Friday, September 13, 2013

U.S. Political Class Goes Ape Shit Over Putin Op-Ed

Ah, the "land of the free and home of the brave" - which ironically boasts more people in prisons or on probation than China, Russia, Iran and Syria combined. But wait....our troops are fighting for "our freedoms". Puh-leeze!  At least some of this Neoliberal codswallop would be digestible if  the Overclass and its media that run this country were less hypocritical and at least gave a nod to freedom of speech, without getting their panties in a snit and losing it every damned time a meme opposing their own gets high profile circulation.

 But we already saw how that one worked out, when a long forgotten essay by former Univ. of Colorado prof Ward Churchill was found, then circulated and he was run out of his teaching job - based on a university witch hunt that detected "plagiarism". (Interestingly, in a "QA research vetting" wherein they singled out only Churchill.)

Then there was Joe Wilson, who in his New York Times op-ed piece, "What I Didn't Find in Africa", exposed the Bushies'  phony Niger "yellowcake" bunkum (used to justify the Iraq invasion, and which many rightist idiots or disputatious obsessives still believe, e.g. at and other enclaves). The entrenched Neocon political class was so outraged that they let Joe have it....or rather his wife, with the subsequent "outing" of  Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. And yet these rat fuckers are still walking around and haven't been hanged yet for treason.

So pardon me if I am compelled to laugh now at the hysterical responses of the new political class where the likes of John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and James Inhofe all bleat their outrage together- like a chorus of cosseted corporate, Neoliberal whores and losers. "Awwww.......Putin got to write a piece in the New York Times, BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAA .....I'm gonna lose my lunch!"

But there it was in full view - with clips featured on Chris Hayes 'ALL IN" last night-   where we beheld the same screeching and hysteria - by the Neoliberal political class assholes, analogous to what we beheld from the Bushite war criminals after Joe Wilson exposed their ruse on yellowcake. (Which, btw, a number of articles in Physics Today have also validated.)

All this huffing, puffing, pissing, farting and moaning after Putin's Op-Ed appeared in The New York Times. There was Nancy Pelosi sputtering and moaning with her head spinning- looking like some poor wretch who'd taken too much Ex-lax - and didn't know where to run, then Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ) bellyaching at how he "wanted to vomit"  after having read it. And last, there was Sen. Jim Inhofe, the illustrious asshole who himself feels he has the right to call global warming a "hoax" over and over- despite the fact his BS may well have postponed action until we're now all for the high jump. But this same asshole imp who declares his "right" to spout  climate rubbish,  is now seen screaming and howling about "having to read such stuff" and "wanting to throw up".

Hey, don't let your barf bag hit you in the ass on the way out, asshole!  You didn't HAVE to read it!  No one forced you to!  The same applies to all the other mealy -mouthed Neolib pols pouting, whining and evidently missing their own hypocrisy in this instance too. Hey, what happened to the "free market of ideas"? Oh wait! It only applies to Neolib rats and scoundrels!

But let's move on to the larger point.

As exposed this morning on CBS News Early Show, the American PR firm Ketchum was behind getting Putin's op-ed expeditiously published a mere day after Obama's "war" speech.  Ketchum is but one PR firm, and there are literally hundreds which do just about everything - from painting positive portraits of our pols when caught with their pants down, to those like BRJames which helped get Assad's wifey into Vogue, to  Hill and Knowlton, which helps the natural gas-fracking bunch promote the myth that fracking poses no harm.(As well as assisting pro-frack pols to get elected.)

My point is that the PR influence is spread throughout our political system as much as lobbying. Indeed, the two are often tied together 'at the hip' with lobbyists often using PR firms in their own goals to either get their clients elected or move public opinion on an issue- such as fracking, or to deny global warming (like Inhofe does). What the Neolib crybabies are really bellyaching over is that Putin had access to an American PR firm (like they do) but now given the capacity to influence American minds, re: the Syria issue and especially the threat of U.S. strikes.

But instead of paying attention to their own use of PR firms and lobbyists,  all our pissant pols instead hypocritically postured by castigating Putin for HIS "posturing" while objecting to a basic freedom most of them take for granted. And I am talking about the Democrat weasels as well as the Repukes. On certain issues, when they all scream the same way, you can really see how they have more in common than one believes, as on the issue of Edward Snowden  - when Chuck Schumer screamed as loud for Snowden's head, as Insane McCain and that moron Lindsey Graham.

So don't get me started on these jackasses and jagoffs. I will take them seriously when they go after Ketchum and their OWN PR firms, as opposed to trying to keep those unsavory facts hidden from us. At least in the case of Putin's op-ed, most savvy Americans already knew that the exceptionalist meme was poisoning the country and leading its military- industrial complex to ever more wars of choice and military spending adventures. We didn't need a bimbo such as Chris Hayes had on last night (from New Republic) trying to tell us that the op-ed was --------- (fill in your epithet)  and Americans ought not buy it. Well, why would we buy claims from, HuffPo,   The Daily Beast (whose then editor, Tina Brown,  couldn't even get the grassy knoll aspect of the JFK hit right- using it as a joke to ding the Diana conspiracy) or New Republic or any other sources?

What separates the deep politics immersed citizen from the superficial citizen, is that we do our own research from independent sources and arrive at our own conclusions via critical thinking - not Neoliberal group think. (Which was blatantly obvious the way they all came down on the Snowden issue, even "liberal" MSNBC, with the exception of the more intelligent Chris Hayes.)

As opposed to hysterically screeching their heads off, the American political class would have done better to extract the key nuggets from Putin's op-ed as opposed to pissing on all of it, and trying to evoke phony outrage. Especially when most savvy citizens already can see right through them, and the Neoliberal whores and grafters they really are. Need a clue? Look at the polls that showed congress is rated even lower on the 'approve' scale than getting dysentery or West Nile virus!

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