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Ivermectin -Horse De-Wormer Tabs For Covid Prevention - What Could Go Wrong? (You Don't Want To Know)


            Message of FDA to cornpone yokels and crackers using Ivermectin

One thing I learned early about "de-worming" meds is you do not want to take them unless you absolutely must.  In my case, I managed to contract a small parasite nicknamed "beach worm" in Barbados back in early 1985.  I didn't notice them until awakening one night from an intense itching sensation in the thigh - then turning on the bathroom light and seeing the skin literally 'wriggle' as something alive was underneath it.   I called Janice in to look at this phenomenon and she said instantly:  "You've got worms and you need to see a dermatologist!"

The next morning I made the appointment then went to see the dermatologist, Dr. Maureen Skeete,  who quickly diagnosed beach worm.  She said that I probably picked it up lying on a section of beach not reached by sea water - noting that the sea acted as a kind of  'disinfectant' of dog poop laden with worms.  (Many people walk their dogs on assorted beaches, let them poop and don't clean it up)

She prescribed a (50 ml) bottle of Ketrax - a synthetic imidazothiazole derivative used to treat worm infestations in both humans and animals.  Note I said both!  Not just animals!  Dr. Skeete explained to me - when I asked how it worked - tht it probably targeted the parasite's nicotinergic acetylcholine receptor.   

She warned the chemical process acts by "stimulating mass evacuation" of the worms - by both vomiting and diarrhea.  Adding:  "It's the only way to get them out - after all you don't want anyone cutting you open to try to locate them and disperse them!"

Well uh, no!

Imagine my shock then on learning last night (All In) of the Southern states where the HORSE dewormer ivermectin is being cleaned off the shelves for use against Covid, if you can believe it. As I asked Janice: "What kind of certified moron would use this shit when a superb, scientifically validated vaccine is available?"  She responded: "A Trumpie moronThe same moron that believes Trump really won the 2020 election!"

This also reminded me of a short Daily Kos piece by Christopher Reeves,

Who wrote:

 "The treatments for animals are meant for animals. I never once tried to go lick a salt lick. I didn’t feel the need to try out one of the antibiotic shots for cattle. I certainly didn’t need to take swine treatments. I just decided, based on common sense and the sound medical advice of my uncle, that I wasn’t going to take treatments developed and sold for the care and keeping of nonhuman animals. Call me crazy, but it seems like a terrible idea

When it comes to treating COVID, however, some anti-vaxxers are less strict about the safety of their medical treatment than you might think. Let me explain this as delicately as possible: Anti-vaxxers who do not trust medical research, researchers, guidance, or human-targeted treatments are taking Ivermectin, an animal dewormer, instead.

And they’re pooping their pants in public.  

With horses, for example, the medication is administered on a regular schedule—for most farms, once a year—to keep the animals parasite-free while also not over-dosing the equine stock. This is once year.

Ivermectin works. By “works” I mean “can rip through the digestive tract at warp speed and clear out everything in the way, hoping to purge parasites.”

Reeves then referred to an online Ivermectin group where- sure enough - the main topic was how to control the spasmodic release of large masses of shit in public, how to clean up - which diapers were best etc etc.   But I could have told these dimwits  what would happen using ANY de-wormer (like the Ketrax prescribed for me) because that's how these meds act.  And one designated only for horses or cattle will pack even more punch to the gut. (In my case the Ketrax evacuations lasted about three days before all the worms were out  - and one could see them wriggling around in the vomit, for example)

But why would a person take a de-wormer med to get rid of a virus? Or protect against a virus like the delta variant of Covid? Only a low I.Q. fool would do so, or someone so uneducated they'd take the word of a babble-brained FOX New host first, before a doctor like Dr. Ashish Jha, or Anthony Fauci.

With the hospital ICUs now filling up across the land with unvaccinated Covid patients, one hopes the Trumpers will get some badly  needed education soon.  Because we can't expect a sudden uptick in I.Q.

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