Thursday, January 13, 2022

Researchers At Univ. of Colorado Show How To Escape Omicron Infection Using Common Sense Approaches


Recall  I've used multiple posts to warn how the Repukes and their cult TV network (FOX) used lies and propaganda to drive down the numbers of vaccinated and spread Covid infections, e.g.  

In order to try to drive Biden's poll numbers down (with largely brainwashed, gullible respondents) and make him a one term president so Trump can return.  So far, this has largely succeeded even though the red state- unvaccinated have let their Covid body bags pile up by the hundreds of thousands. All at the beck and call of Tucker Carlson and FOX News. "Better to be dead than Dem" is their motto!  The success was brought to the fore today with WSJ Troll Dan Henninger's latest trash column (p. A17) where he refers to the latest AP/NORC poll posing the question:

  • “Thinking about the problems facing the United States and the world today, which problems would you like the government to be working on in the year 2022?”

And the response? Naturally 68 percent indicated inflation needs attention, but that will not likely be solved until near year's end after most supply issues are resolved with the latest (omicron) wave.  But the real show stopper, according to the poll, was that only 33% "want government to continue to work on Covid 19" - a 20 point drop from last year.  This is nothing short of amazing but shows most don't get it.  They are taking their despondency about the delay in returning to normal (pre-pandemic) and blaming it on Biden and the Dems.  They fail to grasp the GOP strategy has consistently been to discourage and distrust government as a solution  - this despite the fact it has been the only solution (since Trump left) under Biden and the Dems. But this has always been the Repukes' shtick: to obstruct, carp and incinerate truth and facts to try to show governance is ineffective -  when it is their forlorn cult which is.

So pardon me if I remain unimpressed by Henninger's latest babble. Anyway, two researchers at the University of Colorado, Jose Luis-Jimenez and Zhe Ping, have recently had published  a synopsis of their work (in Denver Post) showing the best ways to avoid omicron infection.  The first thing they ask readers to note is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads by airborne transmission. So the key

So the key to avoiding transmission is to understand  how airborne particles behave which requires knowledge from physics and chemistry.  In a confined space the particles of air will also effectively transfer and carry virus particles.  The concentration of these particles, say in people in the confined space yelling or talking loud, increases and enhances transmission probability.  The closer you are to these viral sources of emission the more likely you will be to get infected. 

The longer you spend time in such a closed room and in proximity to such sources the greater the likelihood of inhaling air containing virus particles. The greater chance then of becoming infected. Step outside in an open air space and the chances for infection plummet because the once-concentrated virus particles are now dispersed. The space is essentially "infinite". (Think of simply removing the piston in the diagram from the top of the once confined air.)  

All the above enabled the two CU researchers to arrive at  a quantified study that took into account such parameters as: mask wearing (and type, i.e. cloth vs. N95), room size, occupancy, vocalizing of those inside, inside vs. outside space of socializing, and ventilation levels in inside spaces. Their conclusions were summed up thusly -starting with a transmission table: 


A surefire way to catch COVID is to do a combination of things that get you into the dark red cells in the table. For example:

  • Gather together with lots of people in an enclosed space with poor air quality, such as an under-ventilated gym, nightclub or school classroom
  • Do something strenuous or rowdy such as exercising, singing or shouting
  • Leave off your masks
  • Stay there for a long time.

To avoid catching COVID, try keeping in the green or amber spaces in the table. For example:

  • If you must meet other people, do so outdoors or in a space that’s well-ventilated or meet in a space where the ventilation is good and air quality is known
  • Keep the number of people to a minimum
  • Spend the minimum possible amount of time together
  • Don’t shout, sing or do heavy exercise
  • Wear high-quality, well-fitting masks from the time you enter the building to the time you leave.

While the chart gives an estimated figure for each situation, the actual risk will depend on the specific parameters, such as exactly how many people are in a room of what size. If you fancy putting in your own data for a particular setting and activity, you can try our COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission Estimator.


It is my contention that if the preceding prescriptions and advice are rigorously followed, then more infections could be avoided and the pandemic brought under more rapid control.  But will the FOX, Tucker Carlson viewers and other Repukes cooperate, or continue trying to torpedo Biden? Only time will tell.

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