Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Would Any Of My Atheist Books Be Banned In The Current Culture War Spree? Yes - Every Last One!


Asked in a family Zoom meeting Sunday if any of my atheist books would now be banned, as the nation has lost its collective mind, I replied 'All of them. Every one".  Why?, the Bajan & Canadian side of the family asked.  Well, because in the midst of this mind wrecking pandemic - see prior post- too many can no longer handle things like reason, logic and disturbing conclusions.  Conclusions such as those offered in my four books.  Including:

- No 'believer' in any faith can directly know a divine entity.  It can only be accessed via adoption of limited and relative god-concepts, because of the limited nature of the human brain. See e.g.

-  "Evil" does exist but is inherent in the brain's own primitive, less-evolved regions (e.g. R-complex) not in some mythical personalized, supernatural entity ("Satan", "Lucifer", "demons" etc.)  E.g.

Brane Space: WHY Is There Evil In The World? (brane-space.blogspot.com)

-  There is only one life to live, no afterlife or any 'natural afterlife'  - with the possible exception of a quantized, amorphous (non-individualized) form  predicated on de Broglie waves. See e.g.

- "Souls" do not exist only human consciousness which is explainable by quantum mechanics.  See e.g.

Brane Space: Michio Kaku's "Model of Mind" is Too Simplistic, Reductionist (brane-space.blogspot.com)

- The Catholic concept of 'natural law' is a whole cloth fabrication based on over extending Aristotelian concepts and confusing actual scientific natural laws with specious theological moral ones.  (Not long ago RC theologians justified slavery as wholly consistent with natural law.)  See e.g.:

Brane Space: 'Fellowship of Catholic University Students' (FOCUS) Is Out to Lunch on ACA (brane-space.blogspot.com)

-  Atheist-Materialist morality and ethics actually exists and is in many ways more consistent and powerful than standard Christian or religious -based ethics, morality.  Primarily because there are fewer moral paradoxes or contradictions to deal with, e.g. Xtians professing "respect for life" of the unborn but refusing to fund adequate gov't assistance, child care, nutrition etc. for the already born.

See e.g.

Brane Space: Scientific Materialism and Moral Values (brane-space.blogspot.com)

The takeaway is that none of my published atheist works is going to make any of the parents currently howling about critical race theory, or the contents of recent banned books feel better.  They will likewise believe their kid is as much at risk of mental assault as if s/he read 'Maus'.  This is obvious as we have seen in the last few months a surge of parents, demagoguing lawmakers and other activists calling for removal of certain books, e.g.

Brane Space: Books Are Targeted As "More Dangerous" Than Bullets -- Has Texas (And The Nation) Gone Totally Mad? (brane-space.blogspot.com)

They believe will unhinge their young readers' brains.  In effect, these nitwits are sustaining the current epidemic of mental fragility and non-resilience which is at the root of the country's abysmal response to the pandemic.   This insanity has gone hand in hand with the effort of several misguided Reepo states to legislate what can be taught in classrooms. 

In South Carolina, for example, lawmakers have introduced a bill — known as the Freedom from Ideological Coercion and Indoctrination Act — that would prohibit any state-funded institution from stating that “a group or an individual, by virtue of his or her race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, heritage, culture, religion, or political belief is inherently racist, sexist, bigoted, ignorant, biased, fragile, oppressive, or contributive to any oppression, whether consciously or unconsciously.” If signed into law, the bill could make it illegal for teachers, college professors,  to criticize members of a white supremacist or white evangelical Christian group since that affiliation might count as a “political belief.” (I have in fact robustly criticized the latter in at least 3 of my books.)

Free speech, free discourse and free debate are among the great traditions of this country. They are, at this moment, under serious threat from a well-organized, well-funded movement of right wing, often conservative white evangelical ideologues who’ve used both the force of the mob and their own institutional power (including that of the state itself) to impose their edicts on the public at large.) 

Nope, no way in hell would any of my books survive the current spasm of book -banning, and even burning. I doubt, in fact, that even one of the books shown have made it into one school library. I might be wrong, but I don't believe so.  

See former Catholic genetic researcher Indre Viskontas' account of why she left the RC church in the video below:


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