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Trump Reverts To Psychotic - Blames Obama For Wiretap Conspiracy

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"Those who said Trump finally made the presidential pivot last Tuesday in his speech, now need to recant. Trump can't help himself. Claiming Obama bugged him is an extremely serious charge.  Trump needs to put up or shut up." - Political Science Prof. Larry Sabato, quoted in The Financial Times

"The demagogue is one who preaches 'facts' he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots." - H.L. Mencken

Well, it wasn't long before the unhinged Trump came through again, after he'd managed to control himself Tuesday night - likely with the help of a medley of anti-psychotics (and some ECT).  Recall, he for once remained to "work" in the White House last weekend, as opposed to wasting taxpayer money jetting to Mar-a -Lago. The strain showed, and finally erupted yesterday morning when he  launched a series of tweets that began at 5.35am. In one he wrote: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

He followed up with a string of tweets in the next half-hour that claimed Obama had "defied a court rejection to tap his office", and invited a “good lawyer” to make a case against the alleged process. In fact, as NBC legal expert Ari Melber pointed out, IF there was a wiretap it was more plausibly ORDERED by a judge on account of suspicion of criminal activity or collusion - possibly with a foreign power.  So in fact, Trump's tweets - as opposed to any victimization - may actually be open admissions that he has something to be guilty about, if such wiretaps were actually FISA -warrant approved. As for the lamebrain SC Reepo Lindsey Graham, who promised an angry SC town hall he'll "look into it". There's nothing to look into. If there were any legal wiretaps, and they were ordered by a judge through a FISA warrant, Trump is likely in deep shit. A FISA warrant isn't issued casually.

Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, had to impart some badly needed education - and  tweeted back at Trump:No president can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.”

Later an Obama spokesman, Kevin Lewis, issued a statement which read:.

“A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice. As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

That statement by Lewis did not deny there was a wiretapping but did deny that Obama ordered one.

But my suspicion is that it's all just Trump's runaway paranoia at work. What would you expect from a nutball who fancies that conspiracy freak Alex Jones is some kind of oracle? In fact, this guy defines what it means to be a conspiracy fruitcake, i.e. a whacko who accepts conspiracies without an iota of evidence. (Like asserting Sandy Hook being a "false flag" where all the kids were actors).
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The most way out Trump claim was the  comparison of the alleged surveillance of his Trump Tower communications to Watergate. This was  the conspiracy in which a 1972 break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters led to revelation of crime and cover-up at the highest level of government and, ultimately, the resignation of Richard Nixon.. Trump, no avid history reader, doesn't seem to know that the Watergate break -in was actually mounted to stop leaks with which Nixon had become obsessed. This is analogous to Trump's current obsession with the ongoing leaks out of the White House, and from intelligence operatives. According to WH insiders, Trump is beset with rage and paranoia as he's become fixated on a "death by a thousand leaks".  But the question Trump and his surrogates need to ask is 'why are people leaking?'  It must be because they are appalled by what they are seeing with an unstable fruitcake in the seat of power.

Most of us who studied Trump's pathetic excuse for a teleprompter speech, which a well-trained ten year old could give, were not surprised by his tweet storm outburst.  We knew that "Agent Orange", as this asshole has come to be known, wouldn't be able to contain his psychotic demons forever. Also, he was still smarting after one of his "pets" - Alabamy cracker Jeff Sessions- recused himself from investigating the Russkie ties. This was the final straw and likely led to his nutso charges yesterday which have most serious, politically savvy folks acknowledging he needs to be fitted for a straight jacket.

Of course, there is still that contingent of the media that inevitably overthinks Trump. They have this psycho fucker playing "three dimensional chess" in a strategic deflection move.  Thus many critics dismissed Trump's tweet storm  as an attempt to deflect attention from investigations of his ties to Russia.  This could be true as well, but I suspect it is more true that this nut we have occupying the White House is simply 52 cards short of a full deck. He lacks any impulse control whatsoever, and anybody that rises that early to tweet rage about a wiretapping conspiracy he read about on, can't be all there.  As Dr. Pat Bannister would put it: "He is definitely suffering from paranoid psychotic ideations that require at least four sessions of electroconvulsive therapy each day."

Trouble is, this deranged psycho occupies the most powerful position on the planet and has access to the nuclear codes.  Make no mistake that this is an unprecedented attack by a president  (in name only basically)  on his predecessor. That alone is scary, apart from a lunatic like that having access to our nuclear triad when he should be strapped down for ECT.  But the other aspect is that the whackjob accusations were made in a series of early morning tweets, and as we know psychopathic individuals are prone to tweet their psychotic fancies early in the a.m.  Usually, they can't sleep, so they toss fitfully entertaining the paranoid fantasies in their febrile brains - and then let loose.  Which is what this turkey did.

In Trump's case as WaPo writer Chris Cillizza wrote, the "conspiracy theory candidate has become the conspiracy theory President". Adding that if Trump has evidence of this "grand wiretapping conspiracy" it's his duty to present all the facts given the burden of proof is squarely on him. . Except that what Trump is tweeting doesn't even make the threshold of a putative conspiracy theory. The latter requires - as Dr. Pat Bannister has noted- at least some basis in coherent reasoning and evidence, even if sketchy. What is on offer from Trump's Twitter account is paranoid ideation and groundless suspicion.

Of course, it wasn't long before a parade of imbeciles and like-minded screwballs tried to come to his defense and even intimated there "might be something to investigate".  Really? You mean like the grade A Repuke asshole from Iowa, Steve King, who insisted on CNN that Trump wouldn't just tweet these things "out of the blue". Oh yes he would, and for making that claim on national TV you need to be dispatched to a rubber room and put in a straightjacket too. 

Eventually, sober media heads - who finally pulled their heads out of their asses after heaping praise on Trump's "presidential" Tuesday performance - realized and showed the source of Trump's ideation were stories circulating in rightwing media, namely Steve Bannon's former fake news playground, Breitbart.    One of these farcical sites (and authors) actually  claimed Obama was attempting a “silent coup” against Trump.

Why would he do that? Obama was just elated to leave the place Jan. 20th to go off on his new life, liberated from unwarranted criticism from imbeciles and psychotic imps like Donald Trump and the Trumpies.  Obama wouldn't waste time on a fool and psycho like Trump, to tell the truth, realizing from the moment he met with him in the White House that he'd bring himself down by his own hubris.  However, and this is important, another concerned authority - maybe the former Deputy AG Sally Yates, if she suspected criminal hijinks on the part of Trump and his gang- might have gone to a FISA court for a warrant.. After all, his recent tarmac meets include with  a Russian "fertilizer" king visible on assorted runways as documented by David Cay Johnston.. Most recently at a Concord NH airport. Why would a Russian oligarch go to an obscure NC airport at the same time Trump's there? Coincidence? Yeah, and I suppose all those dead JFK assassination witnesses were coincidences too.

Clearing away the haze of spin and clutter in this case, here's what we do know: Just before last November’s election, the British former MP and novelist Louise Mensch reported that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court had granted a warrant to enable the FBI to conduct surveillance of “US persons” in an investigation of possible contacts between Russian banks and the Trump Organization.

Two months later the BBC published an article backing up Mensch’s original story about the FISA court warrant issued in October to allow the justice department to scrutinize transfers and communications between Trump associates and Russian banks. US intelligence agencies were investigating the link, it added.

The issue resurfaced this week in rightwing media, in Breitbart, and by conservative talk show  host Mark Levin. This Dodo made claims on his Thursday night show about alleged steps taken by the Obama administration to undermine Trump’s campaign to win the White House. Levin called the effort a “silent coup” by the Obama administration and said this, rather than Trump’s Russian ties, should be the subject of a congressional investigation.

As reporter Chris Cillizza has pointed out (ibid.) the error of Levin and his cohort has been to take a series of independent events, including Trump's joking about Russians hacking Hillary's emails during one campaign stop. the actual hacking and later Wikileaks' publishing of John Podesta's emails, as evidence of a conspiracy.

Of course, this "grand conspiracy" is all bull pockey.  If there is any deflection at work, it is definitely via the Reich wing media which more and more bears disturbing similarity to the Third Reich's after the Reich Press Law was passed on October 4, 1933.  Levin, like the Third Reich's propagandists, is playing the role of agent provocateur.

Of course, as Josef Goebbels - supreme propagandist of the Third Reich knew - the best propaganda always contains a kernel of truth. This is to make it more believable to the Munchkin imbecile contingent, and a bit harder to pierce for more intelligent, higher information folks. In this case, Levin's play hued to Goebbel's template since his comments were subsequently summarized by Breitbart News, in a report that also made reference to the FISA warrant reported by Mensch and the BBC.

Yesterday, Robert Costa, a Washington Post reporter, tweeted:Per an official, I’ve confirmed that several people at the White House have been circulating this Breitbart story.” On Friday night and Saturday, Fox News hosts whom Trump is known to watch also remarked on the issue, with presenter Sean Hannity tweeting: “What did OBAMA know and when did he know it??”

Yeah, right! And uttered with the same frenzy as the nuts who travel to near Area 51 each year convinced there are buried alien bodies there. And they're prepared to try to see them even if they get arrested first for trespassing.

On another note, it appears the strain has been all too much for little Donnie the Psycho who had to take yet another weekend  vacay  to Mar-a-Lago. I supposed to clear out what few working brain cells he has left.  As usual, the spin is he is taking "a working vacation" - which I guess his PR toadies have to say given they are blowing $3 m each time Trump jets down to "White House South". But as I already observed this doesn't wash. If you are incapable of putting a full day's work in your normal work environment (White House) , you will not do it once you leave to go to a spacious hacienda with golf course, hot tubs and fancy restaurants.

Again, this is the same guy who bragged during the campaign:

"I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done. I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off. You don’t have time to take time off."

It truly is a wonder anyone believes anything this guy says anymore, he's such a compulsive liar.

Especially when he tweets bollocks. Or wait, maybe he isn't lying. In which case he's a paranoid nut who needs to be put into a straight jacket.


Former Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper has flatly denied Trump's lame claim of a FISA warrant to bug Trump Tower. Read the details and see the interview on 'Meet the Press' Here:

In addition, FBI Director James Comey asked the US justice department to publicly reject claims made by Donald Trump that Barack Obama ordered his phones to be tapped during the 2016 election campaign. Comey made the request on Saturday because of his concern that the allegation was false and suggested the FBI had broken the law, according to the New York Times. Unnamed US officials confirmed Comey’s move to the Associated Press, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal..

With the responses of Clapper and Comey we can see where this is going and now more than ever it is evident that Trump's rash tweets are the manifestations of a paranoid psychotic embolism in his own brain.

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