Friday, December 5, 2014

CDC Trying To Get Male Teens Circumcised? Are They For Real?

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Tools and procedure for infant circumcision. On one Penn & Teller 'BULLSHIT' episode the full procedure was shown with the infant given no anesthetic and screaming uncontrollably afterward. 

Seems the CDC has now stepped into the circumcision controversy advising teens to get the procedure done if the barbaric act wasn't perpetrated on them as an infant. On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines regarding the safety and benefits of circumcision. Wisely, the CDC didn’t actually instruct parents to get their sons snipped - after all, it's a personal decision that could be influenced by culture and religious beliefs. But,  the report makes it clear that it is a very good idea to do so, and urges teenage boys to elect to have the surgery if they have not already.  According to one CDC blowhard,  Jonathan Mermin:

"Male circumcision has been associated with a 50 to 60 percent reduction of H.I.V. transmission, as well as a reduction in sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, bacterial vaginosis and the human papilloma virus (H.P.V.), which causes penile and cervical cancer,” 

But hold strain. First, people that deludedly believe it's not barbaric need to see the Penn & Teller SHOWTIME ('Bullshit') episode ('Circumcision') in which an infant is shown strapped in restraints and then his foreskin sliced off by a Gomco clamp as he screams hysterically. Penn asks: "And you really think that kid doesn't feel pain?" (Implying that only an idiot wouldn't.)

But unsatisfied that sufficient American infants have been butchered for no good reason, the Medical-Industrial -Health complex now wants to take it to another level and get teens to agree to do it - oh yes, for the sake of hygiene, health and preventing STDs, of course.

Look, speaking as one who's never been 'cut' (my parents,  when they inquired from our then family physician Dr. Behnke, were told no anesthetic was given because "he won't feel a thing" - backed away) I dispute the procedure is the least bit useful or valid. But again, let's back up a tad.

If a mature, uncircumcised person is worried about "cleanliness" well - DOH! That's why soap and water were invented! If you're worried about STDs or HIV infection,  well hey, that's why condoms were invented. If you're worried about the HPV (human papilloma virus) that's why they now have HPV vaccines - including for teen males. But for some CDC numb skull to urge teens to go get it done on their own borders on medical malpractice.

First, as barbaric as this antiquated butchery is on infants, it's vastly worse on a grown kid or teen. Consideration first has to be given to the fact that the operation is now  much more involved and thus longer, often requiring general anaesthesia. That means you're chances of croaking are already 3 to 5 times greater, including from many kinds of adverse reactions. 

Then there is the risk of complications (generally seen in up to 5% of operations)  and approximately 10 times higher for circumcision in older boys and adults as compared to infants. The top risk is that of infection, and in a worst case scenario we are talking about flesh -eating bacteria - because of the use of unsterilized implements - and in extreme cases having to lop off part or all of the penis to prevent the necrotizing bacterial spread.

Depending on the extent and degree of infection, the young adult may also face a future of prostatis and urinary problems. If the penis is badly infected and urination proves problematic he may need to be catheterized with a Foley catheter - possibly for weeks. (And having had that for only a few hours during prostate cancer treatment - believe me it's no fun.)

In addition to the above serious issues, healing is a lot slower - since stitches or adhesives are needed, and the person will probably be laid up 4 -6 weeks. And btw, those are 4- 6 weeks during which you absolutely will not be able to wank off! Do not even think of it.

Oh, and we won't even get into the costs which can easily run over $1,000 and there's no assurance that even Obamacare will foot the bill.

Some misguided women often try to pressure their mates to get it done because "it looks more beautiful after". Which is arrant bull pockey.  How can "it look more beautiful"  if nature's own organ has been lopped off? Does a woman look more beautiful after a clitorodectomy? I think not!. These are the mouthings of poppets brainwashed by the Medical -Industrial complex and its surgical instrument manufacturers. If these bozos had their way every manjack would be getting some kind of surgery at least twice per year. It's a "growth" sector!

If the CDC wants to be useful, instead of advising teens and others to get circumcised  it should work harder to develop more effective flu vaccines. The news this morning - that the current flu vaccines are only 50% effective - is not designed to inspire much confidence. (The excuse is 'the virus mutated', well doh, we know that happens - so why not do better advance research to have foreseen that and tweak the vaccine?) Oh, and let's not forget all the CDC foul ups during the Ebola scare-- and leaving deadly viruses like smallpox and anthrax in cardboard boxes in various locations.

Bottom line here: Circumcision is an antiquated RELIGIOUS practice (by Jews and Muslims) that has no place in the modern world of rational, secular society. It is only advised under the rarest of conditions and certainly not as a general Rx for STDs, HPV, cancer or any other red herring reason.

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