Thursday, December 6, 2018

House Democrats Need To Get Over Their Latent "Rebellion" And Back Nancy Pelosi!

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Nancy Pelosi - The only rational choice to head the House when Dems assume majority rule next year.

Enough already about the hackneyed calls from the Right- and clueless "centrist" Democrats- to infuse "new blood" into the House leadership next year.   (Last week, 32 members of the House Democratic caucus  voted against Nancy Pelosi in a secret ballot vote. She can afford to lose no more than 17 member in the main vote in January.)

Make no mistake this revolt against Ms. Pelosi is counterproductive and will undermine Democratic House members' efforts to form a coherent plan going forward for  legislation,  as well as holding Dotard Donnie accountable for his sundry lawless actions, including treason.  What's more , the aimless babble about "new blood" is an idiotic meme that does no good, and sabotages Democratic unity when they need a strong and experienced leader to take the helm. And as journalist Mike Littwin put it: "This is no time for Dems to abandon a proven leader in Nancy Pelosi."

Littwin, in a recent piece in the COS Indy, made no bones about who he prefers and why, and I totally agree. As he noted ('Pelosi Attackers Miss The Big Picture',  Nov. 21-27, p. 7), if the midterms just held truly were the "most important in our lifetime" why in hell would you now consider dumping a person "who hardly any Democrats deny has been an effective speaker". As he adds:

"I'm puzzled, at minimum, about the timing of the rebellion."

Well, I am as well. I hate to invoke conspiracy memes, but it almost appears that the uprising against Pelosi has its roots in right wing elements who seek to provoke House Democrats into rejecting her at the final vote in January.  (See any number of recent WSJ editorials  attacking her, e.g.

The Pelosi Steamroller - WSJ

And what, pray tell., might be the worst outcome should that transpire? Say Nancy getting fewer than the 218 votes minimum in January?  Well, House Reep Punk extremist Kevin McCarthy - who might get all the other votes - or become de facto leader by default.  This is what "rebellious" Dems need to bear in mind when considering who ought to assume duties as House majority leader.  Given this admittedly outside outcome, as Mike Littwin writes:

"It's hard for me to think of anything more politically misguided than for Democratic centrist rebels in the House to try to kick Pelosi out now."

Note he identified these Dem mutant mutts as "centrists" in other words, idolizers of the Neoliberal state. So why wouldn't they be opposed to a hard core San Francisco liberal like Pelosi?

One of the top rebels is from Colorado, named Ed Perlmutter.  In 2016 he nominated  rebel Tim Ryan to go up against Pelosi, and as Littwin admits "that might have been a good time to change leadership". But no longer! Not after we've seen first hand two years of the Trump fanatics destroying the fabric of our government and the Reepo House majority aiding and abetting at every step.  Littwin again:

"Now is a precarious time, an almost certainly counterproductive time, a time far too important to risk the chance of failure or to toss in someone who needs to learn/grow on the job."

In other words, my friends, given the total absence of checks and balances on the Trumpites, this is not the time for a new be to take control in the House and to be put on a learning curve. No, we don't need wet behind the ears neophytes but an experienced, wily and wise leader. That is Ms. Pelosi, like her or not.

As Littwin put it (ibid.):

"The rebellious House Dems have yet to identify anyone who could do a better job taking on Trump. "

And going on to note that given this,

"The absolute worst reason to dump Pelosi id that the Republicans don't like her. I mean, the idea that Pelosi is uniquely an albatross for Democratic candidates is absurd. Yes, her approval ratings are brutally low (29 percent in a recent Gallup poll) but better than Mitch McConnell's (24 percent)"

And the more cogent point:

"If it weren't Pelosi being demonized it would be someone else. Anyone else. Demonizing Democrats, particularly Democratic women, is what Republicans have long done and what Trump specializes in."

In other words, the Repuke shtick is demonization and it's done to try to tarnish or knee cap effective women leaders. They can no longer emulate their Fuhrer Dotard in pussy grabbing so they try to do it this way.  This is why I am confident the new infusion of House Dem women will prevail on the House rebels like Perlmutter and newly elected CO member Jason Crow, to grow up - put aside childish things - and back Nancy Pelosi.

As I said, having finally come to power after some 8 years in the political wilderness  (since the Tea Party revolt  took control in 2010) this is no time for House Dems to lose their minds, their spines or direction.

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