Monday, December 22, 2014

The Flu Strikes - Now Both of Us Are Down For Xmas Holidays!

I should have understood fully when Janice became ill with the flu three days ago, the odds were that I wouldn't luck out again like 2 years earlier when I dodged it. While I commiserated with her many groans and barely able to catch a breath from the hacking, wheezing cough, I still thought it'd miss me. How foolish!

Yesterday, midway through the Packers-Bucs game my throat and chest-lungs began to feel as if some maniac had rubbed them raw with sand paper. A few minutes later, I had to bolt into the nearest toilet unleashing a torrent that might have been the product of a CIA rectal re-hydration torture session.  After barely making it to the end of the game I had to collapse in bed. Dehydrated and coughing in non-stop spasms that wracked my rib cage.

It's gotten progressively worse since and it appears I will have to take some recovery time  - so no blog posts for a few days. (Right now I am still on the last dose of meds  - Nyquil, Claritin and aspirin- I took at 3 a.m, - soon to wear off.)

The worst part is the difficulty breathing. An act we all take so much for granted, as simple as drawing a breath, exhaling,  is now compromised by a microscopic virus. The problem - as info shows - is some of us are susceptible to a strain of Avian flu that seems to be among the renegades now running loose and which the CDC and vaccine makers didn't  plan for.. (We had our shots 3 months ago, but since then we've learned the vaccine only covers 33% of the possible strains. We're still informed that the flu we do get will likely be "milder". If that's the case I wouldn't like to experience what I have without the shot!)

Anyway, as per the Avian component effects (not same as H7N9 Bird flu - which is far worse), what happens is that fluid fills your lungs and you almost feel like you're drowning. When you lie down and try to sleep all you hear is the wheezing of mucus deep inside the bronchi each time you exhale. Then, at some point the violent cough reaction is triggered by the tickling sensation deep in the lungs,  and your head and chest feel as if they will explode from the pressure. Even taking large doses of cough medicine only help up to a point.

Then, this is interspersed with nausea and diarrhea and I was barely able to finish a bland breakfast this morning of baked potato and scrambled eggs.

So, my compadres, I hope to be writing more posts at the back end of this flu which I hope will be gone sooner rather than later.

As for Xmas dinner, it appears it is now likely to be hot dogs, baked potato and maybe a can of chicken noodle soup thrown in.

Take care and take precautions! In the meantime, enjoy the posts which are already put up - many of which haven't been read as much as some others, e.g. my refusal to do the ice bucket challenge (890 reads), and Meryl Davis' peculiar facial characteristics (7,900 reads and counting - go figure!)

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