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Why Do White Christian Evangelicals Worship A Pervert Prez Who Loves Spankings & Golden Showers?

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"Stormy! Why ya had to spank me so hard! I can hardly sit, or pee!"

By now most everyone in the US of A knows what a pervert Donald Dotard is, and it was interesting to see last week, former Bush Jr. WH ethics guy (Richard Painter) fulminate about it, e.g.

As well as insinuating there may be other legal ramifications,  including from paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels in the amount of $130,000.   It didn't appear to have worked as that story,  including lurid details, managed to reappear in a republished 2011  In Touch interview with Daniels. Therein she described having a sexual affair with Trump which included her beating his ass with a FORBES magazine. (The spanking was revealed in a string of emails) Subsequently,  Mother Jones basically confirmed all the sordid details that Daniels described from her 2006 encounters  For reference, see:

According  to a trove of  2009 emails exchanged between political operatives (advising Daniels at the time on a possible political campaign), the adult film actress claimed that her affair with Trump included spanking him with a copy of Forbes.  By one account,  a political consultant to Andrea Dubé related in an email that:

"He made her sit with him for three hours watching Shark Week. Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine,

The magazine used evidently had Dotard's  face on the cover which no doubt provides endless material for any Freudian school psychiatrists and psychologists.   See this humorous take from  late night host Stephen Colbert:

Recall also this isn't Dotard's first pervert rodeo. From the Steele dossier we already know he was into "golden showers". As reported therein by former MI 6  spy Christopher Steele's sources:

"Trump's perverted conduct in Moscow (2013) included hiring the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. where he knew President and Mrs. Obama (whom he hated) had  stayed on one of their official trips to Russia, and defiling the bed where they had slept by employing a number of prostitutes to perform a 'golden showers'  (urination) show in front of him.   The hotel was known to be under FSB control with microphones and concealed cameras in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to."

This was reported in 2013, while Trump's spanking antics  with Stormy Daniels occurred in 2006,  little more than a year after his marriage to Melania and barely 3 months after the birth of son, Barron.  All of which makes the inquiring secularist ask: Why aren't the white Christian evangelicals crawling all over his ass about his infidelity as well as predilection for perversion?  Have they no shame? Or are they just moral hypocrites? This inquiring atheist wants to know. Same way as I did when the RC Church tried to take back their fictitious moral high ground after their priestly pederasty was exposed.

Look, like any other red-blooded 'Murican, Trump is entitled to indulge in his unusual sexual proclivities as long as they are consensual.  Where I and many others have problems is when white Christian evangelicals support his  most radical,  un-Christian behavior,  (like praising Nazis as "very fine people")  then giving him a pass. . See e.g. Tony Perkins of the hyper self -righteous, conservative Family Research Council,  giving Trump his benediction via a "Mulligan" (moral do over):

But as  conservative WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin put it at the end of All In last night, "This isn't about Perkins or his group promoting any faith, but politics." Of course!  The white evangelicals know they have a puppet who will come out swinging against the LGBT populace, sign any anti-immigration laws he's given, and appoint all the anti-abortion justices he can. Just don't tell him to give up his porn star spankings! Hell, someone needs to discipline this deranged imp. 

Ms. Rubin added. providing some stark clarity:

"These white Christians are now, for the first time, not in the majority of the American people.  So they're no longer just leaders, they are grievance leaders.  They feel  this put upon, discriminated against, angry sentiment that their fellowship voices. They don't like being displaced from authority in society. They think women, they think immigrants, they think gays are somehow displacing them taking what is rightfully theirs. And these people are out to claim it. They believe - and in some really interesting polling - they think they are the victims and not African -Americans, and not gays in terms of discrimination in America. That is how twisted it is."

For which insights I give her a '10' out of 10. 

 Hmmmm....grievance leaders?  Poor little victims of those nasty "libtards", "commies", Blacks and gays. Oh, the pity!   But as Denver Post Sunday Editor Chuck Plunkett points out ('Donald Trump's True Believers',  Jan. 21, p. 1D) this does have repercussions for the integrity and propriety of evangelicalism - in much the same way their support of Roy Moore in Alabama cheapened their moral brand. 

As Plunkett wrote, after his interview with Jeff Hunt - director of the Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian University:

"When it comes to politics Hunt has one of the worst cases of true believer syndrome I've ever seen. Again and again his defense of Trump is purely partisan, no matter the violent it creates with Christian values and beliefs."

Which is precisely the point Jennifer Rubin also made about the white evangelicals and why they aren't doing more for  "the least among us", e.g. sick citizens in terms of health care, or the homeless, or Dreamers who've done nothing wrong.  Why aren't they in soup kitchens helping to feed the hungry instead of trying to take away social safety net after safety net? Why are they more obsessed over the life and health of a fetus than an already born 1 or 2 year old who needs expensive treatment for spinal bifida or cancer?

Well uh, because they feel hard put upon by all those damned minorities - which together are quickly rendering them a white minority. Excuse me, a white evangelical Christian minority.

As both Ms. Rubin and Mr. Plunkett put it: :White Christians "want power and Trump gives it to them."   He gives them power over those same minorities they detest. Never mind it comes with a toxic source, from a guy who's groped dozens of women who never wanted his attentions, never mind his spanking fetish.

The questions most of us in the secular political realm want answered are: How can evangelicals be so hypocritical? Why aren't they consigning this jackass to eternal perdition, because he sure as hell hasn't been saved? 

Nowhere is there any evidence that he truly believes on the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the path to salvation according to the oft cited John 3:16.

Plunkett  himself pursues this dichotomy further, asking:

"What about that escapade with Stormy Daniels, the porn star that The Wall Street Journal reported got the hush money? 

According to Plunkett, Hunt at least agreed that he "wasn't supportive of the sins of pornography"  but he "wasn't sure the report was credible". In other words, like other ignorant putzes he believes it's fake news. Let's just dump this one time given the WSJ is not your typical "liberal rag"  but one of the more conservative (but still respected) news sources. Indeed, it's run by Rupert Murdoch who also runs FOX News.

Why though do the white evangelicals so ardently support this pervert prez? Plunkett lists the reasons as conveyed to him by Hunt:

-  Removing protections (from discrimination) for the LGBT-gay community

- Ending the requirement that employers pay for their employees' contraception

-  Placing conservative  justices on the courts to overturn liberal rulings

-  Repealing the Cole memo which was issued under the Obama DOJ and allowed states which passed MJ laws to preserve  their application and integrity.

When Plunkett pursued whether Evangelicals ought to support  a president without question, Hunt was non-committal.  Proving again Jennifer Rubin's take that he like Tony Perkins is just a "grievance leader" not a moral leader. Moral leaders would not support a presidential toxic turd like Donnie Dumpster fire.

Plunkett's conclusion?

"Trump is no Christian. He is a Judas playing evangelicals for fools. Sadly, that makes Hunt's unflinching support a Judas position."

It also renders all other evangelicals who support Dotard the same:   holding "Judas positions".  If the white evangelicals had a scintilla of moral or ethical fiber they'd be deserting Trump in droves. That they aren't discloses they not only support his toxic policies but his toxic morals - or lack of them -as well. 

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