Friday, June 11, 2021

How To "Future Proof" The Presidency Against The Next American Tyrant - A Must Read Series For Every Citizen


As we've learned last night the Trump fascist DOJ subpoenaed records of Adam Schiff and Eric Swallwell,  a new push will be on AG Merrick Garland to finally clean house.   It is clear that not only must a new page be turned at the DOJ, but the still lingering residue of endemic corruption needs to be expunged.  That includes full transparency in releasing all other Trump DOJ transgressions and political overreach.  As Rachel Maddow put it last night: "We will damned well get to the bottom of this."

That the corrupt mastermind, Donald John Trump,  is a traitor, scoundrel, con man, and wannabe tyrant is beyond question for any sentient person.  His whole timeline of actions through four years has disclosed as much-  from caging migrant infants to ordering use of teargas and flash bangs to clear protesters on DC's Lafayette Square (so he could do a bible stunt), to inciting an insurrection, to continuing to undermine faith in our electoral system with his incessant lie that he really won the 2020 presidential election.  All providing reasons that the world would be better off without his sorry ass in it - as I've written before, e.g.

Failing Trump's timely demise - from whatever cause -  every step must be taken from now to ensure: a) he has no chance of getting back into the Oval Office, and b) NO other wannabe dictator does either.   Especially a sewer rat with more brains than Trump.

Now, a new series in The Boston Globe has appeared, on Future Proofing the Presidency - which ought to be first and foremost on every citizen's reading list:

The series delves into the six major steps we need to take as a nation to ensure no tyrant wannabe ever again comes as close to upending our democracy as the execrable human sewage named Trump.

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Trump's ability to control the party stems directly from his almost miraculous ability to dominate both the mainstream media coverage and social media chatter. Keeping his name in headlines through crazy antics and fascistic maneuvers helps keep him popular with the GOP base, who are motivated mainly, if not exclusively, by a desire to troll the liberals. Make no mistake: Trump is still widely hated and dreaded on the left, which is why he continues to be a near god-like figure with the more hardcore Republican voters. Modern conservativism isn't really about policy or even ideology, so much as it's about the bottomless insecurities of conservative white people and their need too soothe their fragile egos by dunking on liberals who they fear are laughing at them. Imposing this monster on the country was just a long act of revenge on the rest of America for failing to give them the respect and deference conservatives think they're owed.

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