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Nitwit Psychologist Compares Flight MH370 Conspiracies to JFK Conspiracy

Well, it appears I've been wrong. Abby Huntsman isn't the only moron loose in the media blabber-sphere.  Apparently, you can get them a dime a dozen, a talking head who pontificates but who knows absolutely nothing, nada when it comes to the crunch. In this case, regarding a major American conspiracy which has consumed this nation (and undermined any trust in the gov't)  the past 50+ years.. Such was the situation earlier this afternoon, in one of those dead news periods, where MSNBC's 'The Cycle' featured a psychologist nitwit who actually compared the people who buy into the Flight MH370 conspiracy codswallop - which I exposed two posts ago - to those of us who have investigated the JFK assassination  conspiracy.  Of course, this is like comparing apples and oranges, chalk and cheese. There is no similarity whatsoever.

The fact this fool (Nicholas DiFonzo ) could even make a remote comparison between the bollocks spouted on MH370 and the Kennedy assassination, discloses he knows next to nothing on the latter and is merely filling dead air with more dead air.

While he starts out tamely enough, generically noting "people don't like things that are unexplained" and  "a natural coping mechanism we have is to try and figure things out"  - which is logical- he then draws incorrect conclusions vis-a-vis the Kennedy assassination.  His egregious take was triggered when  Cycle co-host Krystal Ball intimated that "no matter what we learn in this case there will still be people who believe in their own version of what took place". Then the dummy responded:

"Well, that's right. Just remember the JFK conspiracy theories. There are still many people, possibly even the majority of Americans, who disbelieve the Warren Report. Who disbelieve the formal, informational authorities, or the formal - even media authorities-  and possess a great deal of distrust in whatever information is given to them. And that's not necessarily because there's a mental illness out there, it's just especially with the outpouring and growth of the internet. It's allowed people to form in these echo chambers or these factions where they talk with other people who are very similar to them. And then you rely less on the official information source"

So, let's see: he's generous enough to allow we may not be "mentally ill" but on the other hand, we're subject to "echo chamber" dynamics! It's not that I've spent over 37 years investigating the events of that fateful day, meticulously aggregating documents  (released after the JFK Records Act) and parsing them, but that I'm ensconced in an "echo chamber",  seeing or hearing only one side. NOT!

The fact this twit is so abysmally informed actually makes one question the current level of psychology and whether all such practitioners might be as daft and ignorant as he displayed.  The fact he is unaware of the CIA's "Operation Mockingbird" (google it!) which corrupted the media for decades and likely still is, shows he's not qualified to comment on the JFK assassination. See also:

 The fact he's unaware the media is the least trustworthy source  - along with the Warren Commission itself,  shows he's the last person that ought to have been given air time to provide any serious insights into genuine conspiracy theories or why a discrete subset are in fact VALID.

His appeal to the "formal, informational authorities"  is also choice, given these "authorities" have been uniformly disinformational. Start with the illustrious Warren Commission, a creature of LBJ and directed by him to whitewash his own complicity in the assassination.  As Steve Kornacki noted in his Nov. 24 (MSNBC) show, LBJ was on the verge of being subjected to a massive LIFE magazine expose (and Senate investigation) for the Bobby Baker scandal - including influence peddling to net millions of dollars- with the money trail to be published. Hence HE stood to gain the most, at just the right instant of time, with JFK killed.  Instantly he became the great "successor" as opposed to damaged criminal, and dropped from JFK's '64 ticket.

Johnson’s first kneejerk reaction was to form a “Texas Commission” to look into the assassination, with staff entirely composed of Texans..  Subsequently he realized, after many complaints,  he needed a gov't pseudo- commission  as the best way to cover his tracks ("the way to commit the perfect crime is to be in charge of the investigation that follows"). However, to sell this mad cow,  he needed a prominent name to confer gravitas. It had to be then Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren! But how to get Warren on board when he initially demurred? Easy! Blackmail him!

Johnson's taped words - after speaking to Warren and finally getting his "cooperation" - were duly recorded for posterity and history (cf. Michael R. Beschloss, Taking Charge:The Johnson White House Tapes 1963-64, 1997, p. 72, as cited by Russ Baker, in 'Family of Secrets', p. 46):

"Warren told me he wouldn't do it under any circumstances...He came down here and told me 'No'...twice. And I just pulled out what[FBI Director} Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City....And he started crying and said: 'I won't turn you down...I'll just do whatever you say.'

What we have here is insight into the man's character and that he wasn't anything near the upstanding "liberal" Prez so many of his followers (like Bill Moyers) have made him out to be. It shows he'd resort to blackmail to coerce the Chief Justice to confer gravitas on his commission - and in so doing it shows he'd stoop to anything to have that commission be a political whitewash. And this is the dick head that the idiot psychologist wants to invest with "ultimate authority" so we thereby eschew any and all independent investigation?

Then there were the innumerable other frauds and perversions, including the material witnesses never asked questions, the formal document mandating Oswald to be found guilty and the cooperation of Hoover in confiscating, withholding evidence, e.g.

Then there was the fact that NONE of the wounds fit, so the autopsy report had to be 'adjusted' by Gerald Ford and the photos had to be altered to show a rear head shot and a "magic bullet' theory was thereby confected.:

Then we have the fact Oswald's rifle didn't work, so couldn't be used in its original condition for test trials.:

We then - some 14 years later, were treated to the the undermined HSCA investigation:

Let's get one thing clear once and for all: If you are some authority in a specialty, say psychology, don't even presume to remotely lecture or pontificate on the JFK assassination - especially in terms of some "conspiracy psychology" if you haven't investigated it yourself.

Everyone is of course entitled to his or her own opinion, but not their own facts. Had the psychologist who appeared on The Cycle made clear he was only giving his opinion we might forgive him and the place from which most opinions emerge. He didn't, so must be held to account. Comparing the MH370 "conspiracies" to the JFK conspiracy is the hallmark of an idiot, or at least a moron!

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