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State of the Union? WHAT "Union"? Pardon Me While I Ignore This Farce

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Dotard before his minders dose him up with resperidol before he goes on the air tonight  to ensure he doesn't randomly erupt.

The biggest farce going on tonight is the totally specious, cognitively dissonant "state of the union" message  ostensibly from Russian -elected Donnie Dotard.  What we know is that the smart lawmakers will not be attending nor will the smart citizens be wasting their time watching the performance of this traitorous, lying maggot  clown  shoehorned into office thanks to a foreign adversary.

Indeed, a media specialist appearing on 'AM Joy' Sunday noted that the SOTU - as now designated - is almost entirely a partisan affair. Those who watch it on their home TV sets are 99% supporters of "that president and party". Those who ignore it are not. In the case of Trump, you can be sure no one of the Dem persuasion who calls him or herself liberal or progressive will be wasting time watching the travesty  this evening.

I refer to it as a travesty because no matter what drugs, e.g. resperidol, they put in Trump's water to keep him sane and "on script" tonight  the man is pure "vermin",  to use Janice's parlance.  Not only that, but at the same time he'll be trying to placate the viewing audience and especially the media - (who will be weighing in after),  he's launching an all out attack on the rule of law. I already discussed a lot of this in the previous post to do with his Waterboy traitor Devin Nunes - ordered by Trump to discredit and undercut the FBI and DOJ.  And we know when Dotard yelps 'Jump!', Waterboy Nunes asks "How high?"

Trump, as Joe Scarborough put it this morning, revealed himself  every bit the "common thug" we know him to be, e.g. in his vile treatment of the wife of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. (Asking what it feels like to be married to a "loser" - after she lost a VA race in 2015).  But the worst aspect, the most despicable - as Scarborough noted - will be the optics of this manipulative asshole trying to bring the nation together even as he's engaged in using toadies to "conduct a witch hunt against the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Attorney General while giving the Russians a free pass."

As Scarborough added:

"This is an investigation into the interference of Vladimir Putin into our election system. Then we have Devin Nunes with the help of Paul Ryan turning it instead into an examination of the very law enforcement agencies."

And let's bear in mind this is all at the behest of the swine in the White House, along with his traitor accomplice John Kelly - also pushing for Nunes and the Reptiles to attack the FBI and DOJ.   THAT is why nothing that transpires tonight can be respected. There can be no comity, no civility, and certainly NO unity when a traitor takes center stage and pretends to be the unifier of a nation while he attempts to destroy the rule of law as completely as Hitler and the Nazis did with the Enabling Act.

Why would any sentient and honorable citizen,  given all we now know,  commit to watching two hours of fulsome lies as Trump strives for a "measured" speech? Especially as we  know he will be reading his hog swill from  a teleprompter. Something any intelligent 8 -year old ought to be able to do..  The mainstream media itself is no guide to speech quality or sincerity. Most of them are now so exhausted from battling Trump they're prepared to declare he "at last appears presidential". That is if  he merely  refrains from going off script, foaming at the mouth and babbling about Obama wiretaps. That is how low the standard  is to proclaim the SOTU a success.

Even popular historian Doris Kearns Goodwin babbled breathlessly this morning on Scarborough's show that pomp and circumstance "always prevail"  when the lawmakers enter the hall, blah, blah, blah. As if she is disconnected from actual unfolding events regarding what this piece of filth taking the dais this evening is all about. A classless con man and thug  who merits no more respect or "pomp" than a rabid rat.

But for whom is this 2 hour farce  being played? Well, a peanut gallery of political poltroons.  This is why I applaud Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. John Lewis for tapping into their conscience and opting to boycott the misleading event.  Why attend, as Rep. Waters put it last week, just to hear this evil moron babble out his lies and insults?

"Oh Oh but you are giving vent to a divisive politics and nation!"

Sorry, Roscoe and Rosie, that's the way it's ever been  for at least the past two decades, if not more.

Here's the funniest part: There is NO "union".  It's all a mirage.  This is no longer the United States of America but rather the Divided States of America. You cannot have a United States when nearly 33 % believe the opposite of what the other 67% accept as facts. Those 33 percent  are convinced there is actually a Kremlin- Hillary- FBI collusion - also involving the Steele Dossier and a "wrongly issued" FISA warrant - which is the basis of the memo Nunes and his fellow rats want to release..  This bullshit has now mutated into a whole cloth conspiracy -- according to the FAUX News zombies - to "overthrow the Trump government" .  According to hacks like Sean Hannity et al by using former MI6 spy Christopher Steele and his dossier as well as special prosecutor Bob Mueller. The latter presumed to be running a witch hunt along with the FBI - both are seeking to "undo the 2016 election by overthrowing Trump in a bloodless coup."

This bifurcation of news- information sources has been going on for some time. Nor does it take a Ph.D. in media or communications and linguistics to grasp that it has created two distinct national perspectives. Hence, created two populations accepting widely divergent realities. I have also singled out FOX News as the biggest culprit in gutting the febrile and already gullible brains of a segment of the populace,  dividing our nation more with each passing month.

Women with bright pink hats and signs begin to gather early and are set to make their voices heard on the first full day of Donald Trump's presidency, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington.You need imagery to make this more concrete? Then check out the 2 photos below from two distinct demonstrations over the past 8 months. See if you can figure out which march photo correlates with which population:

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The two images also hold within them - not only the symbolism of their participants' causes  - but from which axis of the information universe they obtain their news. Want to also make a guess on which will have eyes glued to Trump's SOTU tonight? Come on, give it your best shot! Hint: One set displays what true democracy is all about, vibrant, raucous and energized  by opposition. The other displays the toxic cast of authoritarianism especially as wielded in the Nazi state and old Confederacy.

One side, akin to the nature of Trump and the Republicans, will be invested in LIES. What do we know about the undermining of truth especially as it pertains to a nation's integrity? One of the best answers was quoted by Peggy Noonan in her WSJ column 'Declarations' (Jan. 27-28, p. A13). This was from a book by Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. I quote from Noonan's column:

"Lying leads to Hell. It was the great and small lies of the Nazi and Communist states that produced the deaths of millions of people'.

Peterson is referring here to the lies of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, arguably  the two most sadistic tyrants in history, both of whom began as common thugs (like Trump). Hitler himself is known for his quote: "If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it."

Which Donald Drumpf (his original family surname)  has clearly adopted. We now know that he's rattled off more than 2,000 lies the past year based on tabulations carried out by The Washington Post.

So we have roughly one third of the nation invested and committed to the lies of Trump and Trump TV (FOX News), the other two thirds struggling to keep its sanity and investment in truth and fact- imploring the free press (not coopted ) to continue doing its best job in the face of "fake news" attacks.

Some comments of late (unpublished) have accused me of being overly worked up and obsessed about Trump, and the state of political regression in  the U.S.. If so, they haven't seen my wife - almost on the verge of tears each time she watches Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  Every Trumpian or Repuke move is taken by her as a personal attack  whether the consummate rat Devin Nunes about to release his cherry picked memo to attack the FBI and Rod Rosenstein (see my previous post) or the wretched Reeptard campaign  and Trump TV lying about everything to protect Trump and denigrate Bob Mueller's investigation. In the process providing cover for the Russians to do another hit job on our mid term elections.

As I noted before, 50 years ago if a foreign adversary had attempted to subvert our elections and was exposed as cooperating with a particular party or presidential campaign all hell would have broken loose. At the very least both sides would have found common cause in seeking out the culprits and exacted punishment. Now, one party seeks to protect and find specious cover for the perpetrators!

How can one not be outraged? If one isn't, with the specter of national elections this fall again at risk,  then what can one say other than the nonchalant person's citizenship ought to be revoked. No apologies, no 'do overs', no excuses.

So fuck no, I will not subject myself or my wife to the tissue of patent lies or pretense of temporary civility that will be on offer tonight. Let whatever network talking heads watch and make of it what they will. What I will likely do is watch the extended Democratic response which I believe will be as vigorous and trenchant as I expect it to be.

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