Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vatican Sics Bishop Enforcers on Nuns!

We knew that there might be payback after a goodly number of nuns protested in the wake of Catholic challenges to the contraception provision in Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Those nuns understood the range of harm that would befall millions of women if denied such access, especially when the pill is used so much for control of health problems such as endometriosis.

Now, we learn the Vatican has ordered a crack down on a particular group of nuns, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Evidently, the Vatican praised the nuns for "promoting social justice" but slammed them for protesting Church doctrine "on homosexuals and women's ordination" though one suspect the real reason was their full throated defense of Obama's health plan.

What the Vatican boneheads evidently don't process is that defenders of social justice typically are progressive-liberal in mindset and this also carries over to other issues such as women's ordination, homosexuality, and even acceptance of abortion in the extreme cases of rape or incest. Yet the Vatican makes a federal case out of it while also decrying the nun's "silence on abortion and right to life issues".  Of course this is all so much distortion.

The Leadership conference nuns, for their part, were "stunned by the reprimand" and made it clear they'd never defied church doctrine though they did question it. But evidently, the weasels at the Vatican can't even abide the tiniest dissent - thus demanding all fall into lockstep behind their antiquated, archaic teachings and nonsense.

Reinforcing this take, Fr. Robert Kaslyn of Catholic University asserted the nuns' Leadership Conference' "gets its authority from Rome".

In other words, they have no right to even question Vatican dogma unless given permission to do so. As Kaslyn puts it they "aren't authorized to question the Church or the Bishops."

He added:

"As public representatives by their very existence they have an obligation to reflect fundamental Church teaching on matters."

 In other words, neither the nuns individually or as any collective have any authority to express their own views or question any aspects of archaic Church teaching. They are to serve merely as parrots for the Vatican.

No wonder I left this Church without looking back.

As for the Vatican and the Bishops, they lost all moral credibility on any moral-ethical issues when they failed to protect tens of thousands of youths from priestly predators. For this reason alone, they've no moral leg to stand on by which they can expect anyone within their religion to echo their feeble doctrines. For, if those doctrines and teachings looked the other way while innocents were being assaulted they are of no value now or ever.

They can as well be dismissed, like Kaslyn's arrogant and moronic take.

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