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Devin Nunes Ought To Be Hung As A Traitor If He Releases Classified Memo

The slimy, traitorous rat Devin Nunes who's tried previously to sabotage investigations. Now he wants to release a classified memo against the warnings of the Dept. Of Justice. The reckless POS ought to be hung as a traitor if he does release his material - especially without the context of the Democrats' counter memo.

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks appearing on 'All In'  made no bones about the fear she felt earlier this evening at the actions of consummate rat and traitor Devin Nunes. He had ostensibly recused himself from the House Intelligence Committee- but has now threatened to release a classified memo which he'd already been warned was "reckless". This warning was from the Department of Justice and its reasoning is sound: the purported memo contains critical information - all classified - on the mode of operations employed in serving FISA warrants. It applies with special force to the unmasking of a known Russian agent, Carter Page, whose several meetings with known FSB agents had been brought to the attention of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. This was largely thanks to separate intel intercepts dispatched from a number of European nations (e.g. the UK,  Netherlands, Germany).

While the blowhard Right opinionists,  e.g. Daniel Hoffman, WSJ today ('The Steele Dossier Fits the Russian Playbook',  p. A17)  insist it's all a Kremlin -hatched plan to overthrow Trump, we know better. We know instead this is all part of the Right's  (and Trump's)objective to discredit the ongoing Mueller investigation into the real collusion (more accurately the conspiracy) with the Russians, to insert Trump into office. But the useful idiot Hoffman - contrary to all we know from the CIA, DIA, FBI etc. - claims former M16 spy Christopher Steele was basically a Kremlin stooge .

Meanwhile,  Devin Nunes' reckless memo - to be released in the next twenty or so hours -   without any context and with names of sources - is part of this nefarious network. In this case to debase the FBI and the DOJ, or as former DOJ special agent Matt Miller it put it,  "to attack the rule of law".

Hoffman focuses his venting on the Steele Dossier per se, which I have already read and concluded is totally what an informed MI6 operative would write. He ignores the original independent information regarding the meeting between the Russkies and Trumpies - as brought to the attention of then CIA chief John Brennan.  For example, Hoffman notes that Carter Page insisted while he was in Moscow he never attended any secret meetings.  Hoffman then blabs:

"This is exactly what you'd expect if the Kremlin followed its usual playbook, accurate basic facts provided as bait to convince Americans that the fake info is real."

In other words, Page was in Moscow - that is the genuine info - but that he attended secret meetings as asserted in the Steele Dossier, was "fake".  Disinfo crafted by the renegades in the Kremlin who actually used it to dupe an experienced British spy!  The point Hoffman misses is that the secret Carter Page meetings were actually out there long before the Steele Dossier contents were known. His meetings indeed had been intercepted by different intel agencies across Europe including by the Swiss Spezialdienst  of which my Swiss friend Rolf had once been a member.  As Rolf put it soon after John Brennan had noted the foreign intel origins of Page's antics:

"They'd have known everything, even each time he had to leave the room to go to a restroom"

So, in other words, Hoffman's op ed is simply another in a long line of hit pieces on the Steele Dossier and its author.

As for Nunes, his traitorous ways in releasing classified material precede him, and we last saw that performance in March, e.g.

As I noted therein:

"Nunes by his feckless and reckless actions confirmed once and for all what many of us already believed: he is merely a Trump toady doing his master's work. After all, this turkey  served on Trump’s national security transition team, so why would he not seek to do all possible to cover for his Fuhrer?"

Why indeed? Because when all is said and done it is actually Trump attacking all the ancillary investigators on either side of Robert Mueller. We've already lost (two months' early) Andrew McCabe  - who resigned today - and now Rod Rosenstein is being subjected to pressure. Or soon will be.  The take of both Matt Miller and Jill Wine -Banks is that the memo the traitor Nunes is about to release will single out Rosenstein for getting a FISA warrant on Carter Page  -after his shenanigans in Moscow became known via foreign intel agency intercepts .

Included in the release will be the underlying workings of exactly how FISA warrants are obtained, the detailed methods used and names of sources (and  the name of the judge who issued the FISA warrant). In other words, it amounts to exposing the trade craft of our intelligence agencies and likely that of the Europeans too. Even one hundred years ago such transgression would be met by a fusillade of bullets from a firing squad.  Three hundred years ago in England, the rat would have been hung, drawn and quartered. Meaning he is first hung by the neck - but released before expiring - then lain prone as his belly is gutted and intestines dragged out, and then each of 4 limbs chopped off in turn as the culprit remains semi-conscious - but screaming.

Personally, I think the bastard should just be hung - no waste of any bullets.  No waste of extra energy in chopping off limbs or removing guts.

Janice, wifey, just came into the room in tears after watching Rachel Maddow and echoed Jill Wine -Banks that she "never felt more afraid at what's happening in the country." Especially as Nunes and His Rat Reepos are prepared to release this totally cherry picked memo (but with classified content where it serves his purpose) without even permitting the House Intel Democrats to release a counter memo providing the context.   As Matt Miller put it: "This would be like a prosecution making a case at a trial, and not allowing the defense to be heard."

So, in other words, Nunes and cohort are doubly  traitorous!

I've told Janice to leave the sequence of political shows she usually watches (All In, Maddow, Last Word) and try to catch her breath and change perspective. Maybe watch one of the Xmas movies she still has on the DVR list. Well, this she decided to do, which is just as well as she's been experiencing chest pains and arrhythmia since last night - again - all part of this political upheaval.

We both sometimes wonder how nice, how grand it would be,   to be ensconced in a little burg somewhere in a sane nation like Canada.  Smug and snug in a beautiful little bubble beyond the toxic Trump world.

Alas, that is not our fate.

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Update (1/31):  As usual the WSJ in its editorial ('The House Memo, The FBI and FISA') skews and distorts the facts as when it writes at the very end:  "The same progressives who demanded accountability for FISA courts after Edward Snowden exposed federal snooping now want President Trump to shut down the House's limited attempt at transparency".  Which is mixing chalk and cheese. In fact, as per my post of 4/2/14 the bone of contention with the FISA- Snowden issue was NSA head James Clapper's admission to a Senate Intel committee that NSA "performed warrantless searches on Americans' emails and phone calls."  This was revealed by Snowden's exposure of the Muscular, Xkeyscore etc. programs.  Hence, it was not that progressives "demanded" anything out of the blue for a bogus "transparency"-  as Nunes is doing - but rather merely going by James Clapper's own acknowledgement that 4th amendment protections were violated.  Also, in the process, Snowden never disclosed any sources, methods in his releases. These were carefully redacted. Nunes' memo does no such thing which is why FBI head Christopher Wray made the unusual public statement about having "grave concern" over its release. The traitor Nunes, then, unlike Snowden,  has not only revealed our trade craft methods to the Russian FSB and GRU, but also will be giving the names associated with the FISA warrant process. 

Update 2/3:  The memo release turned out to be anticlimactic in terms of being a document Dotard can use to fire Rod Rosenstein. Why?  Because the last page in reference to George Papadopoulos makes it clear HIS disclosures of the Russia associations to an Australian diplomat preceded any Steele Dossier revelations. In addition, former Bush Jr. security advisor Fran Townsend confirmed yesterday on CBS Early Show that foreign intercepts had also been used, again long before the Steele Dossier became known.  The biggest travesty of this whole political PR stunt remains Nunes' release of classified information - making him a "treasonous rat" as Bill Maher put it on Real Time.

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