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Ottawa Cops Finally Grow A Pair - Disperse Fascist Occupiers


             Under enormous citizen pressure cops finally act against fascists occupying Ottawa

 Your time in our city has come to an end and you must leave.”, so said Ottawa interim Police Chief Steve Bell, so bringing to an end the occupation of the Canadian capital, primarily by fascists using trucks (and truckers)  as a front and weapon. 

"The Ottawa protests have made clear that extreme elements supporting fascism and white nationalism are attracted to the movement,” writes Henry Giroux for Truthout, “and visible in the appearance of neo-Nazi and Confederate flags and an abundance of QAnon logos emblazoned on trucks, signs and stickers. "   The key proof? The way Tucker Carlson and the Foxites have rubbed Canadians' noses into what's happening and their own powerlessness to stop it. 

Well, let's face it given the fascist occupation the end had to come soon, as Trudeau had already invoked the Emergencies Act and likely told Bell that if he didn't get control of the situation there'd have to be a military intervention. The last thing either wanted. But we know the besieged citizens of Ottawa would have wanted it if the cops continued to sit on their asses and not remove the Rightist pestilence that occupied their city, e.g.

Beleaguered Ottawans losing faith in leaders, want 'siege' to end

Latest reports were that at  least 10 trucker pests fearing arrest and damage to their vehicles, opted to drive off after being parked for weeks on the street in front of Canadian legislative buildings. According to one of the departing imps,  Anthony Lammers, who had arrived from Hamilton, Ontario:

 “It’s over. I think we didn’t really know it last night, but this morning it was apparent that today was the day.

About damned time I'd say, after you rats nearly wrecked a decent Canadian city and capital of the nation. But evidently vigorous police actions to remove the rigs became too much, at one point police used a crowbar to break open the door of a recreational vehicle that was parked near the edge of the blockade.   It had been preventing massive vehicles from being moved.  Others had their windows smashed open so the cops could gain driving access.   

According to one whining mutt- Tom Marazzo, a former Canadian soldier-  who beheld the cops finally acting the part:

The government declared war on its people,”

The fascist fool or tool actually claimed: "The protesters are being punished for raising questions, for listening to their conscience, and for standing up for yourself.”

No, asshole, your fascist, terror- inflicting imps (not "protesters")  had finally used up whatever minor 'good graces' you initially enjoyed by making yourselves a goddamned nuisance: accosting masked nurses on the way to their hospitals shifts, honking horns at all hours of day and night, and letting your weaponized trucks belch effluent (including carbon monoxide) - making many kids sick.

The Canadian  government, finally - after nearly 3 weeks,  said it was time to bring back order in the city.  For three weeks, the unlawful occupation had clogged traffic, frayed residents’ nerves and forced businesses to close. Estimated costs ran up to $40 m a day.  The original Ottawa police chief stepped down this week after facing widespread criticism, prompting the appointment of  Steve Bell as an interim commander.  It was right this happened as the original clown did nothing as the trucker terrorists occupied the capital, e.g.   

by Linda McQuaig | February 11, 2022 - 8:13am | permalink

— from the Toronto Star


Residents of the nation’s capital have been subjected to a rare and curious phenomenon that could be dubbed “police docility.” It wasn’t as if police were caught off-guard; convoy organizers had signalled their aggressive intentions.

Before the convoy left B.C., Patrick King, a long-time far-right activist (with no apparent trucking experience), told a Christian talk show that the convoy “plans to shut down Ottawa.”

So Ottawa police had plenty of time to take basic police actions — like putting up concrete barriers — which would have prevented the men in large trucks from driving right up to the Parliament Buildings and the Prime Minister’s Office and deciding that that was a nice place to park.

Maybe the Right's fascist asswits - in Canada and the U.S. - have finally learned their lesson, but I somehow doubt it. Fascist terror seldom dies a peaceful death or just passes in the mists of time. It usually only ends with war (as in WW II) or other bloodshed. We will see. 

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by Amanda Marcotte | February 23, 2022 - 7:08am | permalink

— from Salon


In the end, the Ottawa occupiers were left literally waving white flags.

After weeks of holding the Canadian capital hostage — with relentless honking and other abuse of the residents — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally brought an end to what pretended to be an uprising by truckers opposing vaccine mandates but was really a fringe minority trying to recruit more followers into a fascist movement. There had been a great deal of trepidation about violent resistance from the occupiers, who were big into chest-thumping and acting tough. Instead, they pulled out the most notorious symbol of surrender.

by Sonali Kolhatkar | February 19, 2022 - 8:18am | permalink


Canadians have a reputation for being polite, nice people. But the high-profile weeks-long civil disobedience actions by some Canadian truckers that began in late January in the capital city of Ottawa has undermined this reputation. Truckers and their allies caused traffic snarls within the city and wreaked havoc along the international supply chains crossing the United States-Canada border.

By many accounts, it seems as though the United States has exported its brand of toxic right-wing extremism across the northern border. Indeed, there are credible reports of Confederate American flags and swastikas being displayed by the Canadian protesters.

Unsurprisingly, the so-called Freedom Convoy has also garnered outsized media attention in the United States, becoming a cause célèbre among domestic conservatives who see it as yet another front in the culture war around which to whip up frenzied hysteria and score political points.


by Bill Berkowitz | February 19, 2022 - 7:20am | permalink

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