Friday, August 1, 2014

Einstein's 2nd Worst Fear: Techno-Addicted Humans Mutating Into Dummies

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Those who may have had the chance to read some of Einstein's letters as well as essays (e.g. 'Why I Am A Socialist') may also have come across his two main fears: 1) that his work in special relativity to do with the inertia of energy would lead to use of atomic weapons, and 2) that humans would become collectively stupid because of the overuse of technology. (As embodied in the photo below)
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That is,  Einstein feared that our dependence on technology would one day surpass the capacity for actual human interaction, leading to a generation of "idiots". I fear that day has already arrived - indeed long since, and I submit a number of photos to bear this out. First, however, it is important to insert a "control' photo showing how normal interaction is supposed to look - say at a dinner. This was actually a dinner hosted in Barbados by my wife and me for family and friends

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The image says it all.  You see the people, including yours truly, my niece Trudi and her hubby actively engaged with each other - not zoned out like drugged zomboids on some nefarious form of crack embodied in a smart phone or cell.  Now, compare that with the image below - also of a dinner which supposedly gathered together friends and family.

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I mean, good god, how pathetic is that compared with the earlier image? You tell me! All the participants look like goobers with faces buried in their little personal devices, or like "idiots" to use Einstein's parlance. Why are they even there together? They could as well all be by their lonesome selves at separate tables. They aren't interacting other than with their techie devices. They aren't conversing or exchanging ideas. They are effectively dead heads!

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This is actually a couple out for their anniversary. WTF are they doing?  Are they chatting with each other? Hell no! They're so immersed in their dumb smart phones they likely are barely aware of the presence of the other. They embody the idiocy Einstein feared when technology surpasses our ability to interact. Yet we see this wherever we go! Certainly wifey and I have. Couples at tables at places like Village Inn, or Olive Garden, locked in their own world - oblivious to anyone around them. Or whole families seated at table each with eyes glued to their own devices.

To top it off take a look at this one:

Kids at a beach outing more invested in their devices than in the nature surrounding them.

Have we all become addicted to technology to the point of leaving our interactions with others out or minimizing them? You tell me. Then, if you believe we haven't, just try to do without Facebook (or Instagram) for the next 99 days, as a Dutch challenge has invited millions to do, e.g. see my post:

 I warrant too many of you can't. And let's bear in mind that "relating to someone" on FB is not relating in the true sense, not like a phone call, say. Or better, being there to talk to them in person.

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