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We Need DOJ To Shut Down The Arizona Republicans' Sham Election "Audit" - And Toss The "Cyber Ninjas" Into Prison

"We must learn the language of fascism because, for the foreseeable future, that moment will always be coming. Learn just enough that we'll never have to speak to it, just as scientists study viruses so they can develop vaccines."  - Jeff Sharlet, 'Mystics & Clowns',  Vanity Fair, April, p 36

That the Repukes are miserable sore losers is now beyond any remote doubt.  Months after the smoldering orange hulk's election defeat, the GOP imps are still crying, pissing and whining about the loss. Simply put they haven't been able to handle it. Which is to say, they can't handle democracy or electoral decisions and outcomes.  For which the name of the game is the winners govern, the losers suck it up like men - and go home- try again next time.  If on the other hand, the losers try every which way to reframe their loss as really a "win" and the victors as cheaters - then they are nothing but mealy- mouth crybabies and deserve no respect.  

 The GOP across numerous states, their legislators, have now proven they are no better than wimps, crybabies and sore losers  First they tried court challenges and lost, then an ungodly treasonous insurrection- which these morons tried to blame on Antifa.. Now  in the latest futile iteration - they're undertaking a bogus "audit" of ballots in Maricopa county, Arizona. Why this county?  Because it's the one Trump lost by 45,000 votes which was enough to carry Arizona for Biden and the Dems.

But legislative Republicans in Arizona -  like their kooky crackpot compadres in the other battle ground states where they lost -  don't want to admit defeat.  So they are now engaging in monumental chicanery and fraud to try to fool enough Americans into believing Trump really did win AZ.   They also want other Repuke state legislators to adopt the same fraudulent M.O. Obviously to try and reinforce a legalist form of insurrection - i.e. that Trump is the real victor and Biden is an illegitimate pretender. And in this way they will ensure millions  lose faith in our democracy.

To wit, these sore losers are challenging the outcome as they embark on an unprecedented effort to audit the results in the state’s most populous county. No one, however, ought to take this exercise as anything other than a hollow and futile circus.  It has zero validity and is only being used to reinforce the Repukes'  Big Lie that Dotard actually won the 2020 election when he was really  blown out by 8 million votes.

The AZ  state Senate commenced this latest bloodless (so far) insurrection by using its subpoena power to take possession of all 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County and the machines that counted them, along with computer hard drives full of data. In so doing, and by using a fraudulent intent and process, they have effectively tarnished all the county ballots so they now become unusable for any future judicial review. Why?  Because we have no idea how they are fucking them up to conform with their conspiracy ideations and QAnon-fueled fantasies!  (They are keeping all procedures hidden, calling the methods of audit and re-counting "proprietary".)

Clearly to enable this perfidy they'd need an accomplice just as scurrilous and treacherous as they are.  They found it in a coterie of psychos, sociopaths and QAnon conspiracy addicts  called Cyber Ninjas-   a Florida-based "consultancy" with no election experience.  In other words the perfect foil for carrying out fraud and fake audits to try to claim Trump really won in Maricopa county and hence in Arizona. .

 To this end the Arizona Repuke traitors  handed the ballot materials over to these conspiracy kooks to run a grand scam to come up with a pre-decided outcome (Something like LBJ's Warren Commission)  The Ninjas are run by a conspiracy crackpot who has shared ideations  claiming the official 2020 presidential election results are "illegitimate".   I mean from this alone the kook ought to recuse himself and his nefarious company on the basis of conflict of interest. How can you conduct any kind of objective electoral audit if you already believe the 2020 general election to be illegit?  It boggles the mind.

Needless to say, the bogus (and non-transparent)  process is alarming election professionals who fear the  "auditors" are not up to the complex task and will severely undermine faith in democracy.  Well, doh, of course they're not up to the task!  And of course they will (undermine faith in democracy if not destroy it)  This is simply a fatuous exercise by unpatriotic imps, sleaze bag scum and sore losers to spread the Big lie that their orange fungal turd Trump really won. 

Jennifer Morrell, a partner at Elections Group, a consulting firm advising state and local election officials,  has rightly observed:

I think the activities that are taking place here are reckless and they in no way, shape or form resemble an audit,” 

The Cyber Ninjas outfit is  clearly exploiting conspiracy ideations spread by the likes of the 'Stop the Steal' morons, QAnon and the insurrectionists, i.e. that Joe Biden’s victory is based on mail ballot cheating.  A crap meme that's been disproven over and over but has had particular staying power in Arizona, which flipped to the Democratic column for just the second time in 72 years.  Thereby making all the resident repukes' heads explode.

Trump on Friday predicted the audit would "reveal fraud and would prompt similar reviews in other states he lost."   Of course it will, because that is the aim of the disreputable bunch conducting this fucking farce.  You don't need a Mensa level I.Q. to figure that out!

Cyber Ninjas began a manual recount of ballots Friday, a day after Democrats asked a judge to put an end to the bogus audit. The judge ordered the company to follow ballot and voter secrecy laws and demanded they turn over written procedures and training manuals before a hearing Monday on the Democrats’ request.  Up to now none of that's been done as Maddow pointed out last night.

He offered to pause the count over the weekend if Democrats posted a $1 million bond to cover added expenses, but the party declined.  The Dems declined with good reason, given any judge worth his reputation and salt would never have allowed this sham to continue at all.   Any judge with an IQ over room temperature digits would see the whole exercise is an elaborate scam to try to hood wink more voters. So why should the Dems pony up to pause the scam?  

What we really need - since state judges can't be trusted - is Attorney General Merrick Garland's DOJ  to step in and halt this destructive, phony bull shit one time.  Then hurl the Cyber Ninjas bunch into jails for running an election scam, fraud and stoking sedition..

Meantime, on a since-deleted Twitter account, Cyber Ninjas owner Doug Logan used hashtags and shared memes popular with people promoting unsupported allegations casting doubt on Biden’s victory.

Logan insists that his personal views are "irrelevant"  because he’s running a transparent audit with video streamed online. This sewer rat then belched:

There’s a lot of Americans here, myself included, that are really bothered by the way our country is being ripped apart right now.  We want a transparent audit to be in place so that people can trust the results and can get everyone on the same page.”

But Logan is a lying weasel. If he were truly bothered by the way the nation is being ripped apart, he'd cease his own nefarious efforts to rip it apart with a bogus audit - after the votes were already certified. He and his Cyber Ninjas crackpots would accept the results of the 2020 election as one of the most secure ever - and move on.  Try to regroup for the next election. But no, sore losers that they are they want to use a sham excuse for a recount and fake "audit" to try to prove Trump really won and thereby further engender distrust of the  electoral system

The claim of wanting a transparent audit is also choice. Especially as this Reeptard  refuses to disclose who’s paying him or who’s counting the ballots.   Hell, he won’t even commit to using bipartisan teams for the process. So much for "transparency".  We see again Logan has confirmed it's just a big con, a scam like often used by his master Trump.

To put the cap on the bogus nature of the whole effort, the GOP-dominated AZ Senate refuses to let media members observe the count. Oh, except for the fruitcakes from OAN - Trump's favorite network. But, reporters can accept a six-hour shift as an official observer, but photography and notetaking are prohibited. Obviously, because Logan and his scammers don't want anyone to catch their chicanery!

The AZ Senate has put up $150,000 for the audit, but Logan acknowledged that’s not enough to cover his expenses. Not to worry,  the right-wing cable channel One America News Network - also pushing the 'steal' balderdash -   has raised money from unknown contributors for the project.   The money goes directly to Cyber Ninjas, which will now hope to invade other states at the behest of the resident Repukes- to carry out the same scam -  while forever compromising those states' ballots as well.

Typical of a grifter and sleazy con man,  Logan would also not commit to disclosing the donors and would not provide an estimate for the total cost of his audit. Cyber Ninjas plans to have teams of three people manually count each ballot, looking only at the presidential and U.S. Senate contests, which were won by Democrats.  (Again, a violation of the equal protection clause of the Constitution - which also extends to singling out just one county for an audit).

Logan claimed the counters are "members of law enforcement" and the military as well as retirees.  But that doesn't prove diddly or squat, given experienced people are needed for such a task, not new be's who don't know shit from Shinola. The very fact he insisted the tabulation methods are "proprietary" proves the whole thing is one huge scam - a circus to try to disprove an outcome that's already been settled- with Arizona's electoral count certified on January 6th.

As of a week ago, 70% of the so-called observers were Republicans, according to Ken Bennett, a Republican former secretary of state who is serving as a liaison between the Senate and the auditors.  As if the bogus ballot counting wasn't enough,  Cyber Ninjas also plans to review ballot counting machines and their data, and to scan the composition of fibers in the paper ballots in search of fakes. The Logan Ninjas gang also plans to go door-to-door in select precincts to ask people whether they voted. True to form the imp was vague about how the precincts were chosen but said a statistical analysis was done “based on voter histories.”  Oh yeah, what statistical analysis?  Chi-squared?  Z-test?  Student's t-test?   Without details his claim isn't worth an ounce of doggie lickspittle.

Our election system is not a plaything to be toyed with for any psycho's amusement or worse, used as a con artist's vehicle to undermine faith in the democracy serious citizens treasure.   This entire audit - as I noted - is merely a form of bloodless insurrection and ought to be prosecuted as such - at least as much as the bloody insurrection of January 6th.  

We therefore need attorney general Merrick Garland's DOJ to step in and shut down this entire freak show forthwith.  It is damaging to our democracy and will be even more so if it infects other states as well- especially employing the same renegades.  Thus, AG Garland also needs to toss the main perpetrators-  from Cyber Ninjas-  into a secure prison.  Say like SupeMax here in Colorado, where the other insurrectionists also need to be.

Once a democracy is lost it usually doesn't come back. Ours is fragile and needs to be protected as it is now under sustained attack by insurrectionists, seditionists, sore losers and wacko conspiracy seeders. The best way is to snuff out these rancid rats in Arizona before they can bring their infection to other states - while  trying to make a mockery of the electoral system -  to appease Trump. 

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