Monday, September 9, 2013

With Russian Warships Headed for Syria - There's NOTHING Obama Can Say to Convince Us To Start A War!

The Russian warship 'Moskva' in a Ukrainian Black Sea port, already headed for Syria.

According to The Christian Science Monitor (Sept. 6) at least three Russian warships are  headed for Syrian waters, and more might be on the way, including a frigate and another landing ship. The ships are coming from the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol, according to CBS News

Why so much sea power? ?

The Kremlin’s chief of staff says it’s to evacuate Russians from Syria if a looming US air attack makes that necessary. But don't be so sure. While not yapping any threats, it is clear to experienced Russian observers they are more than ready for a fight, and a final face down against a super power which has thrown its weight around way too long.   The Monitor cites the Institute for the Study of War, on its Syria blog, that the Russian spy ship - the Priazovye - carries both active (radar) and passive (sonar) sensors that would enable it to possibly determine the location of the US ships. This alone would allow them to transmit locations to the Iranians in order to more accurately fire their own missiles at the ships - in retaliation. So the Russians can become involved, even if not directly.

Is there much to fret over? You better believe it, despite dweezil John Miller - former spook and now useless spook and pro-NSA mouthpiece - blabbering this morning on CBS' Early Show that there really shouldn't be any Syrian "retaliation" because the U.S. is only administering a limited "punishment" blow and why would Assad risk more retaliation if his proxies or himself launches counter attacks?

Well, uh, you dumb fucking dildo, because we are launching an unlawful act of war - an aggressive action against a state that has not threatened our interests at all!  Not killed one American!  You think after  lobbing over 150 Tomahawks, and dropping hundreds of tons of bombs using B1 and B52  bombers- likely killing hundreds,  the Syrians, Iranians, Russians will go quietly into that good night and suck it up? What are you, stupid?  They will unleash everything, as Assad asserted this morning in an interview with Charlie Rose  - and that could range from Iranian missile attacks on U.S. ships, to Syrian missile attacks on Israel, to terror attacks by Hezbollah and more blowback for us - as if we needed more terrorists to hamper our civil liberties.

But the worst fear is some accidental hit on Russian ships provoking an initial massive conventional response, which in turn could escalate to a limited nuclear war with tactical nukes - then to a full scale nuclear war.  Having lived through the Cuban Missile crisis back in October, 1962, I see the same perils - with U.S. and Russian ships perilously close to each other, and the chance of any misfire or miscalculation leading to worse consequences. Fortunately, nuclear war didn't erupt then because cooler heads prevailed - including John Kennedy facing down two Joint Chiefs: Lyman Lemnitzer and Curtis Lemay, who wanted him to go full bore bombing and invading Cuba. Had he been stupid enough to do that, we wouldn't be having this conversation - the planet would still be a pile of smoldering ruins and ash.

But it appears Obama and his bunch, including "Lurch" Kerry, haven't learned from past history. And so Obama wants to make a "case" tomorrow night for striking Syria.....and maybe launching WWIII. The man of "hope and change" finally can be seen for what he really is, a warmonger, no different from Bush I or Bush II.  As Prof. Hillary Mann Leverett, professor at American University, put it: "I want my money back!" 

Look, with the potential for global disaster now the highest it's been since perhaps October, 1962, there is really nothing Obama can say, no amount of rhetoric, and no amount of pseudo-evidence to convince us to start a war we likely can't control and won't be able to stop once it starts. We have been mired in two "wars" (actually occupations) the past 12 years, and it is now THIS nation that needs rebuilding and desperately! Besides, there is a debt ceiling limit soon to arrive within weeks. Do we really have the funds, resources to wage another prolonged battle against Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia? I think not.

The buzz this morning is that Obama won't even wait until the House vote (with the real people's representatives) but will act after the Senate vote passes a fig leaf "resolution"  - which it likely will. Who can forget The Treason of the Senate by David Graham Phillips? And it's as true today as it was back in 1906, given the Senate represents millionaires who have little in common with the people. It is really  the House of Representatives that are the true people's reps - so if Obama just ignores them, he's flouting the Constitution.

Obama seems not to be aware of the potential to destroy whatever legacy he still has left, by an irrational act designed merely to: a) teach a lesson to Iran (which might be next) and b) make sure everyone knows he ain't foolin' when he invokes  "red lines"!

What I want to know is what happened to the guy that received the Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe he ought to think of giving it back.

As for me, I will be sure to watch some movies on the tube when Obama is making his spiel. There is nothing he can say which will convince me to change my mind - and I believe that holds for millions of other citizens too. More hot air and propaganda we don't need!

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