Friday, September 20, 2013

McCain Tries to Best Putin – Ends Up Looking Like An American Yahoo Idiot

Here’s a cautionary note to any would be ‘Murican word warriors hoping to get even with Vladimir Putin for his recent NY Times Op-ed or any other “uppity furriners” in the future - i.e. those who may appear in American media : Look before you leap, or rather, think long and hard before you withdraw your word sabers from your scabbards to attack somebody – without first protecting your flanks. It seems Johnno McCain never learned that lesson.

Recall that on September 11th, in The New York Times, there appeared an op –ed by Vladimir Putin entitled “A Plea for Caution From Russia”. This concerned the matter of Syria and American claims to “exceptionalism” that warranted barging in there and starting a war by firing cruise missiles - likely killing many innocents ("collateral damage") along with bystander Russian technicians. Contrary to the American Neo-liberal pro-war for capital crowd, Putin delivered a sober and rational plea for caution to the sole remaining superpower to think before acting again like a rogue. Yesterday, John McCain responded with an Op Ed of his own today in the Russian Publication PRAVDA, entitled “Russians deserve better than Putin”, which appeared on the website.

Whereas Putin sought to objectively address the Syrian conflict and the potential dangers that it holds, McCain simply resorted to typical American ad hominem, making the subject of his forlorn piece Putin himself, with disastrous results. According to a number of observers, McCain’s pathetic effort to get even “probably constitutes one of the most embarrassing statements made by an American politician to be published internationally in the last 25 years. "

One need only read some of the comments in the wake of his “rebuttal” to see how much influence Johnny Madman had in influencing his intended audience.


Timothy John Bancroft-Hinchey в 11:52 19 сентября

“Never in my 30-plus years in journalism have I seen such a blatant display of arrogance, ignorance and insolence, What a difference between President Putin's polite message in the NYT and this... words fail me... What a difference between President Putin and Senator McCain. Well, one was democratically elected as President more than once and the other didn't have what it takes. So, Senator McCain is not big enough to live up to his failure as a human being and as a politician.”

Robert Rosser в 14:58 19 сентября

Thank you, Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey. You have captured my response to McCain's letter in very few words. So I'll endorse your post instead of posting my own 400-word rant. I simply note, in addition, that if "US Leadership" were substituted for "Russia/Putin" in McCain's letter, it would have considerable truth and merit. Words do not fail you, sir. "Arrogance, ignorance and insolence" are right on target. Thank you.

Olga Voroshilova в 14:56 19 сентября

Speaking about the "regime which misrules" Russians today. Does Mr. McCain have any proof that Russian President and Government weren't elected lawfully? No? I suspect he has the same "proof" Obama has got for Assad's usage of chemical weapons in Syria.

adani kalombi в 13:27 19 сентября

america is ruled by the law of big corporate ,,, lobbying+campaign = bribery, corruptions... john mcCain is jealous the success A to Z of russia , it's all about the american greed god bless Russia

Altyn Sultan в 15:26 19 сентября

Putin runs for the US Office, McCain runs for the one in Russia. who get's what - wanna guess?

Yury Panikov в 15:23 19 сентября

To American commentators: Thank you for your support, we in Russia do understand that McCain (as many current American politicians) is frankly speaking like an idiot. The only problem we see, that he is empowered idiot.

Andrew Kirikov в 11:15 19 сентября

if old anti-russian McCain criticises Putin and our government then Putin and the government are moving in the correct direction

Ruchkin Vladimir в 16:49 19 сентября

Thank you, Senator McCain, for your article! You dispelled the last doubts about the viability of the American establishment. The mood has improved.

Milo Hoffman в 11:38 19 сентября

I'm russian. And I can assure you he's saying complete bullshit. He's saying about an absence of freedom of word in Russia and neverthless he writes anti-russian propaganda in *russian* media.

Costantino Ceoldo в 12:35 19 сентября

Of course, Senator McCain is firmly convinced that 9/11 was made by someone in a Afghan cavern... We know that in US everything goes fine: law, job, food... There, people help each other and every day some little cute cats meow to you in the morning. No mafia in US, nor banksters corruption. If someone dies, it's because he puts himself in the line of a free fire, permitted by some constitutional amendment. American cops are gentlemen who shoot only one cartridge per time in the body of a suspect and never, never!, they beat a prisoner. Well... I wake up... it's coffee time!

Out of the mouths of “furriners”. Oh wait, they aren’t! They’re writing in the banner publication of their own country in reply to a certifiable American nutcase, who doesn’t know when to quit when he’s ahead. Maybe it's past time McCain, along with many of his current GOP peers - trying to shut down the government again- read the Constitution. It seems to me that it's their over exaggeration of THEIR rights that is in large measure responsible for turning this nation into some parody of its former self - when words like "liberty", "justice", and the "general welfare" really had meaning. Maybe he and his fellow pols need to process that before they launch into jeremiads of how other countries ought to conduct their affairs!

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