Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PETA to Pregnant Women: "NO BUFFALO WINGS for YOU!"

Grown up guys who scarf down Buffalo wings have to worry too! The cholesterol will wreck your male machinery! According to PETA

PETA - the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - is now in the midst of a new campaign, warning pregnant women to steer clear of Buffalo wings (the favorite finger food fare of football lovers) warning that buffalo wings might harm the physical development of the sex organs of male babies. In other words, if pregnant women are foolish enough to gobble them during a game (like Thursday night's Broncos- Ravens game) they will have males who grow up to have small penises!

Apparently, PETA recently sent a letter to Drew Cerza, who runs the Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York, asking him to bar pregnant women from taking part in a wing-eating contest which has been held each Labor Day since 2002. Lindsay Rajt, director of the PETA campaigns, wrote to Cerza saying “consuming poultry while pregnant may lead to birth defects in utero, including smaller-than-average penises for newborn boys.” And, of course, that means they're likely to grow up with smaller than average penises. Rajt added:

"“Chickens may be little animals, but they suffer in a big way before their wings are hacked off for a stupid contest.”

Barring the emotive issue of butchery to do with any animal consumption, how do the health experts at PETA know that consuming Buffalo wings will have the effect they claim?

Basically, they have disclosed they know little or nothing. In fact, the primo culprit in shrinking or deforming male penises in the womb is the chemical group known as phthalates.  Author Nena Baker (Body Toxic, 2008) observes :

"Researchers have associated high levels of phthalates with lower sperm motility in adult men and one study has correlated phthalates with abdominal obesity and insulin resistance in men"

She also notes:

"Researchers have seen a high association between levels of maternal phthalate metabolites - seen in about 25% of U.S. women - and effects on ASD or ano-genital distance in male offspring"

In the later case, the ASD is decreased - sometimes radically. She also notes increased prevalence of shrunken penises and hypospadia in male fetuses.  And where are these phthalates found? She gives a list of the sources, none of which are buffalo wings:

 personal care products, lotions, soaps, cosmetics etc.

- detergents

-vinyl flooring

- adhesives

-building materials

- plastic bags

- food packaging

-garden hoses

- inflatable recreational toys (including ALL sex toys!)
In other words, just about every single product or thing Americans use.

According to Shanna H. Swan, Ph.D., a professor in the department of preventive medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who conducted the research PETA cites:

"I think any link between eating buffalo wings—even by pregnant women—and the size of their son’s genitals is very tenuous,” (Oh, btw, PETA also warns those of us of the male gender not to go wild eating hot wings either, since "the cholesterol in them will clog up arteries and lead to erectile dysfunction." What is all this preoccupation with the operation of the male sexual machinery?)

Of course, PETA has been on the rampage before - about milk, for example. They generated an intense campaign a couple of years ago, including an over the top video ("Milk Gone Wild") featuring gyrating young women equipped with giant udders,  dancing in a club  and  spurting milk all over the place to the delight of delirious males lapping it up. The point they wanted to try to get over is that cow's milk is bad for you and they paired the "Got Milk?" ads via parodies against "Got Prostate Cancer?", "Got Gas?", "Got Pus?" and other high impact PR, imagery.

To see the video - if you can stomach it- locate it here:


Don't say I didn't warn you !

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