Monday, March 24, 2014

Mike Rogers Needs To Be Replaced on House Intelligence Committee

Mike Rogers of Michigan
It is past time now for blowhard Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, to be replaced.  His earlier comments bordered and indeed exceeded the level of recklessness, e.g.

Where he claimed, without one shred of evidence, that Edward Snowden was a puppet of Russian Intelligence, the FSB. According to this bloviating moron:

"Let me just say this. I believe there’s a reason he ended up in the hands, the loving arms, of an FSB agent in Moscow. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

Oh no, it ain't coincidence, it's not even reality to's all opinion and belief. Woe betide us for thinking that truth, evidence and facts matter, at least for GOOPrs.  Rogers, not content to reveal he's an imbecile, tried for idiot status instead:

He was stealing information that had to do with how we operate overseas to collect information to keep Americans safe … and some of the things he did were beyond his technical capabilities,”

No, peckerhead! He was releasing information in accord with  Principle IV of the Nuremberg Laws to show Americans how their own government was running rough shod over their fourth amendment rights.  The "powers that be" (like you) hate the fact the constitutional crimes were exposed by Snowden and now you will have to find other ways to conceal your malfeasance.

Now, on Sunday,  Rogers stood by his dubious claim that former National Security contractor Edward Snowden had been helped by Russia. Coincidentally, on Saturday, in the latest disclosure from such documents,  we learned of the latest outrage of the NSA, to do with a program called 'Shotgiant' which enabled the NSA  spooks to steal sensitive data from the Chinese Telecommunications company Huawei.

Think, for example, if we had somehow learned that a Chinese Intelligence Agency had broken into Verizon or Comcast, and stolen the names, data of millions. We'd be in such an uproar we'd be calling for heads, or for a war. (Not that this could happen given how much of our debt China owns. Hell, we'd have to take on new debt to make the bombs to go after them!) But see, to the U.S. of A. external perceptions don't matter. All those "lesser nations", yuh know? WE can do anything we want to them, whether occupying, regime change or inexhaustible spying - but they can't do dick or diddly to us!

Anyway, Rogers was asked directly on yesterday's 'Meet the Press', if he had been irresponsible in making such a reckless charge without offering any evidence.  As one might expect, he delivered the response typical of a weasel and poltroon, using his intel position as an excuse not to provide any hard evidence:

"First of all, I see all the evidence and intelligence from everything."

How do we know that? All we have is your bloviated spiel, which isn't worth much! Your words don't mean diddly, Rogers, any more than any other congress critter puppet or agency mouthpiece in the gov't . He went on:

"When you talk to the folks leading the investigation they cannot rule it out. No counter-intelligence official in the United States does not believe Mr. Snowden is not under the influence of Russian Intelligence services."

The sure sign of a dissembling weasel! LOOK at the triple negative in the sentence! "No official does not believe he's not under the influence"....Are you  kidding me? Why not just say 'No official believes he's not under the influence of the FSB'?  Or even simpler, why not leave out all the negatives and say flat out: "Every official believes he's under the influence of the FSB". By adding the 3rd  negative he actually confirms he's a fucking liar. In other words, NO official believes there is any influence, period! Full stop! 

Let's be clear Edward Snowden has consistently denied any involvement with foreign spying agencies and said he leaked the documents because he believed the NSA programs were against the best interests of the American people. (And indeed they are as I've abundantly made clear in many previous blog posts - e.g.

As Snowden  told the Guardian  last year:

I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things,” 

Other sources cited by The Guardian have pointed out that they have no hard evidence that Snowden is in league with any FSB, or any other foreign services. He's a bright guy, undoubtedly Mensa level or higher, who didn't need a college degree  to do what he did. He instead had a high aptitude for computer technology, hell he used a web crawler to get nearly all the NSA documents. That Rogers can't process that, merely reinforces that Rogers himself - as a Densan bozo- is mystified and astonished by talents and aptitudes he can only dream of possessing.

But undoubtedly the most insane charge of all, which shows Rogers has totally lost his mental moorings (and needs to be strapped into a chair in a loony bin, with ECT administered three times a day), is his claim that Snowden had something to do with the Russian occupation of the Crimea! Talk about off the wall conspiracy theories! This one ought to make even that ostensible, nitwit psychologist (Nick DiFonzo) take notice, in linking Rogers' full blown, baseless paranoia to a full tilt conspiracy- based mental illness.

In fact, the Russian occupation of Crimea can easily be explained by resort to game theory, as a response to U.S. pushing NATO expansion, as I have already shown, e.g.

If the U.S. and its bullshitting, pompous poltroons could once put themselves in the shoes of others, of other nations and peoples, they wouldn't have to reach so hard for nutso conspiracy crap involving an ex-NSA contractor and "Russian intelligence". Nor would they have to resort to so many fucking negatives in a sentence to tell their lies. (Or insist, as NSA honcho James Clapper later did, that he was trying to tell the "least untruthful lie".)

The bottom line of all this is Mike Rogers needs to be booted from this House Intel Committee and maybe found another position more suitable to his aptitudes. Say like  screening cartoons for the next CPAC meeting!

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