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GOOPr Moron Mike Rogers Accuses Russians of Helping Snowden

Mike Rogers of Michigan
Blovating asshole Mike Rogers - without a scintilla of evidence - has accused the Russians of aiding Edward Snowden to get NSA documents out.

The regressive mental nature of most GOOPrs is a thing to behold. Not only do these clowns militate against obvious global warming - even as the whole fucking world heats up around them with glaciers receding, ice caps melting etc. and the hottest recent years ever recorded, but new polls disclose an even higher proportion now reject evolution - which is a genuinely confirmed theory and hence hard fact.

But Reepo morons go far beyond rejecting evidence for two widely accepted scientific theories of our time. In the political sphere they actually make up reality as they go along, pulling whatever nonsense they can out of their fat asses to try to gain some sort of memetic traction.  Enter now GOP tool Mike Rogers, a Republican representative from Michigan, interviewed by NBC’s Meet the Press, who actually said Snowden was “a thief whom we believe had some help”.

No evidence, nothing. He just shoots from his yap - pulling opinions from his ass.  He went on to babble, like the inveterate idiot he is (like most GOOPs):

I believe there's questions to be answered there! I don't think it was a gee-whiz luck event that he ended up in Moscow under the handling of the [Russian intelligence service] FSB.”

Whoa! Give that fool a bobble head of Dan Quayle! He does some hand waving with exotic initials and invokes "Russian Intelligence service" and he instantly knows he can get half the American populace, the lower IQ or "Densan" portion, to nod woody heads in agreement: "Uh, yeah Mike, that do make sense. The FSB! Fuckin' traitor thief Snowden!"

Rogers then added: “Let me just say this. I believe there’s a reason he ended up in the hands, the loving arms, of an FSB agent in Moscow. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

Oh no, it ain't coincidence, it's not even reality to's all opinion and belief. Woe betide us for thinking that truth, evidence and facts matter, at least if we're Goops. The JFK assassination? Well that was just the "coincidence" of  a lone commie nut being in the right place at the right time. But this? Oh, it's a full court conspiracy by the Russkies! Just "trust me" - according to Mikey!

Naturally, Rogers' comments were backed by another GOOP moron,  Michael McCaul (what's with all these 'Mikes' anyway?), chairman of the House committee on homeland security. Speaking from Moscow, the Texas (Tex-ASS)  Republican told ABC’s This Week:

I believe he [Snowden] was cultivated by a foreign power to do what he did.”

You believe? Like you probably believe dinosaurs were taken aboard Noah's Ark? Or you "believe" the Sun causes global warming and not humans?  Or you "believe" Benghazi was due to a determined al Qaeda group as opposed to local Muslims outraged by a vile video? Belief doesn't cut it, maestro. And if you're overseeing Homeland Security on the basis of your beliefs, well all I can say is that Americans need to start worrying.

McCaul said he could not “definitively” say it was Russia that helped Snowden. Despite that, he had little problem disengaging mouth from brain and spouting the following codswallop:

Hey, listen, I don't think … Mr Snowden woke up one day and had the wherewithal to do this all by himself. I think he was helped by others. Again, I can't give a definitive statement on that … but I've been given all the evidence, I know Mike Rogers has access to, you know, that I've seen that I don't think he was acting alone.”

Let's be clear Edward Snowden has consistently denied any involvement with foreign spying agencies and said he leaked the documents because he believed the NSA programs were against the best interests of the American people. (And indeed they are as I've abundantly made clear in two previous blog posts - before the last.)

As Snowden  told the Guardian  last year:

I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things,” 

Again, bear in mind that Mike Rogers never gave any supporting evidence for his claims, but suggested Snowden “used methods beyond his technical capabilities" and had help with his travel arrangements. In this sense, Rogers resembles a certain "brother" of the fundie persuasion who when he peeks into my blogs now and then (to get himself all worked up) believes the assorted math posts are "beyond my capabilities" and I must be "doing it from memory". 

The fact not processed by Rogers is that though Snowden lacks a college degree, he's one smart guy. Hell, he's probably of Mensa caliber (many Mensans lack college degrees). So the technical capabilities would not be beyond him in the context of his skill set. But never mind, because it boggles the hell out of Rogers' simpleton brain, he "must have had help".

Rogers, not content to reveal he's an imbecile, tries for idiot status instead:

He was stealing information that had to do with how we operate overseas to collect information to keep Americans safe … and some of the things he did were beyond his technical capabilities,”

No, peckerhead! He was releasing information in accord with  Principle IV of the Nuremberg Laws to show Americans how their own government was running rough shod over their fourth amendment rights.  The "powers that be" (like you) hate the fact the constitutional crimes were exposed by Snowden and now you will have to find other ways to conceal your malfeasance.

Once again, only Reepo knuckle draggers will believe Rogers' and McCaul's  horse manure.

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