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Trump Proves He's A Congenital Liar With Zero Credibility

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"The President has one of two choices: either retract  his claim or provide the information that the American people deserve. Because if his predecessor - President Obama - violated the law, we've got a serious issue here to say the least." - Sen. John McCain, Sunday on CNN

If Trump announced today or tomorrow that North Korea shot down a U.S. plane over international waters and it was a cause for war, would you believe him? I sure as hell wouldn't, not without ironclad evidence because of the shameless history of lying this turd has shown. The latest coming from his Twitter account the Saturday before last when he  launched a series of tweets that began at 5.35am audaciously accusing Barack Obama of an impeachable offense.

In one he wrote: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wire tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Note the demented asshole used the specific term "wire tapped" which has a specific meaning. In fact, he reinforced that meaning (and intent) when he went on to  make the  comparison of the alleged surveillance of his Trump Tower communications to Watergate.  As any history nerd knows, actual wire tapping -specifically of phones - was big around that time, and Nixon did it with impunity. This was before the FISA law that required warrants for any action and these had to come out of the Dept. of Justice.

Every manjack with half a brain knew all this, which is why Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Lindsey Graham called Trump's bluff by demanding the DOJ produce evidence (it must have if they exist) of said, claimed wiretaps.  But by the end of Monday they were unable to, only offering a weak, measly excuse that they "needed more time".  Actually, they could have all the time in the world but it is clear they will no more find such evidence then I will find evidence of an alien visitation in my backyard right now. It is just stonewalling for no purpose, plain and simple.

Then there were Trump's asinine acolytes like Sean Spicer  (whose former "job" was acting as Bush Jr.'s Easter Bunny for the WH Easter egg hunt)  yesterday trying to spin it away by insisting Trump shouldn't be taken literally because he tweeted with "wiretaps" in quotes. As if we are at the level of such imbeciles we'd all agree that a tweet from a cartoon medium has any gravitas at all. Apart from which, only a certified imbecile would accept such nonsense ....or ...the gibberish expelled from Kellyanne Conway's mouth that he meant wiretapping in a generic way. It was really done via microwaves and TV.

Do these inveterate liars truly believe the rest of us are as dumb and gullible as their fake news groupies and most of their voters? 

But this is something that can't be laughed away because it impacts on the very basis of presidential credibility. This unqualified stooge, basically a failed businessman who exploited bankruptcy laws, made a serious attack on the legitimate extant government of the United States, predicated on the Constitution, legal evidence in jurisprudence and adherence to civil and national law.  Hence, this attack cannot go down any memory "holes" like his stupid other claims, including that he didn't really lose the popular vote by nearly 3 million, or that he had the biggest inaugural crowd in history.

If then Trump doesn't retract his charge, and admit he shot from the hip unthinkingly, or lied openly, then we can only conclude nothing he says can be trusted. Hence, even if he makes a claim for war, it can't be trusted. Not without absolute evidence to back it up. Indeed, the evidence, given his stream of lies since Jan. 20th, must now be of a vastly higher standard than for any other President. This is because he has himself painted himself into a corner by crying 'wolf!' too many times. 

It is therefore essential not to allow this reckless charge to just pass into oblivion, with no one held accountable.  Indeed, Trump's tweets also suggested agents of the Justice Department also engaged in a felony, as well as the FBI. So ALL of these have the obligation to pursue this charge through every channel - either proving it valid, or proving Donald J. Trump is the congenital, psychotic liar he always has been.  As Chris Matthews put it yesterday: "I don't understand how a sitting president can get away with accusing his predecessor with a felony and get away with it."

Indeed, because as I pointed out a president can't just order a wiretap after the passage of the 1978 FISA law. IF there was a wiretap it was more plausibly ORDERED by a judge on account of suspicion of criminal activity in Trump Tower or collusion - possibly with a foreign power.  So in fact, Trump's tweets - as opposed to any victimization - may actually be open admissions that he has something to be guilty about, if such wiretaps were actually FISA -warrant approved.

Trump's inability to deliver hard evidence, combined with his DOJ's inability to find any wiretap evidence, shows this deranged mutt doesn't deserve to be president. Hell, he isn't even fit to run a landfill or a dog kennel.  Any so-called commander-in -chief who lies habitually like this asswit, can't be trusted to ever tell the truth. And if he can't he will not be believed even if there is a real national emergency.

His howling and vehemence for support will simply be interpreted as histrionic exploitation for more lies. Ditto with his wild, exuberantly exaggerated positive claims for health care (the Ryan Repuke 'make America sicker' plan) e.g.

"I will see that everybody gets covered! No one will be without!"

when there will actually be 14 million more without the ACA next year, and 24 million without care in less than ten years. (According to the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office's assessment yesterday).

Again, nobody but an outright fool can believe anything coming out of his mouth.

It is now time the media go on the offensive against this lying swine, and that means - as per a piece in The New Republic (April,  pp. 16-17) - that the pretense of objectivity be dropped. From the article:

"What if, instead of assuming its reflexive posture of 'objectivity', the press embraced the opportunity to go full on offense?"

This is predicated on the fact that any noncommital parsing of the blizzard of lies, falsehoods issuing from the reprobates in power is woefully inadequate to keeping citizens abreast of what's going down.  Instead, adopt  ab initio the POV Trump is a compulsive liar and put every news story or Trump tweet in that framework. Cease trying to chase down these tweeted turds as "true", always adopt the take they are false from the get go.

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