Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Monied Vermin Seeking Government Chaos Via Extortion and Shutdown

As I showed in an earlier blog, i.e.

the liars, thieves and Rightist extremists are on the wrong side of why the deficit has reached $16.7 trillion. In fact, it has been THEIR unpaid for wars and tax cuts that have largely driven us into this position. Also, they extorted the nation back in 2011 and they plan to do it again. This according to a new front page story in The New York Times, exposing who these groups are and how they extort by way of election-based fear of all those House Reepos that don't cooperate.

Consider the case of Aaron Schock, a conservative Republican from Illinois. Schock became a "traitor" when he (sanely) voted to increase the debt ceiling in 2011 (as had been done perfunctorily 7 times in the Bush Jr. years), and, in 2012, compounded his "crimes" by voting for a stopgap spending bill that prevented a government shutdown. Worse, he refused to vote to defund the Affordable Care Act. ("Obamacare"). 

Nor is Schock the only person now in the cross hairs. The Time notes that besides him, "10 other lawmakers considered suspiciously squishy by the Club for Growth were designated as RINO’s (Republicans in name only), and the club has vowed to find primary opponents and support them with cash — a formidable threat considering that it spent $18 million backing conservative candidates in the 2012 cycle." 

Thus, we identify the Club for Growth, as really "the Club for Chaos" who obviously can't wait to wreak havoc not only on health care, but also would have no qualms about suffering vets denied their VA disability checks, or oldsters who can barely scrape two coins together for bread and meds being denied their Social Security. For these assholes, the only thing that matters is making the rich richer and if they have to squash government to do that, so be it.

So who comprises the rest of the monied,  vermin network?

Well, readers won't be surprised, if they have followed my ten or so blogs on the Tea Party, that Americans for Prosperity, a Koch brothers group- is also involved up to its ears stirring the shit storm toward shutdown.  Like the Club for Growth's rich renegades,  the billionaire Kochs are hoping Americans will be stupid enough to screech against a sane debt ceiling increase, in order to make the nation safer for the wealthiest. Never mind, according to the Denver Post yesterday (p. 19A) the nation's billionaires are even wealthier than they were two years ago, with Bill Gates alone worth $72 billion and all of them in concert equal to the net worth of 100 million ordinary Americans. I mean, is this insane or what? How much more are we going to give these people?

How many MORE of these $65,000 all copper bath tubs :
do these fuckers need? Ten? Twenty? Can Bill Gates or the Kochs sit in all of them at once? How many 150,000 sq. foot homes do they need? Ten? Fifty? Why isn't there a rational limit to the money - property, that they can own in order for those with less to have a roof over their heads and some food? What kind of nation are we to allow such inequity?  But I digress. Sorry, after being privy to REAL poverty - seen in places as remote as the villages near the Pitons in St. Lucia - where women are infested with schistosomiasis parasites merely from washing clothes in the river - I have little patience or tolerance for people with excess wealth. I do not suffer them kindly, or the fools that seek to defend them. There it is. What can I say?

Anyway, the Koch brothers group has already spent millions on ads fighting health reform,and (as the Times reports) is beginning a new campaign to delay the law’s effects. Why can't ordinary people - families struggling with stagnant wages- have what these rich turds have: decent health care? And by that I mean access to care without going bankrupt.

But this is what we've come to expect from the economic barbarians. But who are the rest of these extremist vermin? Vermin who, while puffing "patriotism" out of one side of their mouths, have no problem destroying the basis of positive government with the other - by defunding it - unless they get their nefarious ways. And in so doing they spit on the will of the people and the general welfare held up in the Preamble of the Constitution.

Add to the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, the National Liberty Federation, (amazing how many of these right extremists appropriate the term 'liberty') another “social welfare” group that- as the Times notes-  "sees dollar signs in shutting down the government." In other words, they see dollar signs in depriving impecunious seniors of their Social Security, and paralyzed vets of their disability benefits. Some Americans these! They sound more like Nazis, and no, that's not overblown. Not from where I sit.

How determined are these traitorous vermin to take down the government if they don't get their execrable way? According to The Times,  very determined - citing a Republican operative (Brian Walsh) who recently noted in U.S. News and World Report that the Right is now spending more money attacking Republicans than the Democrats are. He said: “Money begets TV ads, which begets even more money for these groups’ personal coffers. Pointing fingers and attacking Republicans is apparently a very profitable fund-raising business.”

The idea is clearly one of blackmail and extortion. Vote the way we demand, to defund or shut down the government (sending vulnerable citizens down the crapper) or we will take you down from the Right. We will get an even more extremist (but cooperative) pawn to help us achieve our goals. And the Devil take the hindmost or most of the nation!

Citizens need to be aware of the forces at work at this new debt ceiling crisis unfolds, and a government shut down becomes more imminent. Know who the enemy is, and in the next cycle of elections, i.e. next year, refuse to vote for any of the extremists' pawns!

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