Monday, September 16, 2013

So wait, I'm Supposed to Renounce Superior Profs for a MORON?

Prof. Terry Lovell
Professor Ronald G. Smith  (top) from Yale University. If readers wish to learn about the global climate system and global warming they're far better served getting his online Yale (Open University) lectures, than listening to a crackpot like Terry Lovell!

Sorry, but I have to howl with laughter at these reeptard morons- one of whom now advises me to ditch my "jungle jook professors" (presumably the ones I had from the Univ. Of London who also taught physics courses at the University of the West Indies) and that I'd have profited instead from a "former NASA" prof, Terry J. Lovell. Really? People might want to take a gander at who this crackpot is here:

And again, it brings to mind another pseudo-scientist, Jason Lisle, who I pilloried several times before, exposing him as no more than a neo-Creationist fraud and certainly not a real astrophysicist. See e.g.



Now, why on Earth would I any more go to Terry Lovell for global warming science than to Jason Lisle for astrophysics? Only a committed and certified dunderhead would do that. Like Lisle, all Lovell does is regurgitate  typical pseudo-scientific claptrap. In Lovell's case, the standard denier, flat Earth fare - which is part of what's keeping us back from making the changes needed to avoid the runaway greenhouse.

And if we don't make those changes, we're going to see a LOT more disasters like the Colorado flash floods and Superstorm Sandy. I already explained the global warming link to the latter in the first answer to a question on this Mail Brane blog:

As regards the Colo. Floods, we already know what launched them. It began (Denver Post, Sept. 15, p. 6B, 'Conditions Collide to Launch Flooding') with  a series of sweltering 97-degree days on the Front Range - with temperatures up to 15 F above normal. (As we know warmer air holds more water vapor)  This is tied directly to NOAA and other projections linked to climate change, which forecasts longer, hotter, drier summers for the Rocky Mountain West.. But in this case, the delayed searing heat (into September) ran into the usual monsoon rains, also delayed. A cool down effect from a low over Nev. then unleashed the floods, when the (cooler condition) monsoons blew into the Front Range. According to the Post article:

"The collision formed a giant, stalled wet weather system".

Worse, neither of the conditions "wants to give up".  In a way, this flood event is every bit the "black swan" that Superstorm Sandy was last October. And again, one can link both to the warmer, wetter world on store for us with global warming. See also:

Those interested in a real, qualified online course in the global climate system are invited to watch this series of video lectures from Ronald Smith of Yale University here:

In many respects they are similar to the climate science lectures, courses available at the University of Alaska- Fairbanks when I was there over 1985-86, except obviously much more updated. Needless to say, you're much better served watching these than palaver spouted by some crackpot belonging to "the Patriot Network".

For those interested, a link which gives a pretty good idea of what people in Colorado have had to deal with can be found below:

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