Monday, September 16, 2013

More on the Denver Post’s Tipping “Norms”

Following on from my earlier post on tipping, and for anyone interested, below is the “guide” the Post published as to tipping norms these days – with the 20 percent applicable for dining out.

Point to remember dining out: You tip on what the bill would come to before you factor in coupons or 2-for-1 deals. You might be getting that second entree for free, but the waiter is still schlepping it out. Don’t begrudge the full total whether he or she is black or white! .

Barista: No tip required, but many people drop the loose change or $1 into the tip jar. .

Bartender: $1 per drink, or 15 percent of the total tab. If you eat a meal at the bar, tip according to the rule-of-thumb for waiters. .

Maitre d': $5-$25 for special efforts. .

Delivery: $3 for something like Chinese takeout. .

Coat check: $1 per coat.

Bellman: $1-$2 per bag.

Concierge: $5-$20, depending on the service. No need to tip for directions, but if they score you last-minute reservations at a hot restaurant, $5 is in order. .

Housekeeper at motel, hotel: $2-$5 per night. .

Parking valet: Opinions vary, but $2-$5 seems the norm. .

Room service: $5 minimum, though make sure a gratuity is not already included in the check. .

Shuttle bus driver: $1-$2 if baggage is handled. .

Cab driver: 10 percent, $2-$5 minimum.

Personal service: .

Barber/Stylist: 10-20 percent.

Spa service: 15-20 percent.

Shoeshine: $2-$5.

Furniture delivery: $5-$20, or at least a cold drink.

Mover: $15-$25 per person .

Footnote: A certain racist blogger has opined that he’d not give “a cent” to any waiter or waitress of color that “stunk” (i.e. affected his racist olfactory nerves) no matter how they were otherwise presented or their politeness, level of service. One hopes that if this is his guide, he keeps to his scarce appearances at all dining emporiums, period. At least those that aren't cracker havens. It could be the servers in question are working so hard – all day long –they have no chance at all to “freshen up”. It might also be that he has a cancer of the nasal septum or related problem or.... it's all in his fat head and needs some ECT. It’s easy to carp when all you have to do is sit home and collect a check from Uncle Sam every month – while also screaming/blogging that the “liberals” (“libtards”) want to turn the country into a government-run ward for the state!

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