Roy Taylor, which I also wrote about, e.g.

A Solution For "Diabetes Reversal" That Is Simply Too Extreme In Its Demands - At Least For Me 

While the a1c result was  received with elation, the latest PSA result (10.5) was not.  Fortunately, the testosterone on the other hand remained low (223) so it is doubtful the urologist will want to put me on any hormone or anti-androgen therapy yet..   But obviously if the number spikes into the tens or even hundreds I may need another axumin scan and then we will see. 

 For now, I am just grateful the diabetic bogey is behind me for now, and I plan to keep up the program I am on,, maybe with trying to eat a few less carbs at each meal - while increasing the veggies.

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