Monday, September 23, 2013

Will the GOP's Psychopaths Shut the Government Down?

The clock is ticking and thanks to the Tea Party clowns holding the GOP hostage, the whole nation may be held hostage within a week - if a government shutdown ensues.

Make no mistake, that these reprobates have already shown themselves to be "mean-spirited" class warriors. They don't care about their fellow Americans other than to use them as leverage in their insane extortion gambits. Basically, as wifey observes, they "are criminals and vermin". And this is a woman not given to hyperbole.

In his must-read recent column for the New York Times, Paul Krugman castigates House Republicans for slashing funding for the Supplementation Nutritional Assistance Program (aka SNAP or food stamps) and defends the program as an example of “public policy at its best.” Krugman  correctly argues that SNAP’s growth is not a sign out-of-control government spending, as Republicans have said, but rather of the program responding to increased demand in the wake of an ongoing economic crisis. He writes:
SNAP, in short, is public policy at its best. It not only helps those in need; it helps them help themselves. And it has done yeoman work in the economic crisis, mitigating suffering and protecting jobs at a time when all too many policy makers seem determined to do the opposite. So it tells you something that conservatives have singled out this of all programs for special ire.
Even some conservative pundits worry that the war on food stamps, especially combined with the vote to increase farm subsidies, is bad for the G.O.P., because it makes Republicans look like mean spirited class warriors. Indeed it does. And that’s because they are.

What can be done to stop the mayhem? At this point, very little. While a recent CBS News poll shows 53% of Americans want the parties  to "compromise" to avoid a shutdown, it is very difficult - if not impossible- to negotiate with psychopaths, and economic terrorists. Let's be clear what these psychos demand to avoid a shutdown: a defunding of Obamacare, which technically means taking it off the table for one year.

While it sounds mild and not so draconian it is in fact very draconian because the dirty secret is that inflation IS increasing. You just have to look at the food prices, fuel costs and increasing prescription and medical costs. Never mind the Federal Reserve's phony baloney, low-balled inflation statistics - which leaves all those inputs out. So, the point is that by putting the Affordable Care Act in hibernation for one year, all its costs will explode on re-emergence to the point that the original deficit control aspects of the law will no longer apply. Make no mistake the Foxites, Teepees and their racist bigot ilk will all happily point this out too.

A one year defunding also ensures the Act will lose significant viability, while also leaving millions of struggling Americans in the lurch.  People who would have been able to join exchanges this coming year and avoid being refused health care - because of their pre-existing conditions - will be screwed. College age or older kids (to age 26) will no longer be covered under their parents' policies and have to find their own. Meanwhile, insurance 'caps' will be reinstated for policies meaning parents with high- need kids (e.g. autistic, disabled)  will see policies expire and they will be left to cover costs.

Women also stand to lose big time. While women typically only earn 73 cents on the dollar relative to men, and their health insurance premiums are typically 40% higher (think: breast pumps, pap smears, more medical visits in general than males have) , the ACA ensures a level playing field with women paying no more than men for premiums. Add to that the fact the gov't will subsidize premium payments for those needing it, and just about everyone should be screaming in the streets for the GOP to do the right thing - no pun intended!

It is simply too high a price to pay to comply with extortion which is what it amounts to. "Pay up or we shut everything down!" 

What of the shutdown itself? Well, it can be partial or total depending on how far the crazies will go  - and bear in mind this is the same lot that ultimately didn't accept rational cutting of THEIR favorite programs (i.e. military) 2 years ago,  which led directly to the automatic sequester and its ongoing  indiscriminate cuts.

 If the shutdown is partial, the damage can likely be contained and many essential services can continue. Social security payments are critically mandated, as are Veterans' benefits, but they are by no means untouchable in the event a shutdown is prolonged. People need to be aware of this and pay no attention to the lies from some sources that it's "no biggie" and the Dems are "using fear tactics".

Let's hope sanity ultimately prevails, but don't look for any on the Reepo-Tea Bag side!

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