Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump's Dumb Travel Ban EO Blocked Again - As It SHOULD BE

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BWAAAAHAHA! Dat Bad Judge stop me order to pertekt the country! WAAAAAAHHH!"

Once again, the splenetic infant Donald Trump has been slapped down by a judge (this time in Hawaii) and has been pitching a hissy fit. "WAHHHAAA! We're gonna take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court! This is an unprecedented judicial overreach!  This ruling makes us look weak!"

The squawking brat posing as a leader was referring to yet another stinging blow to his pseudo-administration’s contentious ambitions.  The fourth judicial knockdown now in the last 50 days. In this case, Judge Derrick Watson  last night imposed a nationwide temporary stay on the travel ban that he found to be in violation of the establishment clause of the US constitution that prohibits discrimination against any religion.

As a result of the action, the midnight deadline for the implementation of the travel ban came and went without any visible impact at US airports.  This was followed early today, by a district judge in a similar case in Maryland also issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction against the ban. (The ruling is not as sweeping as the Hawaii order, and only applies to visa applicants from the six Muslim majority countries.)

Contrary to Trump's claim the Hawaii ruling "makes us look weak", the ruling actually makes us look at least relatively sane, unlike the psychotic wannabe dictator Trump. He doesn't seem to grasp now that his own earlier words are going to be used against him in assessing judicial standards and as one observer pointed out last night "A proper lawyer of his would have rushed onstage and told him to shut up!"  Indeed. But what do you expect of a half-cocked,  psychotic asshole who bandies about paranoid wiretapping claims he dredges up from pseudo-conspiracy sites? 

So no, Trump deserves no quarter and the judicial branch will give him none. Some legitimate branch, some governmental entity - needs to stop this asshole cold and his delusions to absolute power.  The dumb shit also doesn't appear to know that simply by removing one nation (Iraq) from his Muslim ban doesn't make his order legit. Indeed, it makes it less legit because it now discloses the whole thing was an artifice, contrived from the outset.

As Judge Derrick Watson wrote:

"These plainly worded statements ...betray the executive order's stated secular purpose"

The judge rightly discounted the specious reasons given by the Trumpies, i.e. that the six countries were in the grip of terrorists. Indeed, a Dept. of Homeland Security paper from four weeks ago stated emphatically there was no evidence ANY of the 6 nations sponsored terror, nada, none.

Astounded Jan Brewer on CBS this a.m.. babbled:

"This is highly unusual. Typically courts give presidents great deference on matters of national security. So this could suggest that because of his past comments courts are going to hold Trump to a different standard."

Indeed they will, because the man himself is unbalanced and was unable in the first instance to even write a proper, coherent EO faithful to the Constitution. His subsequent outbursts, never mind his EO redo, merely confirm his unbalanced, unhinged nature and bias which requires some branch of government be the adult in the room. That has to be the judiciary.

Never mind, Hitler wannabe Trump doesn't get it. Making even more unforced errors last night - after the ruling- the psycho actually floated the idea of breaking up the California-based ninth appeals circuit.  (Evoking Hitler's vows to replace the Weimar Courts with his own, back in 1933)  This was a provocative remark given that the same ninth circuit is likely to adjudicate any appeal to the Hawaii ruling.  So this asshole has once again shot himself in the foot while putting it in his mouth.

Revealing ever greater psychosis last night, Trump told the Nashville crowd that the revised travel ban was merely “a watered down version of the order that was blocked by another judge and should never have been blocked to start with”. He even suggested that he might “go back to the first one and go all the way”, indicating that he was minded to revert to the original executive order. How fucking dumb and unhinged is that, given the original "EO' provided the template to now cost him 5 straight judicial defeats (including the MD ruling this a.m.)  Clearly, this guy needs to be dispatched to a rubber room and administered electro-convulsive therapy. (Dr. Pat Bannister swears by it, especially for confirmed psychotics like Trump.)

True, this could further intensify the conflict with the courts, as Brewer suggests, but my bet is that it never gets that far. Every court will now see Trump for the deranged nitwit he is and slap him down in consecutive rulings. It will never get to the Supreme Court.

Why? Because now - as Brewer intimated- any Trump remarks will  play directly into the hands of the teams of human rights lawyers  lining up to oppose the latest incarnation of the travel ban. As such, the comments will certainly be turned against him to provide further evidence that Trump remains attached to the idea of a “Muslim ban” – a promise that he made repeatedly during the 2016 presidential campaign and which a succession of federal courts have now found to be in breach of the US constitution.

Indeed, the much higher standard is now front and center.  Judge Watson, for example,  leaned heavily on the subject of intent in issuing his ruling. He referenced inflammatory statements made by Trump throughout the presidential race that singled out Muslims and the Islamic faith as a broad national security threat.  He also referred to comments by close associates of  Trump after he entered the White House. A day after the first executive order was issued, Watson noted, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani told a television show that “When [Mr. Trump] first announced it, he said, ‘Muslim ban.’ He called me up. He said, ‘Put a commission together. Show me the right way to do it legally.’”

The judge described these remarks as “significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus” driving both the first and second order.

If Trump has any sense or sanity left in that febrile brain, he will drop this nonsensical fight as opposed to further embarrassing himself. As if his wiretap  accusations against Obama don't already disclose this nut belongs in restraints and  administered ECT. As Jim Hightower noted in his latest column, there's no more issue of doubt: Trump is deranged and the sooner we all agree on that the sooner the nation can return to some semblance of general sanity itself.

If any readers are looking for me to emulate the media and "define deviancy down" or be "beyond outrage"  in the case of Trump,  forget it. If any think I will  just smirk and laugh off his nutso exhibitions, you've come to the wrong site. I will beat on this maggot until he's driven from office, and call him out for what he is: a deranged psychotic Hitler wannabe.  Those who think this too extreme are best advised to frequent a more "moderate" site.

"If we lose our outrage, if we get used to President Trump's deviancy, then deviancy wins. In outrage at least there is hope"  - Lawrence O'Donnell last night.

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