Friday, March 11, 2016

Avoid Trump Rallies IF You Believe In Free Speech

EUO 3TP NARCH/NARCH30John McGraw, 78, of Linden, N.C., said there's more than just a punch in store for protesters at Trump rallies.
Protester Rekeem Jones shows the battered cheek he got after a hee-haw cornpone goon sucker -punched him for exercising his free speech rights at a Trump rally in NC.  (Right, the dumb hick who did it, John McGraw , who now is in jail)

The parade of violent events at Trump rallies reached a crescendo yesterday as news feeds showed a wild-eyed North Carolina hick in a cowboy hat sucker punching a black protester exercising his free speech rights. Not only did this cornpone maggot make  a mess of Rekeem Jones' face he also blabbered, like a true domestic terrorist,  “Next time we see him, we might have to kill him!”

The video images evoked scenes shown to me in 1978 by my now deceased German friend, Kurt Braun, from newsreels he compiled of the Nazi rampages in the 1930s.  E.g.

Some of the most violent scenes showed Hitler's Brownshirts, the S.A., wading into political demonstrations with sticks - beating Jews, socialists (real ones, not the faux national "socialists"), labor union members and communists. All targeted in assorted protests and beaten to a pulp by the Hitler thugs. As former Hitler Youth Kurt put it, "Germany must never descend to such depths again".  Maybe, but if he saw what was happening in America today he'd be retching his guts out.

The latest incident, with terror hick McGraw acting out his Id,  is only the latest of a string of vile assaults captured on video, including of Michelle Fields - a conservative reporter from So it appears Trump's goons are an indiscriminate bunch of tormentors.

But this latest broadcast mugging shows some Trumpies really have S.A. creds. The sickening spectacle,  caught-on-camera, was yet another example of free speech protesters and media members being manhandled at Trump rallies. The most egregious aspect is that it went down as cops were actually ejecting the 26-year-old Jones from the event. So, get this, Jones was being frog marched out and barely gets to the top of the stairs and the exits when he's coldcocked by the 78- year old wannabe tough guy, Trumpie loyalist.

What we have beheld - in these assorted violent beatings by the Trumpies,- encouraged by Trump himself ("Get him outta here! Punch him in the face! Kick him! Step on her head!") is their total intolerance for the free speech they supposedly hold dear (in every other situation where it suits them).  But this opposition should not surprise us because Trump himself has gone on the record vowing to shut down the presses - if he's elected- and they write anything "bad" about him.

As reported in a recent TIME article on him by David von Drehle (March 14, p. 36) Trump has no patience or tolerance for what he deems "dishonest" or "inaccurate" statements.  What is his solution?

"He would like to open up the laws on libel to protect people like himself"

Similar ideas percolated in Adolf Hitler's head after becoming Chancellor in 1932 and this led to the establishment of the Reich laws which permitted the arrest and detention of journalists and news reporters in Germany - including being sent to the camps- if they so much as wrote a single sentence critical of the Fuhrer.

Would Trump do this if President? We don't know but the current signs and portents are not encouraging. And even if he himself didn't pass specific anti-free speech laws, who is to say what his insane, unhinged supporters might do?  Form gangs and smash the windows of  local  TV stations and newspaper offices, a la Kristillnacht?

The most disturbing aspect of this latest attack is the way videos showed  the ponytailed McGraw, clad in a cowboy hat and black leather vest, sitting back down after cold-cocking the peaceful young black protester. This,  as his knuckle-dragging  seatmates congratulated him on the dirty blow.

Then, to add insult to injury, McGraw - later confronted over his action - spitting out that the guy "might need to be killed next time" and besides "he wasn't even an American".  HUH?

In fact, Jones was one of the few REAL Americans at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville NC  given he was actually invoking his first amendment rights. The anti-Americans, the faux Americans, were the yahoos like McGraw who felt it their bounden duty to shut a real citizen up and even waylay him

Welcome to the new Nazis, and if Trump is elected President, look for many more to come out of the wood work.

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