Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Republican Poltroons In Wisconsin Seeking to Kneecap Dems Need To Be Made To Pay

As a born and bred Wisconsinite (Milwaukee) , it upsets and outrages me no end to see how the GOP swine in that state are such sore- ass losers they're now trying to repeal the voters' will. In case you haven't heard,  GOP state lawmakers worked into the night Monday to advance Republican legislation to scale back the power of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general, limit early voting and change an election date to help a conservative justice keep his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

There is no way to put it other than outright blatant,  Banana Republic-style tyranny - which needs to be stopped in its tracks.  Because this is nothing less than a transparent effort to repeal the results of the midterm elections which didn't go the way the Wisconsin 'pukes wanted. Well, hell, the Colorado 'pukes didn't see things work out either, as the state Dems got a trifecta - snaring the governorship, AG, as well as both state houses. But you don't see Colorado Republicans (with a majority in the state Senate) trying to mash things up for incoming Dems  in a lame duck session. Displaying sore loser vitriol in a sick, scorched earth and sour grapes reaction.

But see, in Wisconsin it's a different animal given how much the state is gerrymandered by the same Reeptard swine.  As reported last night on Maddow, the Dems in the Nov. 6th midterms won the popular vote for the Wisconsin State Assembly by 53% to 45% and yet - get this - because of systemic gerrymandering the Reeps still kept 64 % of the seats in the Assembly to the Ds 36%.   That means that come January,  despite the colossal win for Wisconsin Dems, the Reeptards will still control the state legislature.

And now the bastard filth want to consolidate their power even more by limiting the incoming  Governor's power as well as making the new Dem attorney general report to THEM instead of to the Governor. No, folks, you cannot make this shit up. This is happening in plain daylight in Wisconsin.  All this while these execrable maggots also amp up voter suppression, by dialing back early voting. They've since seen they lost big for major state offices because so many citizens early voted - and they want to stop that. But see, that's the only way the Reeps can win, by cheating, by denying votes.  (This change, mind you, would also cost the state nearly $7 million more tax dollars to implement.)

Bottom line: the Reep swine are doing everything they can in this lame duck session, at any cost, to strip power from the Democrats -  who just beat the holy Hell out of them in the Nov. 6th election. They want to make sure the Dems don't gain any more ground and get any more power - if the Reeps can keep them from getting it.  As Maddow put it, "this is the new Republican playbook" - or in Janice's parlance, "the vermin playbook".

But hold strain! This shit is going down in other GOP loss states too! In Michigan now, Republican lawmakers are attempting similar efforts to those in Wisconsin before new officeholders are sworn in.  Again, we behold the same sore loser temperament as the 'pukes try to rein in power for the newcomers so they can't have the leverage the 'pukes had in their term. It just shows the degenerate nature of these imps that they could stoop so low to resort to anti-democratic perfidy to get their way, when the elections - the voice of the voters- kicked their sorry scum asses out.

Drafted in secret, the  GOP Wisconsin legislation was rushed to the Joint Finance Committee on Monday for its only public hearing. Legislators and outraged citizens scrambled all weekend to parse more than forty serious changes to state law embedded in the 141 pages of text. The legislature is expected to vote on the bills today and then signed by ex- Gov. Simpleton Scott Walker.

Among the numerous provisions included in the legislation are ones that would limit early voting to two weeks; give Republicans more control of the state agency overseeing job creation; curtail the governor's ability to write state rules and adjust public benefits programs; and allow lawmakers to replace the attorney general with private attorneys at taxpayer expense.

Look,  the ratfucker Wisconsin GOOPs  have made no effort to hide their intentions: to continue their hold on state government, even at the expense of core democratic principles like respect for the separation of powers and majority rule. The  Repuke legislation would nullify the decision-making of Wisconsin’s voters, who rejected Republicans for every statewide office in the November midterms.  This means it is time for political warfare, and strenuous, aggressive protests - not just phone calls and emails (more on this later).

In written testimony, Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers asked Republican lawmakers to abandon their lame-duck session instead of trying to “override and ignore what the people of Wisconsin asked for this November.”   As Gov-elect Evers put it:

"This is rancor and politics as usual,”    Adding:

It flies in the face of democratic institutions and the checks and balances that are intended to prevent power-hungry politicians from clinging to control when they do not get their way.”


At a stop in Wausau yesterday, Mr. Evers said he would consider litigation should any of the measures become law, telling reporters:

"We will actively be looking at either to litigate or do whatever else in our power to make sure the people of Wisconsin are represented at the table," .

What's else can be done?  The citizens of Wisconsin and Michigan need to summon their voices, passion and resources and pound the offending Repukes into submission. Mount serious major protests in every venue but especially the state capitols of Madison (WI) and Lansing.   In addition, citizens of both states need to take their protests directly to the front of GOP goons' homes - make their presence (and outrage)  known  - loud and clear!  Go to the state directory, consult their names and addresses, and mount targeted protests accordingly.  The top two GOP vermin to single out? Robin Vos -  Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly-   and Scott Fitzgerald, the Senate majority leader.

These repigs have to be made to understand they can't hide in their homes as they mount such treachery to democratic values.  Flooding GOP lawmakers with calls and emails is a good first step - but phone calls and emails can always  be ignored- especially by entitled tyrant swine.. Protesters with signs screaming right in front of their homes can't.  This is the time to bear down!

This is clearly an attempt to undermine our democracy in Wisconsin," said Josh Kaul, the Democrat who beat Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel and would lose many of his powers in the legislation.  So what to do? Well, if the Reeps get away with their perfidy the new Dem AG will have to report to them. Plus, slimeball Walker swears he will appoint Schimel as a Waukesha County judge before the two complete their terms.

Never mind. Wisconsin citizens, if I know them as I believe I do, will get out and manifest their outrage in open defiance and mass protests - carried out in the state capitol, in Milwaukee and Green Bay,  and in front of the homes of these degenerates who have the gall to call themselves "lawmakers".

Wifey doesn't agree that encouraging mass protests, including in front of the offenders' homes, is the way to go. ("It will backfire!")  But I say it is,  especially when the Reep maggots disrespect the voters' will to such a foul extent. They have to get it through their thick heads that elections have consequences - and if they won't admit or concede them- the citizens (of both Wisconsin and Michigan) will have to do it for them.

Given, however, the main votes have been taken, the only hope going forward is for Evers and company to file lawsuits, and the Wisconsin and Michigan voters to turf these reprobates out when the first chance arises.

Enough said!

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