Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pats Dispatch Tebow - Hopefully No More "Tebowing" in Our NFL Future!

 Tim Tebow is now gone from the NFL ranks, at least for now - and let us hope forever. While his Xtianoid groupies may be saddened they'll see no more "Tebowing" - the rest of us are delighted. We had had enough of his sanctimony, and also hypocrisy - thanking the Lord and praising him after a 'W' - but delivering nary a tweet after a loss. What? "Satan" caused your losses?

Robert Kraft, NE Patsies'  owner explained yesterday on CBS Early Show why the kid's time was up. He was diplomatic saying: "Well, we've only really ever used two quarterbacks and we already have them." But the real reason as anyone who's into football knows, is that Tebow - aside from some option tricks- didn't have the ball skills to consistently beat NFL secondaries ....or D-linemen.

The Patriots taking Tebow in the first place was somewhat astonishing, given that back in December, 2011 they laid on a big time butt whuppin'. See the image below of one of the many sacks Tebow took at the Pats' hands:

As I wrote on a blog post back then:

"Patriots 41, Broncos, 23. Praise the Lord and pass the humble pie!"

And recall Dan Shaughnessy's (of The Boston Globe's)  remarks the next day:

"A simplistic, throw-back offense isn't enough to exchange scores or keep pace against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady , a thoroughly 21st century man.
Sorry, Tim Tebow. Your time never arrived."

Indeed! Meanwhile, Tom Brady - a real QB - sadistically picked apart an outmanned Broncos' secondary - almost like a necrotic kid ripping off a fly's wings and legs one by one. Brady completed 23 of 34 for 320 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions. And he had a 1-yard rushing touchdown, followed by a menacing spike, in the second quarter that put the Pats up, 24-16 after they had once trailed, 16-7.

At the point of that spike, Brady was heard by many fans in the stadium to scream:

"Take that! You Tebow Maniacs!"

Here he is in mid-Yell:

Let's also get straight that many Denver Broncos' fans were themselves embarrassed by the overt, holier-than-thou baloney coming from Tebow. It so turned some fans off that they actually took the time to pen letters to the Denver Post, averring they were changing allegiance - to the Kansas City Chiefs!

Now, that is a pretty gross downer and state of disappointment. Of course, meanwhile, the Colorado Christians were pumping Tebow's saintliness until it stuck in just about every normal person's craw. Thankfully, at the end of the 2011 season, Tebow was sent packing to the Jets, where he became a media darling of the dumbo set, but never really delivered more than a few offensive tricks as the Jests slid back.

Again, it was strange and odd beyond belief the Pats took Tebow, given what they exposed of his weaknesses two years back. One can only surmise that Bill Belichick thought he could somehow remake the guy into a real pocket passer - but in practices likely discovered it was a lost cause.

A Tom Brady, Joe Flacco or Aaron Rodgers, he ain't.

We do wish Tim well, and hey - perhaps a college coaching job or some other similar gig (HS coach in Gainesville, FL) is in his future. But I am fairly certain no other NFL team will pick him up before the season begins - which is tomorrow,  but technically not until Sunday when most teams face off. While Tebow did win the Heisman, his tricks simply weren't adequate to spell success in the harder hitting, more remorseless NFL. When one of is glorifiers writes his autobiography that's what they ought to keep in mind.

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