Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fascist Dictatorship in Michigan: Is ANYONE Paying Attention?

First, let me thank Rachel Maddow for drawing attention to this story on her MSNBC show two nights ago. (One wonders sometimes where we'd be without this national political resource). This concerns how a set of extreme fascist Teabaggers in Michigan have used bogus laws to seize control of the state - literally turning it into a One-party dictatorship and One -party state. Imagine then, if you can, The Republic of North Korea suddenly transferred in a nascent form to this country and you have what's been going on in Michigan the past year and a half under what they call "immediate effect" (I use the word 'nascent' because at the rate things are going, the concentration camps will soon be going up if something isn't done, and by that I mean overturning ALL 546 laws so far passed under "immediate effect")

If you are unfortunate enough to live in Michigan, then, you are now without a functioning democracy. Because of the way the Goop Nazis have used "immediate effect" the state Democrats have been effectively shut out from any voting. Because they've been shut out some of the most extreme fascist laws ever conceived in this nation have been passed, including the ability to use what's called "emergency managers" to actually take over Michigan towns, usurp local government and pass local edicts that tie the hands of all local elected officials - from school boards to Mayors. (Anyone recall this is what Chairman Mao did during his "Cultural Revolution" in China, in the 1960s?) It is as if there was a revolution via bastardized pseudo-lawmaking. These "emergency "managers even possess the power to issue edicts that prevent registered voters from exercising their franchise - as Rachel noted- hence what one has is no longer a state democracy but a plain dictatorship under Michigan Gubernator Rick Snider.

Readers who want to see the Rachel Maddow clip on what's going on, may access this link:

Under Michigan Constitution, Article 4, Sec. 27, in general no act may become law until at least 90 days after the state legislative sesssion (at the end of the calendar year in which the laws were passed). However, later allowances, provisions were made for true emergencies (such as in disasters for which assistance couldn't wait) - and these exceptional provisions were under "immediate effect" but required a super-majority. In the Michigan House of Representatives, Maddow observes that this has meant at least 73 votes were needed to pass every immediate effect law.

But as Rachel documents, 546 laws of 566 have actually been passed (including the odious "emergency manager" laws) which permit designated Gooper storm troopers (e.g. "officials") to take over towns, that were done without the 73 needed votes. In effect, the Republicans who control Michigan’s House of Representatives have been accessing emergency powers by pretending to have a supermajority they don’t really possess- and denying vote counts for the 47 democrats.

This would be bad enough, outrageous, in any case where even nominal legislation was passed, but many of the 546 "laws" strike at the very heart of Michigan citizens' liberty - especially taking over their towns, overturning the authority of their elected officials, and even going so far as to threaten voting rights.

WHERE are all the liberty screechers now that were yelping about Obama being a "fascist" and "Nazi" when we have de facto Nazis (under Herr Obersturmf├╝hrer Snider) governing a state in the lower 48 of the US of A. Why have we not dispatched our own military to take back Michigan's towns - such as Pontiac- now under seige and occupied by these extremists? If we are all about checking the actions of terrorists, then why not the actions of state terrorists in our own country?

Fortunately a Judge - Clinton Canady - has issued a temporary restraining order compelling House Republicans in the majority party to hold recorded roll call votes when at least 22 Democrats request one. More importantly, ALL of those 546 "laws" passed without the required super-majority need to be struck down.

Let us hope the 'pukes don't take over all 3 branches of government this November, because if they do the whole country may well be at risk from these sort of shenanigans. Romney and Paul Ryan leading a purge and Reich Wing "cultural revolution"? Don't laugh until you actually read what these guys have planned for us!

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