Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Long Before We Get Rid Of This Shithole Presidency?

With his outburst about "shithole countries" Trump has proven himself every bit the same vermin racist refuse as Adolf Hitler.

"This afternoon, the man who was elevated to the presidency of the United States, Trump - who was sued by the Nixon administration in the 1970s for refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans, who rose to political prominence by questioning whether the first black president was really an American, who kicked off his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists, and who - as President - said there were good people among the Nazis who marched at Charlottesville and killed a woman by ramming her with their car, that man - Donald Trump - in a meeting in the Oval Office, inside he White House, did the least surprising thing in his presidency to dateLeast surprising but an embarrassment to all Americans."   Joy Reid, lead in comment on 'All In'

A number of those appearing on the air tonight including Charlie Sykes ('How The Right Lost Its Mind'),  Rev. Al Sharpton, Fmr. Sen. Barbara Boxer, Fmr. Watergate attorney Jill Wine-Banks and others have noted how Trump's latest outburst from the Oval Office has defiled us all as a nation. In this latest iteration - proving again all of author Michael Wolff's claims are true, Dotard went on a rampage barking, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” 

This was immediately after being presented with a proposal to restore protections  for immigrants from countries such as El Salvador, Haiti and African nations as part of a bipartisan immigration deal.   This piece of shit pretender president then had the temerity to demand to know why the U.S. would accept immigrants from these nations and not Norway instead. (He had met its prime minister the day before). Given Norway is something like 99% Caucasoid it doesn't take extreme Sherlock Holmes' investigative insights to see this was a blatant racist statement. That it came from the person occupying the highest office in the land is a bloody travesty and further calls for his expeditious removal.

As Barbara Boxer put it: "Donald Trump has insulted every American. He has insulted my home state where we have ethnic harmony and all live together. So he is anti-American.."

Other voices noted how Trump has defiled the office of the presidency itself- which is now regarded by many as no better than a department of shit processing -  but also insults we the People. Never mind some of whom are responsible for putting this degenerate maniac into the nation's highest office.  I won't repeat all the ways Donald Drumpf  has defiled everything we as a People stand for, only again revisit how this latest episode has led us to a new national nadir.  But hopefully not a new national normal to which we become inured.

Most of those who commented on the prime time MSNBC talk shows tonight ('All In', Rachel Maddow, The Last Word),  agree to a person that Trump was playing largely to his revolting base who put him into office, e.g. this lot:

As CBC's Jason Johnson put it:

"It speaks to what we've seen before. There are people in his administration that are saying yes, there are racist White Nationalists in America that are happy to hear this. That Donald Trump wants to create a white nationalist state, to make sure non-white people do not have a role in this country."

Adding that Dotard's statement is also tantamount to a national security threat that indirectly gives aid and comfort to terrorists. So all those dissed black and brown people from the "shithole countries" may now be driven to find succor and support elsewhere.  But not in Trump's KKK dominated Amerikka. (Which is the version he truly wants to "make great")

In other words, we saw Dotard echoing pretty much the same chords that resounded from those who  marched in Charlottesville in August and who Trump referred to as "some very fine people".  We really shouldn't be surprised at his outburst today, however. Recall two days ago he delivered a trained puppet performance in the White House on the DACA and immigration law progress to try and make people believe he was a savvy, serious president. This is as opposed to the derelict loon depicted in Michael Wolff's book, 'Fire And Fury'.

So, Trump's minders (like Gen. John Kelly)  got him relatively under control before the meet - including with Democrats like Dianne Feinstein - so he appeared halfway sane. But as he bloviated about getting immigration reform done and even agreeing with Sen. Feinstein at times ("Yes we can work with that") his Right wing media pundit fans at Trump TV were becoming unhinged.  He was going to agree with Dianne Feinstein? What is he thinking? Watch, for example, Ann Coulter's response below, referring to "the lowest day of Trump's presidency":

As she put it, "What he did was fulfill every description of him in the Michael Wolff book. He doesn't listen, has no command of the facts, always repeats the last thing he hears. "

Proving again that even a stopped clock is right twice each day.  But the point here is that Trump clearly was enraged that the Right's pundit class were chastising him so decided to go full tilt relive Charlottesville to appease them. Hence, the almost exact opposite response and unhinged, disgusting explosion today about "shithole countries".

When I heard this scatalogical reference actually repeated by Joy Reid, standing in for Chris Hayes on All In, it made me wonder why we can't somehow just terminate this malignant, cancerous  shithole presidency, with a shithead president. How much longer do we have to put up with his bullshit, bigoted rhetoric and actions now poisoning the nation beyond the White House itself? 

Forget the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.  That won't work,  as a former aide to Sen. Birch Bayh (the architect of the amendment) pointed out two nights ago.  Why won't it work? Because even if - by some remote probability Trump's cabinet tries to invoke it (especially after this latest episode), Trump himself could file a "dispute". This would then require a two-thirds vote for removal in BOTH Houses of Congress.

That leaves impeachment (by the House Of Representative) as the only legal option to remove him,  followed by actual indictment by the Senate for "high crimes and misdemeanors".  That, however, would necessitate the Dems taking back both House and Senate in the fall and by margins sufficient to accomplish both.  While I do believe impeachment might get done -  I am doubtful we can get the indictment achieved without a literal Civil War.   Why? Because even by the impeachment phase, Trump's deplorable base of misfits would be talking tripe about the "Left"  trying to forcibly remove their asshole who was "duly elected".   (Recall also these loopy assholes sincerely believe WE are the ones who are "crazy" - merely because we possess a moral compass capable of reacting to the maggot's offenses and lies.)

In other words, they'd accuse us of using impeachment and indictment to achieve what we could not at the ballot box. But of course they miss the point. Recall that many of us after Trump was sworn in believed somehow he'd evolve from the low grade carny barker and become "presidential". That he'd finally put a "book end" to  the campaign and all the racial slurs barked out in the heat of it.  But that never occurred. He's still the half-cocked, dyspeptic, hateful bigot and wrecker of norms and national comity that he was over 2015-2016,

The issue being that he never did morph into a president, though he was given every opportunity. He continued to use the office to increase the level of coarseness and incivility in our dialogue as well as the nation's  divisions. He even brought disrepute on our country with his other stunts, including jousting with Kim Jung In over the size of nuclear buttons and declaring the Nazis marching at Charlottesville "some very fine people". Oh, and even backing a sex offender (Roy Moore) for an Alabama Senate seat - fortunately won by Doug Jones, a Dem.

As for DACA and immigration reform, now coming up to a deadline on Jan. 19th (otherwise a government shutdown), I say the Dems must make NO deal. Not if this piece of shit refuse insists on a border  wall being included as part of it. Nope, let the shutdown occur before accepting that raw turd from this fucking asshole.  Do not blink, do not give this degenerate swine even a partial victory. 

Oh, and one more thing: If Donnie Dotard and his toxic party insist - as they now claim - of making low income people work to get access to Medicaid- tell them to go screw themselves. As for action, make sure unfettered access to Medicaid without any strings is part of any spending deal - now or in the future. 

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Infidel753 said...

That leaves impeachment (by the House Of Representative) as the only legal option to remove him, followed by actual indictment by the Senate for "high crimes and misdemeanors". That, however, would necessitate the Dems taking back both House and Senate in the fall and by margins sufficient to accomplish both.

Unfortunately it can't be done that way. Impeachment in the House takes only a simple majority, but actual removal of the President takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate (67 votes). It's mathematically impossible to win a Democratic Senate majority that large in 2018 -- there aren't enough Republican-held seats up for election.

Assuming we get a House majority and a 52-48 Senate majority, which is probably the best we can realistically hope for, removing Trump by impeachment would require 15 Republican Senators to go along. That's not impossible, but that's what it would take. Those 15 Republicans would need to have more guts than most of them have shown so far. Trumpanzees hate "RINOs" and "traitors" even more than they hate Democrats.

Copernicus said...

" Those 15 Republicans would need to have more guts than most of them have shown so far."

Or....they could sense the fire coming for their whole effing party, and quit (retire?) like a number of other 'pukes have, opening up their seats for Dem taking -even in so-called red states. Let's wait and see what transpires as we move closer to the big day.