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Why Jews Would Have To Be Stupid Or Insane To Vote Republican

Jews would have to be crazy or stupid to vote for a party that embraces a maniac like this.

Joseph Epstein, in his WSJ op-ed, 'The Political Stupidity of the Jews Revisited', Mar, 14, p. A19) insults and slanders all Jews who have ever voted Democratic - but never Republican.  In his scurrilous words:

"The Jews have been in the pocket of the Democratic Party at least as far back as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and though there are few Jews alive today who were old enough to have voted for FDR, are still in his pocket".


"This despite the fact that we now know that FDR was not such a grand friend to the Jews for he did nothing to even stop or slow the Nazi genocide during World War II."

No mention at all that the key evidence, namely film smuggled out of Auschwitz and Sobibor, did not even emerge until 1943.  Even then, it fell into the hands of the  O.S.S. and Allen Dulles - who deemed it "Soviet propaganda" (according to the documentary 'The Holocaust Testaments'), and ensured it never saw the light of day. So FDR did not even see it to pass judgment, Dulles et al having filtered it out of his attention and scope for action, decision.

Epstein rambles on:

"The best face that can be put on this unwillingness to vote Republican is that Jewishness, if not Judaism, has at its center a hatred of injustice and a concomitant yearning for equality."

Which is absolutely true and what inspired a German Jew, Karl Marx, to write 'Das Kapital'  - exposing the sundry ways capitalism exploits the working classes in every nation.  And barely fifty years later Marx was vindicated as Hitler earned the trust and backing of German big business to further his agenda - including exploitation of Jewish labor as slaves for the Nazi armaments factories, while collecting hair, skin (for chairs), gold fillings in teeth, after gassings.. As Ian Kershaw notes (Hitler Nemesis, p. xxxiii):

“Leaders of big business, .... for their part,  were grateful to Hitler for the destruction of the left-wing parties and trade unions. They were again ‘masters in the house’ in their dealings with their work force”

Note carefully: It wasn't Hitler destroying right wing parties but LEFT WING PARTIES and TRADE UNIONS! THIS is why the German capitalists, such as Krupp, Volkswagen, I.G. Farben (infamous for later manufacturing the Zyklon B gas used in the gas chambers) etc. threw their lot behind him and provided the political ballast, without which he could never have become 'Der Fuehrer'. This is why Jews are averse to voting for a party historically tied to injustice, despite Epstein's deficits in historical memory,

Epstein then adds further insult to his slander:

"All this presumably has been ingrained in Jews by their own long history as the scapegoats of tyrants. Being underdogs, the Jews ipso facto are themselves for underdogs The Republicans traditionally have been top dogs ."

Which again, is true. Given the Republicans are the party of Big Business, entailing corporate campaign largesse, corporate welfare and screwing over the little guy - while getting too many to expunge their own interests to vote for them - it is no wonder a decent Jew would be appalled at the prospect of voting GOP.

So Epstein castigates his own people, as "slaves" to Dems while not appreciating why. But further reason for Jewish aversion to GOP agendas might be associated with the fact that Nazi infiltrations have infected the GOP from as far back as 1952. All this is well documented  by Russ Bellant, in his book 'Old Nazis, The New Right and the Republican Party' ( South End Press, Boston, 1991, p. 77). Bellant painstakingly documented how Nazis, and former S.S. infiltrated the Republican Heritage Groups and Council from the time of Reagan's ascension in 1980. Actual letters are provided, written and received,  as well as how their agenda is spelled out. He also noted a key figure who had established connections many decades earlier, i.e.

"Philip Guarino helped establish the ethnic division of the GOP in 1952. He was vice-chair of the Republican Heritage Groups Council from 1971-75."

By April 8, 1980, Guarino "was a senior member of the Republican Party National Committee, which at the time was concentrating all its efforts on getting Ronald Reagan elected President."

Recall Reagan also gave a nod to these vermin when he visited the grave site of a Waffen S.S. in Bitburg, W. Germany in 1985. The PR at the time was that it was "an accident", but don't buy it for a second!  The "ethnic division of the GOP" refers to Ukrainian and Latvian assistants and associates, or members of the extension group affiliated with the German Waffen S.S. which had helped carry out pogroms during WWII- usually butchering Jews and communists in their own nations. (Recall, Hitler often conflated the Jews with Marxists, communists based on the fact Karl Marx was a Jew.)

Let's also note Bellant's claims re: associations, groups - apart from establishing direct ties of former S.S. affiliates to the GOP, were also well substantiated in the Newsweek article ('The Right Wing Web', February 22, 1999, p.34).  The reason for reinforcing Bellant's book is that the putative basis for widespread former Nazi use and recruitment (including in our intelligence agencies, e.g. CIA) would have been laid bare....but it seemed evident to me even then that the GOP congress wished to cover its party tracks and all possible links to Nazi interests.

So tell me now: Can a political party which has knowingly harbored known Nazis - even allowing them to be integrated into its "Heritage" groups and RNC, be trusted by Jews who (from their heritage)  abhor injustice - not to mention Nazi affiliations? I think not, but you'd never realize that reading Epstein's hogswill.

Much of this, as well as CIA efforts to integrate Nazis into their formal structure is already known,  see e.g.

All the above and much more would have been fully revealed to Americans' eyes if all the documents had been released under the Nazi Wartime Disclosure Act, but it was shot down by GOP congress members in 1999 so never became law. According to an earlier Baltimore Sun article ('Government May Soon Open Files on Nazi War Criminals', Aug. 2, 1998, p. 20A):

"Under pressure from Congress, the Justice Department and other agencies may be forced to declassify tens of thousands of top-secret documents describing the U.S. intelligence community's dealings with Nazi war criminals in the Cold War years. Legislation to open most of those files has already passed the Senate and could come up for a vote in the House this week. Some historians suspect that the opened files could cause 'tremendous embarrassments' for the United States."

Less than one year later the GOP congress voted against passage, and that was it. No one has heard much about it since. Perhaps the GOP Neocons and their fellow travelers knew then, as they do now, they didn't want to let the "cat out of the bag" that they harbored Nazi DNA in their agendas.

As a litmus test, what would a prospective pro-GOP Jewish voter find at a typical Trump rally? Well, taking a cue from last night in a clip shown on MSNBC, one heard a Trump supporter yell at a bystander merely holding a sign: "Get your ass to Auschwitz!"  That had to be incendiary to any Jewish person within earshot and clearly a warning to avoid such a rally.

As for the violence at Trump's rallies, they are already legendary and nothing to be proud of, and as one Denver Post letter writer noted in today's paper, the single fault of Trump - not the protesters. Trump is the one who has continually encouraged violence in his feeble -minded lackeys (with his "Punch 'em in the face!" etc. exhortations)  as part of the "entertainment". As the letter writer put it:

"The civic virtue called tolerance does not require tolerating bigotry and intolerance, that is only craven acquiescence. Active opposition to intolerance is a vital part of the eternal vigilance that is the price of liberty."

Sadly, the pro-Nazi Germans forgot that lesson in 1932 and paid dearly as they watched passively while S.A. thugs beat up Jews, socialists, communists and trade union members at rallies. Fortunately, most Americans today - including Jews- have not fallen into that dark pit, i.e. by supporting Trump.

Contrary to Epstein's quisling-based foolishness, no respectable  Jew in his right mind would ever vote for these latter day Nazis, now or ever! Hell, no respectable American in his right mind would either!

As for Germans,, they appear at least to have learned the lessons of the past. According to an article in today's WSJ ('Merkel Stands By Migrant Strategy', p. A9):

"Generations of German voters - living in the shadow of the Nazi past - have overwhelmingly rejected right wing populists."

Maybe it's time Americans do as well, especially one in the person of Herr Donald Drumpf.

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