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Skewering More Lamo Content From The WSJ's Low IQ Letter Writers

 We start with a peevish and ignorant load of verbal rubble from one Jack Hamilton of Silverdale, WA:

Regarding Peggy Noonan’s “What Milley Got Right—and Wrong” (Declarations, Sept. 25): Gen. Mark Milley is chairman of the Joint Chiefs, not the director or dictator of our military services. An adviser to the president and secretary of defense, he is supposed to work with the chiefs and commanders of the military services.

As chairman, he is not charged with determining the mental state of the president. As chairman, he reports his concerns to the secretary of defense, not to a foreign government. His “counterpart” in the Chinese Communist government is not in his chain of command. The charter for the chairman does not include saving the nation from a rogue president. His duties do not include eliminating “white rage” from the ranks.

If Ms. Noonan and the nation are concerned about the potential damage of another Trump presidency, they should be scared out of their wits by the continued service of Gen. Milley in a senior military position. Commanders at lower levels are routinely dismissed for performance significantly less damaging than that demonstrated by the good general.  

Eliminating "white rage"?  How about eliminating the influence of a white asshole WH resident?  Scared out of our wits?  On the contrary we (the sane element of the country) were grateful to Gen. Milley as a patriot and true hero - for monitoring  a madman traitor with his fat fingers inches from the nuclear codes.   E.g.

 And sorry, on the basis of having first allegiance to the Constitution - not any president - his charter does include saving the nation from a rogue, nutcase president.   As noted by former Secretary of Defense William Perry in a WSJ op-ed:

The critics are missing the point. The overriding issue is not whether Gen. Milley was correct in his assessment, or whether he was authorized to take the reported actions, but what the consequences could have been if his concern had been warranted. It is not hyperbole to say that the consequences could have been a profound tragedy and, in the worst case, the end of civilization.

Can Hamilton's feeble mind process that? Somehow I doubt it.  Dedicated Trumpers have their heads so far up where the Sun doesn't shine it's impossible for them to see rational daylight.  That leaves it to the rest of us to try to break through.

Then there is this halfwit babble from an Ari Weitzman of NYC:  

I am disappointed Ms. Noonan considers it reasonable to believe that President Trump would actually start a war with a nuclear power for the hell of it. Ever since Mr. Trump was elected, I have heard from otherwise sober people that he is a protofascist who would very likely defy the courts and the Constitution. The republic was at risk.

Yes, indeed, and the orange maggot came within a hair of murdering our democracy, which you don't seem to have a problem with.  Not only that but blowing up the world in order to try to keep power. Noonan was  absolutely correct to believe Trump would start a war with a nuclear power "for the hell of it"  because everything Trump did was for the hell of it.  He didn't care about defending the Constitution but preserving and expanding power for himself and his maggot family and allies.  Only a Trump sycophant wouldn't see this.

I always asked these people: Did you buy a gun and join a militia, or get a plane ticket out of here, as a precaution, like some did in 1930s Europe? Of course no one did. It was all silly hysteria to score political points.

What kind of low grade imbecile writes such nonsense? Why should I "get a plane ticket out of here as a precaution" when a true psychopath like Trump - without checks such as Gen. Milley provided - could have launched a full scale nuclear war to strike anywhere?  Of course no one left the country because we who are rational trusted the establishment military - dedicated to defending the Constitution, not one nutty president.  Thus Gen. Milley was committed to prevent Trump from acting out which assuaged any potential fears.

 All "silly hysteria" to score political points."?  Hardly!  And only a low IQ deadbeat would believe so.  The fact is that Trump's increasing instability - after he lost the 2020 election - was visible to every sentient citizen.  Including citizens in other nations concerned that a madman had two extra months of lame duck time to wield power and inflict all kinds of chaos. We had no fewer than twelve phone calls from relatives in Barbados and Trinidad - not to mention from friends in the Netherlands and Germany - expressing concern over Trump's mental state and his doing something precipitous.  Were they all engaged in "silly hysteria " to score political points?  Of course not! 

Millions of concerned citizens around the world were forced to look on as the leader of the world's most powerful nation - replete with over 15,000 nuclear warheads - went totally psycho.  Psycho to the point he even had the Chinese scared out of their wits that this sore loser lunatic - out of his vengeful wrath and instability - would launch a first strike.  Even prompting Nancy Pelosi to ask if Milley and the Joint Chiefs could prevent Trump from launching a nuclear war.

Thank god then for Gen. Milley without whom we might not be here having this debate.

But hold strain, the scribbled insanity of unhinged, unchecked babble didn't stop with these two letters. We are then treated to a paranoid rant from another sore loser, Dan Pisenti,  concerning the Hunter Biden email kerfuffle.  Which I already pointed out had been a Russkie disinfo operation-  as our intel agencies concluded-  but which WSJ propagandist Holman Jenkins objected to, e.g.

Pisenti writes:  

The Hunter story was neutralized from preventing Mr. Trump from winning the re-election. Fair reporting of the graft and low behavior on full display in Hunter's laptop could have kept Mr. Trump in office.

Prompting me to ask what mix of MJ edibles and booze this fool imbibed to write such schlock. Is he even aware that by the time the Hunter Biden story broke a full third of the states had already completed (mail) voting, mainly in blue - but also many red states?  And that it was clear those votes (in retrospect assays) had already been running 2 to 1 Biden?   The reason?  As later WSJ post-election reports disclosed, because of Trump's god awful handling and downplaying of the Covid 19  pandemic.   So there isn't a chance in hell even wall -to -wall negative reporting about Hunter's laptop would have led to a Trump win.  That is all delusional thinking.  It is all in Pisenti's paranoid brain.   

He then has the temerity to scrawl: 

The media speaks often of the Big Lie about the election result but Mr. Trump faced a buffet of lies spanning is entire presidency.

Bull pockey!  What this twit calls a "buffet of lies" was in fact a tide of factual disclosures about Trump's nefarious dealings, not only with the Russians, but the Saudis and others. Not to mention his odious family involved in multiple dubious enterprises and squirreling away money into various hidden accounts overseas.   As for the impeachment trials he insists were outrageously "tied to Trump" they were fully merited. And if the GOP had one spine between them the orange maggot would have been booted from office after the first impeachment.

But it was finally left for we the voters to carry out the eviction of this scumbag traitor via the election.  Something Pisenti and his fellow Trumpie dopes still can't accept - which is why they are left to write such drivel, as they whine on about "fraud".    

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